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May 9, 2021

DS Series : The Hotel Parole (18+)
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DS Series : The Hotel Parole (18+)

I should apologise, shouldn’t i? Alright ….. I’m sorry

I keep talking about SUITS right? Thing is once you start watching it, you’ll love it. For the guys who want to dress official and still look trendy and nice, Harvey Specter is your guy; neat dressing. The storyline is so awesome and the characters interprete their roles perfectly. Americans don’t write that fantastic but they did well on this one. That’s the entire advert I’m going to run on this show.

Moving on,

It isn’t every parole that is difficult or tedious, it’s not all of them you have to do the endless chat, cajoling and stuff. The story I’m about to tell you was about one that wasn’t particularly difficult to hook in but then to get into bed was the wahala.

I was happy it was going smoothly but i knew there would be hiccup somewhere, just dint know where the hiccup will be yet.

As usual, it was a Facebook parole, and I noticed her popup chat with ‘Hi’. I responded and we chatted for about 30 minutes. I found out she was bored and wanted to have fun. I asked her out to a movie, which she answered positively. The problem however, was the movie time. It had to be after work hours, which meant it would be late, but she was  a student of LASU and I wondered how it would work. She didn’t have a problem with it and even when I told her that she might have to sleep over at my place, she didn’t hesitate. We arranged all of this on our first chat. Get this, I love freebies, infact I’m a huge fan, if there was a line where free money was been given. I will not hesitate to be on that line to get me some free money but when it comes to chics, they will always disagree over some things and most times everything, which means you’ll need to cajole them more but this chic was saying yes to virtually everything, I was happy but skeptical at the same time, just hoping it wont be one of those Ogbanje girls that will transform into something else in the night asking to drink water or kill me and flee the room.

Long story short, the day came; I had a hunch not to take her home and I checked her into a nice hotel. When we got in, she started to give me an attitude I found weird. I knew there was gonna be trouble, I just didn’t figure out it would be this huge. She said it’s only parole girls (prostitutes) that guys take to hotels. I really wanted to tell her she was right but I just told her my house was full and even though she didn’t buy it, we were back to normal. We went to the movies and had fun while at it. I was ogling at her at the cinema even though she didn’t necessarily have the biggest boobs or ass. It was enough to quench the fire in my loins.

When we got to back to the hotel, she took off her bra underneath her T-Shirt and went into the bathroom to change from a pair of jeans to shorts made of some soft material. As she came out, she jumped into the bed, faced the wall and proceeded to sleep off. I wasn’t shocked she did this as we never discussed sex, not in the smallest detail. I messed up there abi?

It was a plain discussion we had. I tried to touch her and she got really furious that i did. I asked her to face me so we could talk before she slept off which she did.

We got talking, trying to get to know each other. It was then she told me that she had a boyfriend who travelled out a couple of days ago and they had been dating for about 4 years. I was wondering why she would agree to sleep over at another guy’s house a few days after her boyfriend left town. That didn’t shock me anyways till she said she had never had sex with her boyfriend in all of that 4 years. I was shocked because I knew we would shag one way or the other despite her forming. That got me thinking if it was possible not to have had sex with her boyfriend in 4 years without getting it from outside, since she isn’t a virgin? Talk about a loyal boyfriend dating a hoe who makes him believe she was abstaining too.

I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking about how much I had spent on hotel bills, food for the night; not to mention movie tickets, popcorn and drinks. And she didn’t even allow me touch her. I turned on the tv, staring at the tv instead of watching. When it was about 1am, she was sleeping for over 3 hours now, she changed her sleeping position, laying face down on her belly. The duvet had moved down, revealing her nice looking behind in the shorts and looking at that only stirred me towards an erection. I yanked off my boxers with my developing erection, straddled her backside and began to rub my erection against it. I teased her earlobes and as i pressed my erection against her ass, she began to complain inaudibly like someone sleeptalking. I gave no thought to her gibberish and went on like my life depended on it. The grinding got more intense and as my erection got stronger, she began to let herself go bit by bit. I was finally singing my victory song as she let herself go, giving me the complete access to her body.

I cupped her breast from underneath her, putting my hands underneath her t-shirt, doing all sort of things with my fingers on her nipples as her gibberish turned into moans, I had the confidence to take off her top, I wanted to take off the shorts but she stopped me. I stopped because she didn’t gimme the approval to take it off yet. As I removed the shirt, I felt happy that I was progressing. I continued to rub my dick on her arse and took  it down into her inner thighs, the feeling so close to sex, i could feel my dick rub against her pussy lips, squashing the flimsy material to a side.

I knew that those shorts would come off, it was just a matter of time. i tried to turn her over, make her lie on her back; I  was successful.

I could see her face, she didn’t open her eyes very well like she was weak. What further attracted me was how her boobs remained firm on her chest in a crazy solid circle, they weren’t pouring to her sides. Her hard nipples stayed on top of the boobs. The sight alone turned me on more, i straddled her chest, grabbed  her boobs and pressed them together; they were nothing short of beautiful. They were regular B cups, but it was the firmness that got to me.

She just lay on the bed with her eyes thinned out.  I kissed her, she responded but not the way i wanted and i pressed her boobs together and  tried to put my dick in between them but the feeling wasn’t just it.  I opened her bag, knowing that ladies pack everything for any trip. I found a cream, rubbed it over my dick and tried fucking her boobs again. This time around it was lovely beyond words; she held her boobs for me as i pushed my dick in and out of her.

My hands were free and I trailed them all the way to my back and started rubbing my fingers softly over her pussy lips. It wasn’t easy but what I have learnt from sex, it’s better to please your partner before yourself. You won’t believe the kinda energy they will use on you when you’ve just satisfied them.

I am not exactly that sporty unless its bedmatics, I was still jerking my slippery dick between her boobs and trying my best to rub my hands against her pussy entrance, she was getting wetter and wetter, then she became more adventurous as she would bring her tongue out whenever my dick came out of the other side of her boobs towards her face, I stopped for a second and she licked the tip of my dick, I felt her warm tongue against my dick, she did that a couple of times which got my blood flowing intensely.

I grabbed a tissue and wiped the cream off my dick and straddled her head and proceeded to slow fuck her mouth, holding her head underneath the pillow. Who would believe this was the same girl that wouldn’t allow me touch her a few hours ago.

I shut my eyes, looking into the ceiling, trying to savour the moment as it came, I knew I was in for the long one as i had jerked off earlier on when i went in to take the night shower.

I brought out my dick after a while, it was shinny with her saliva, i wiped it off, moved her to the center of the bed, spread her legs and took my lips to her orifice and began to tease her. I put my tongue in-between her pussy lips and ran it from top to bottom, alternating the lick between the left pussylip and the right, she folded her knee up, and pushed her waist into my face further, pressing my head further at the same time, I was happy I was making her feel this good but i wasn’t gonna get choked by her pussy, so i eased off her a little, pushed her waist back a bit, then i began to finger her as i used my tongue to tease her clitoris, she became restless, started twisting on the bed, pulling the bed sheet off.

I sneaked a peek at her and I was proud of myself, i let the pussy go as i went to grab a condom from my jeans, strapped on. She gave me doggy straight up, I smiled, a girl after my own heart.

I entered the pussy from the back and it felt cosy, i start pumping into her slowly, holding onto her moderate ass for support as my waist did most of the job. Her head was buried in the pillow with moan escaping in hush tones.

My pace began to pick up while she also began to throw her ass at me as well, after a while, i chilled for her, to see how many she could do in that position, she took her face off the pillow and placed it by her left side.  She did impress me as she continued to smash her behind into my waist. She began to go faster and faster and her scream became louder and then it all went silent….she climaxed

I grabbed her ass and continued to pummel her from the back and then I started fucking her from the right, I slanted my stand behind her and concentrated on hitting her orifice from the right, she got tired and then began to lie on her belly, i still positioned myself in her legs, lifting her waist to continue my own assignment.

She laid on her side folding her kneels, so i could lay beside her and adjust myself so i can pump her from underneath or beside. This style was more difficult than i imagined but it was fun, her pussy was so accommodating. While she was laying there like nothing was happening, she still continued to moan, a sound that i was happy i was influencing.

I held the side of her waist for support as i pounded her more viciously, I noticed her pussy became wetter than usual, she came again while she hardly supported me on this style, my back started giving signals of stress but I was on the verge of giving her a good time. My nut was getting closer and closer, I pulled out and the weakness took over. I noticed the pain in my back, i stylishly cuddled her back to sleep, so we can do early morning shag again.

As i cuddled her, i thought about deceits from men and women, the lies men told to get laid, the lies women tell to keep their relationship, everything is just tiring and confusing at the same time, but sex is a gift from God…


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