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My Aunt Annarose III (18+)

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My Aunt Annarose III (18+)

A Story By Dan Chucks

During dinner later that night, aunt told mum about some materials she had bought during her last trip to Dubai.  She had come with some of them and would want mum to pick any ones she liked. I had noticed a bag while taking her things in which I now felt contained the said materials.

The bag looked big and quite stuffed. They were going to look at them once we finished eating. As for me, I was seeing the whole thing as another chance to go look at the dildo again. I had only looked at it again once, after that initial encounter. Aunt had hardly left the living room since she arrived except for the times she had to change and fix other things. So I was still not expecting her to have used the dildo in our house yet. But I just wanted to have another look at the pink toy.

So, just as they made it to mum’s bedroom upstairs with the bag of cloths after our dinner, I diverted into the guestroom. The vibrator was still in the same handbag so I picked it out and began observing it. It maintained the same diameter from the head down until somewhere around the tip. There, it looked narrowed and slightly curved. I could also see the little addition made which I think serves the clitoris.

The dildo was big and I got really heightened thinking about how aunt uses it in her pussy. As I thought this, a thought occurred to me. I needed to smell it. I assumed she usually cleaned it after each use but I was hopeful I would get the slightest sniff of her pussy if I tried. I know you are thinking I had played dumb, but well, I would still repeat same if I am to get into the same position hundred more times! It is as bad as that.

I brought the rubbery plastic to my nose and inhaled hard. It was so difficult getting any smell from the toy but when I eventually did, I was rather shocked by the outcome. I had an idea of what pussy smelt like. My closest encounter with sex had thought me that. So I quite had an expectation of what the dildo should smell like, but instead, I got an entirely different experience.

The dildo had a metallic smell. Now if you have done some naughty things, you should know that that is the smell of a washed clean asshole. The dildo smelt like it was being used in the ass or at least it was recently used in the ass. I was both excited and baffled at the same time.

Aunt Annarose was doing dildos and vibrators and not just that, she was equally shoving ‘them’ big things up her fat round ass!! Mehn!! I was seriously in need to wank my 8inch steel. I returned the dildo and ran out of the room. Made it into the toilet, dropped my shorts, got onto the porcelain sitter and in four minutes, jetted the entire toilet wall with endless projectiles of thick white cum.

I was insane with lust

I was called upon minutes after this. They were stuck in deciding; between a couple of cloths; which mum was to take. So, I briefly joined them upstairs. Of course with my now limp dick, rightly concealed in my boxer shorts. Aunt Anna was standing in front of the mirror when I walked in.

She had changed into a night dress. It looked more like a night robe as it had no buttons (it is tied up with ropes) but was definitely too short to be called that as it barely covered her thighs. I doubted she would wear this around me if it were two years ago. I must be looking like an adult to her now.

“Little D, which would you rather take”, she began as I made for mum’s bed. She had two sari materials of distinct colours hanging from both hands.

“Ughhhhmmmm…I think the blue one.” I pointed to the one on her left. She immediately turned to the mirror with the indicated one while asking mum if she now sees that she had made the right decision. I was just staring at her exposed thick thighs as she said those and I soon brought my eyes to her round ass cheeks. Her night dress looked so tight against them and images of how she looked anytime she fucked herself with her big pink dildo, crowded my mind.

“So, mum should pick this one?” she had caught me starring again. And when I met her eyes, they boldly had that look of ‘I know what you were doing’.

“Yea. This one is fine”, I was struggling with my confidence. Well, I hadn’t seen anything yet. It was only going to get worse instantly. Because, just then, she swung the cloths to mum who began inspecting them and she walked straight to where I was seated on mum’s bed and sat right in-between my slightly spread legs.

Her thick ass caught my crotch slightly and I got some pain from it. But hey!! who cares!!! I was in heaven! An aunt I had lately thought a lot about sexually, was now sitting right on my crotch (..well, almost on my crotch). And guess what? Because of the short length of the robe she was wearing, it was as though her entire thigh and lower buttocks were resting on me. I did not try checking if this was so as I was scared mum would catch me watching so I only assumed it was.

In response, Anna acted like what she just did was one of the most normal things to do in the world. She continued her chat with mum and I was left dumbstruck. I was meant to leave now since I had no other business there but tell me if you would dare stand if you were to be me. So, instead I stayed put!

“You are hurting me”, was aunt’s sudden complain as I tried to regain my composure. “Adjust your knee, it is hurting my back”

I didn’t understand her. My legs were spread meaning that my knees were far apart and nowhere around her back let alone in a position to hurt her. So when I leaned closer to ask her how, I was surprised to see her lean forward in an attempt to nudge my legs even further apart. This left my crotch fully open to her backside and in one jerk, she pushed her entire bum deeper into me.

Mum was busy with the many cloths she had in her hands so obviously wasn’t seeing us. I couldn’t say a word anymore. I was sweating furiously.

“This is better”, came a beaming Annarose as she leaned towards mum to pick one of the material she had. Now I didn’t know if she was referring to her new position or the cloth she was picking. I just had to look down towards her butt as she did. Her robe had ridden up now and I clearly saw how her white lacey panties as they cut into the skin of her fat succulent ass cheeks! She was making me suffer. However, when she returned straight up, her ass crack found my very stiff dick, and I still believe she noticed because she pressed the entire weight of her ass into me as though she sought for a response. I hissed.

“Any problems, Danny?” mum asked. She was looking up at me, obviously attracted by my hiss.

“Problems? Nope” I tried hard to look oblivious “I was just admiring that one you have with you. It is beautiful” I pointed to a material on her lap.

“Really? I like it too, might take it.” She was spreading it to have a better look. Aunt Annarose kept totally calm.

When mum appeared to have gotten drawn to her task again, I sought to return aunt’s favour. So slightly pushed my hip a little forward. This got my crotch further into her back side causing my buried dick to even drill deeper into her ass crack! I swear I heard what seemed like a purr escape her lips! Then, she nudged her waist back, this pressed into me like before.

My dick was still right in-between her clothed ass crack. I returned the gesture and soon, we had begun a slight but steady grind! She would grind into me while I responded by drilling my dick further up her crack. This continued for quite a while and she did well by keeping mum distracted with the conversation she was having with her.

After what seemed a full twenty minutes, she told us she wanted to use the toilet. I had expected her to rise immediately but she didn’t, and had she done so, I would have been exposed to mum. My 8inch raging boner was very pronounced on the fabric of my boxer at that point and mum would have seen it clearly. So aunt’s choice to give me a while to adjust was well taken and I did well to hid the stiff pecker before she stood and left for the toilet.

When she returned, she didn’t rush her sitting, instead she seemed to study the situation first. Mum had been sitting on her rug-covered floor. In fact, that was the more reason why she hadn’t seen any of the things that have been going on.

I was getting worried now that aunt won’t be getting back to sit like before. My dick had gone limp slightly and I assume she must have felt the frustration on my face because not long after, she returned to the same exact position but this time, she seemed to be particular about keeping her legs closed together while doing so. She caught my crotch with her bum as usual and as my dick sprang to life again, it found its way straight in-between her ass crack. and alas! It appeared bare! She had gone out to remove her panties, the only thing separating my blood-filled dick from Aunt Annarose’s luscious ass was my boxer shorts.

I was in dream land!


I was brought back to the present by a thrust from aunt’s ass. She obviously wanted us to resume our little play thing and I easily obliged. I even responded harder than before by making sure my dick got ever closer to her pussy opening but still very discreetly and she showed her gratitude by turning her head a bit towards me, giving me a slight smile. She was not hiding the fact anymore.

She must be wanting me to fuck her or something. We rocked our hips back and forth in the slowest of ways but yet with so much intensity. I was spotting the most erect dick in town, and when I observed her boobs from the side of her robe, I clearly saw her erect nipple sticking through.

She was equally aroused. Not long after, I blew my jizz into my boxer, for the second time that day. I just couldn’t bear the arousal anymore. There was so much cum that my entire crotch was drenched as it ran down my thigh. Aunt must have felt the sudden dampness in my short right on her bare buttocks because she responded by rubbing her ass more and more into my crotch, seeming to make the sticky thing smear all over my pubic region. We both were obviously enjoying this.


We had barely finished this when mum began packing all the cloths back in. Indicating to us that it was time for her to go to bed. This was meant to mean little to me but considering that my bedroom is just right across mum’s door, sticking with aunt for the night wasn’t just looking a possibility. I would have loved to take a chance of fucking her that same night but that does not mean I was not satisfied with what she had already given me. With the aid of one of the pillow’s on mum’s bed, I hid my soaked shorts and made it out of her room. I dint get to talk to aunt again that night and as I made to sleep later on, thoughts of all that had happened that very day never left my head. I had just come close to fucking a favourite aunt who loves rimming her asshole with a big fat dildo. Fabulous!

To be continued

Danny has a blog ( where he writes very erotic stories.

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