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May 8, 2021

DS Series : The Delayed Parole (18+)
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DS Series : The Delayed Parole (18+)

Hi guys,

I have wanted to share this particular encounter with you for a while but I have been busy, but its better late than never, isnt it?


She called that she was downstairs, I really wanted to believe but the fact is she had cancelled parole at the last minute several times atleast 7 times. Did I really want her to come? Yes, absolutely. Was I sure she was downstairs, Maybe and maybe not but I seriously wanted her to come.

The truth is I played my cards right, I was a gentleman, I was helpful at the points where I should be, its just that it seems like she isn’t ready yet. By ready yet, I mean to come over, I had already been to her place like 3 times, spent time with her friends, made out a few times but not as much as we both wanted.

I rushed to the balcony of my house and looked below, I saw a car at the front of my gate with a light skin lady in front beside the driver. I dressed up and went downstairs. I ushered her upstairs, we went straight for the bedroom.

She claimed to be tired and dove straight into bed after removing her sandals, she was a beauty to behold, petite with boobs larger than her body. My goodness, this evening just got more interesting. We laid side by side on the bed looking at the ceiling, talking and enjoying the warm reminiscent of her room mates, describing the ones with boyfriends issues. A little back story, her friend hooked us up, she claimed she gave the best blowjob in town.

In my usual randy way, I tried to hook up with her but she claimed born again, my initial knowledge of her is that she was a runz girl. I tried to relate with her on that level and I was dealt a huge blow, she insulted me like mad, so I apologised and stepped back. There is nothing that a a few weeks of quiet can’t resolve.

A few months down the line, we were back talking and began our loving you things.lol

I had visited and things were on track just that we never ever got her to coming over because she knew we would have sex, I kept my calm. This would explain my not so enthusiastic feeling about her saying she was downstairs.

Being with her here is actually more fun than I expected, the gist got funnier and the atmosphere got more sensual, I moved closer to her, she faced me and our lips found each other in a slow, wet kiss. It felt better than those ones we had while we were in her house. Our tongues continued to explore each other’s mouths in what I can only define as incredible.

She wore a light transparent flimsy shirt, my hands softly rubbed her face, held face closer to mine, before going down into her chest, those boobs were waiting for my hands, I ran my hands slowly all over them. I unbuttoned the shirts while my tongue was still in her mouth.

My hand began probing inside her bra to bring out the goodies, she didn’t interrupt me, it felt like everything is fine as long as she had my lips to kiss.

My lips moved from her lips to her earlobes, sucking and licking them intermittently, the tip of my tongue trailing down her body to her chest, I pulled down her bra, a huge mound of her boobs was revealed, I sucked round her areola before slapping my tongue back and forth over her nipples.

As my tongue continued sucking and licking, the nipples began to harden, she began to moan, pulling my body deeper into her body, I pulled down the bra on the other side of her boobs, and moved my mouth to the other nipple. Softly and gently licking the tip of the nipple, like the dog licks water. The faster I licked, the more moans increased, as her moans increased, her body began to move , urging me to continue sucking more. She dragged my head off her chest brought it back to her face, kissing me like her life depended on it.

She took her tongue on licking spree, licking my eyes, my forehead, my teeth, I allowed my already bulging erection to rub gently against her inner thighs. She positioned my body better in between her thighs, pushed my face further into her chest, my mouth got a hold of one nipple, sucked and licked as much as I could.

The feeling was getting me more excited, her moans dint stop, she locked me in between her thighs. she crossed her legs over me, making sure I stayed put where I was, sucking the nipples like its my job, I enjoyed the job thoroughly.

At intervals when the sensation gets into her brain, she would lift her head up from the bed, kiss my forehead. She untangled her legs, I got off her and laid down, that was when the jolly ride began.

She got unto and asked for my condom, I brought out one from my bedside drawer, she put it by the side, she climbed ontop of me and put my hands over themselves and tucked them underneath my head, secret code for don’t get involved in this.
I waited patiently, as she removed all her attires leaving only her panties on, she started by kissing my forehead, to my nose, to my lips for quite a while. She proceeded downwards, I started to get excited because I knew she would finally get to my dick, and then I can judge if she was as great as she acclaimed to be.

Before she got to my John Thomas, she made a bit of a detour to my nipples, the way she used the flat part of her tongue and tip of her tongue made me see stars, It added an incredible percentage to my already turned on state.

She unbuttoned my jeans, and pulled it down to my knees along side my boxer, freeing the monster. Expertly, manoeuvring her hands, she grabbed my dick, stroked it back and forth, squeezed it and stroked it upward, my pre-come oozed out of the tip, she sucked it off and swallowed it.

Goodness me!!!! I was wowed by her performance and she hadn’t even started, she kissed and licked the tip of my dick. She rubbed the tip of her tongue over the pee hole of my dick and slowly sucked my dick down her throat. Unknowingly, with my hands underneath my head, a wide smile appeared on my face.

She began to to burp up and down the dick, sucking it with pleasure, spitting at it, grabbing the dick, stroking it first, my hips were turning and jerking of their own accord, it was unprecedented. All i wanted to do right now is hold her head, and thrust my dick further into her mouth, let it get down there. I held up my end of the bargain, she sucked me and sucked me, I was blown away by her skills, my ball bags weren’t left out, careful detailing with the tip of the tongue, she was an expert in the use of the tip of the tongue.

After the torment with her mouth, she moved her panty to the side, made my dick flat against my belly, she began to rub her pussy lips against my hard dick, I watched her do this while marvelling at the ernomous size of the boobs that shook as the moved back and forth on my dick. I was sweet, my prayers were answered when she pulled out one of my arms from me and attached to one of her boobs.

I was a happy man, I removed the second and grabbed her ass, and pressed it deeper as she slid back and forth on my dick, her hands were on my chest for balance as her waist rolled over my turgid dick, her moans became louder, I could feel my dick wetter than normal, she grabbed the condom, tore it open and put it on, and glided her pussy into my dick, riding me, the pussy was exactly how i needed it to be, free and tight at the same time.

She began to ride harder and harder, my hands still strategically placed, one on her boobs, the other on her ass, pulling her deeper into my dick. One of her hands was by the other side of her waist while one was in the hair, the feeling and the ecstacy was beyond what I could comprehend, the feeling overshadowed whatever was going around my surrounding. I shot my cum deep into the condom but continued to fuck her, her intensity became higher, she was fucking me to free up her pussy, she continued to go wilder and wilder until she cum, with sweat soaked face, she kissed me wet, I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it.

She climbed down off of me and disappeared into the bathroom, I wasn’t sure if to tell her friend that she was right about her friend or just let it slide. Whichever way, my night was surely well spent, it was worth all the wait.

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