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@LipglossMaffia: Just Married (18+)

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@LipglossMaffia: Just Married (18+)

Written by LipglossMaffia

Lolia was bored. Some days were just like that, especially since she quit her job after her wedding and started her style blog, full time.

She had a long week and Fridays were always a good day to go out with her husband.

Ah, her delicious husband, Alex. It always brought a smile on her lips. She still couldn’t believe she was married.

But she frowned, no, today she was furious at him.

Alex had called and said he’d be late, although he knew how much she wanted to go out on Friday nights for a drink or two.

Lolia had just got out of the shower to pick up the phone, that call that started with ‘Babe, I’m sorry, but…’

Her skin was smooth and fragrant from the oils she had rubbed on, her braids slightly wet on her shoulders and her towel ready to be replaced by a midi, red, tight to the body dress.

But, no. He had to stay some more at work.

She kept the towel on, while she took her phone nonchalantly to browse anything, just to pass the time. Nothing could hold her interest. Since the week began, she had dreamed of a night out with him and some heavy flirting between them, just like they used to before the wedding, fired up by some drinks and then a hot fuck back home. Shit, he had to stay on a Friday night?

She turned the phone off, then on again. She pressed on the screen absentmindedly. The camera shutter went off. Click. Oh, fuck. She opened the Pictures folder to delete the pic that was taken because she knew she had limited storage space.

What she saw startled her; a shot of half of her breasts slipping out of the towel. Nice… She could send it to him, just to tease him.

Teasing woke her up, dissolved her boredom and made her alive again. No, she could do better.

She tossed the towel on the floor and got onto bed. She held the camera and aimed her breasts. Click. Then went lower, to capture a view from her thighs up to her breasts. Click.

She reviewed them, they were inviting enough, so she sent them. Lolia sat lazily on the bed, waiting for his response; one of his lines that always had a way to turn her on. A minute passed, then another. No answer.

I don’t need you Alex, I can have a good time on my own, too.

She got up and turned off the lights; the moonlight through her open window was enough, more than enough.

She got up and brought her oils; she used oils instead of body creams and some essential oils for enhancing smell, jasmine and sweet lemon.

She searched her phone for her favourite love making playlist and hit play. The first notes were from Beyoncé, ‘Rockets’ and the volume was just fine, four out of thirty.

Lolia positioned herself in a way that she could see herself in the mirror, her precious husband had insisted on having. She let out a growl thinking of him, her brown eyes sparkling. I will not cum on you today Alex!

She felt the moonlight on her naked body, waking up her senses.

She took a look at the mirror, catching a golden glow on her skin. She felt more confident. Slowly, she slid her left hand down, between her legs and felt her opening, warm and moist. Hell, he should have been here. She closed her eyes and focused on the trail her finger made, outlining her lips. God, they were so soft. She circled her entrance then, moving so slowly up and down her slit. She let out a soft moan, oh, that felt good. All her fingertips were moistened by her juices and Lolia felt her fingers having their own will, driving her hand into her pussy.

She opened her legs more and deliberately stopped moving her hand. She even halted her breathing; music even lowered at this point.

She squeezed her hips and a sudden cry escaped from her lips. Fuck, that was good, really good. Lolia stopped moving, she wanted to make this sensation last; it was her Friday night after all! She ran her fingers over her bare skin, just rimming, not stroking. Ah, she couldn’t hold her moans, however soft.

Baby, I’m home!

Shit, he was back and with a couple of strides he would be in the bedroom. Lolia felt her heartbeat gallop and she froze.

Alex walked in, with a hearty smile on his face; he knew she would be mad at him for ruining her favourite night out.

Then, he noticed her aroused body, her oiled hands and the glow she got from the dim light. He didn’t speak; he didn’t want to break in that thick air of desire he could feel.

He knelt by the bed and put his hand over hers, wordlessly.

Lolia started moving her hips and taking a hard grip of her mound, his hand was on top of hers, following her moves. Her breath quickened once more. Fuck, just his presence got her even wetter, if that could be possible.

Alex, smoothly left her hand and slid down her opening. Lolia took a firm grip of his free hand, making him stop. This was too much for her and he understood that she was close but wanted to enjoy more.

He took just a moment and slid a finger in her pussy, all at once, feeling her tight around him. He paused for a tiny moment and pushed it more inside her, repeating it only twice when Lolia whispered “Stop it Alex… Please”

He hid his chuckle, his small victory and let his now glistening fingers out. Lolia took hold of his hand and pushed his fingers in her mouth. Now it was Alex’s turn to gasp. Holy shit!

He leaned forward to kiss her but she signaled ‘no’. So be it. She was still angry.

He lowered to her breasts, moving with her breath. He licked her right nipple and she let another cry out, louder this time. Pain and pleasure combined.

He circled her hard nipple and suddenly bit it lightly.

“Alex…” She protested but she didn’t want him to stop.

He let go of her breasts and caressed her hair.

“Cum for me Lolia, cum for me.”

His voice was so low, Lolia thought it came out of some chambers in her brain.

Her breath got shorter on hearing him and she shivered.

Sweat was shining on her forehead; Alex tucked her braids out of her face, tenderly and sensually.

“Cum for me sweetie.”

She forgot how frustrated she was at him and could only feel his voice vibrating on her clit, making it so tender, that she avoided to touch it.

Alex passed his fingers through her hair again and Lolia felt a twitch in her clit. God, he could have quite an effect on her, even without directly touching her.

She circled her own left nipple, so lightly like she never touched it really.

“Let go Lolia.”

Her face was now hard; she felt pain to restrain herself anymore. He knew her better than she knew herself.

She lowered her hand and passed two fingers over her slit and entrance and finally her up her clit.

She let go.

Alex felt a thunderbolt pass through her, heard her cries and somewhere in there he thought he heard his name.

He caressed her hair while he touched her forehead and felt her sweat on his lips. He kissed again on the same spot.

While Lolia was still shaking and trying to catch her breath, Alex moved quietly between her legs, kneeling in front of the bed. He gently made her bend her knees and pulled her just a little closer.

She realized what was happening to her when she felt his tongue tasting her juices.

She tried to whisper ‘Alex’ but she wasn’t sure any word left her mouth.

It was painful and exciting, it was a torture, so like what Alex would do!

She caught his head firmly but didn’t know if she should push him towards her or push him away. She stood there for a moment, when, still undecided, felt his hands gripping hers and putting them on her sides while still licking her.

Lolia let a small cry.

Alex got just a bit rougher, biting her clit and releasing it just once. When he inserted his finger into her slippery, warm cunt she moved her hips to reach him, protesting ‘no’ and arching her back. He chuckled as he curled his finger inside her, seeing her totally surrendered.

He put his palm firmly on her lower belly, pressing her while he was fucking her with his finger.

“Cum again.”

Lolia didn’t have a brain right now, she was all senses. She arched her back some more and moved to his rhythm, while The Weeknd was singing ‘Girl, you earned it, yeah.’

It wasn’t just his tongue playing on her clit and his fingers taking her pussy; it was his presence, the pressure of his hand on her, his breath running on her slit, the echo of his voice ordering her to let go and his smell, oh his smell that made her know he was there before she could see or hear him.

A glance at the mirror, made her head jump, as Alex was leaning over her, holding her thighs and lifting his eyes to see her, watch her as she was totally abandoned in him.

‘Alex’ escaped her lips and she felt pleasure building up once more. She couldn’t stop now; she would beg him to go on if he ever tried to remove his tongue and his finger and his gripping.

‘Alex’ and there was a halt, a sudden stop of breathing until she deliberately quit thinking about controlling her body anymore.

Lolia felt her body transit into a liquefaction stage, full with warmth and mind shutting pleasure, before she came back to herself, into her body, with her delicious husband by her side, whispering her name and smiling while running a finger from her nose to her navel.

She could only turn her head to him, not wanting to disturb the feeling of her body lying on the exact same position as she was when her second orgasm struck.

She gave him a small kiss on his lips, barely touching them.

“Alex, I…”

He stopped her with a wet reaction to her kiss, his tongue licking her lips.

He steadied himself on his side with one arm, on his elbow and playfully asked, “Do you still want to go out or stay in?”

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