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May 9, 2021

DS Series : The Cinema Parole (18+)
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DS Series : The Cinema Parole (18+)



I cannot apologize enough, so am gonna skip that then 😀

Most of my parole stories have always come from Facebook, a different source today, and its not twitter, it was at the cinema. I’m a big fan of movies, so on this fateful day, I was grossly bored, it was a Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t in the mood to drive to the island to see a movie so, I went to Ozone to watch a movie.

Usually, I hear a lot of guys talk about how they have hooked up with young university girls, especially unilag girls, I have never been that lucky until that day. My situation would become better after the movie, As we exited the theatre, I saw this spectacular ass, she was in the company of her friend who she later told me is her cousin.

She wore a short gown, you know how some people dress up like they’re going to the club when they go to a simple movie? Yes, that’s how she dressed but she left out the high heel part of it.

As she walked out of the jam packed hall right through the hall to the popcorn stand, I decided to try my luck, so I moved closer to her side and said Hi.

She looked up and said Hi, she’s kinda short but what surprised me is that she is also busty as well, this is a helluva jackpot for me plus her body language hinted me more that she was interested.

Her ass was what got me interested in the first place but her chest was the bonus for me and with the way she was sounding, its only a matter of time before I hit that.

She gave me her number willingly and we began to talk, we were casual at first. She out rightly refused to come to my house, so we met up at different places, we went out a few times and then I told her to come to my house first before we head out to an event together.

Before she came, she made me promise no sex; what was I supposed to say? Yes, we must have sex?

When she arrived, I took her directly to the bedroom, she dint protest, I guessed it was because of the ‘agreement’ we made earlier.

When we got in, we immediately dived into bed, her attention taken by the movie I was watching. My TV is opposite the foot of the bed.

She wore a t-shirt with a pair of jeans, as she laid on the bed, I sat up the bed, at the top of the bed and the gigantic mould of her ass gave me goose pimples.

Her ass mound bulged out of her thighs, the sight of her big ass on the bed signalled the beginning of a throbbing erection. I tried short conversations, she responded well but her sight was firmly on the tv screen.

I couldn’t hold it anymore as I moved in, slowly running my hands through her thighs, she dint bulge neither did she complain, she just kept her attention firm on the tv.

I continued to explore more as my hand moved towards the masterpiece of her ass, I began to rub it gently, she still dint bulge. My erection was getting stronger, I would rub, squeeze her ass, trying to turn her on. Am sure she must have been turned on but she kept her calm composure, oohing and aaahing at the movie she was watching. Ironically, we were both supposed to be watching it together, my tangent was way off that right now. I was there rubbing and playing with the ass, she ignored all of my actions until I attempted to take off the jeans she was wearing. My first attempt to pull down the jeans made her turn back to look at me for the first time since she got into the room. Am very sure she could read the lust in my eyes.

She turned me down, she gave a bluntant and resounding no, with a straight-face as well and then turned back to continue her movie.

I continued rubbing her ass, my initial move before she denounced my effort to take off her jeans.

I tried for the second time after a few seconds, she wriggled her waist and just complained instead of turning back. The wriggling of her waist was supposed to signal me that she doesn’t want me to take off the jeans. I continued like the wriggling and I was about to take it off halfway before she turned furiously and asked me what I was doing, which I replied that I was just admiring her wonderful ass, lame abi?

Well, she dint buy it neither which made her remind me that I promised we weren’t gonna have sex, which I replied;

“We’re not having sex, we’re just fooling around”

Quite unfortunately, that’s what I said, she dint buy it at first but then I buttressed my point with the fact that I was still fully dressed, that kinda worked or she just also wanted to.

She eased off and turned and laid on her back which was when I was able to go for a kiss and then led to me freeing up those bad boy, fun bags, they were more than a handful. I was behaving like a small kid with a new toy, looking at it all around, rubbing my hands everywhere on her body.

I took off her top, unhooked the bra, threw them away, I began kissing and smooching her boobs, briefly forgetting my source of her arousal, her ass. I continued kissing her, twisting her nipples in my hand, she held my head and pushed it to closer to her face as we continued to kiss. I began to kiss her body way down.

Moved my kisses from her lips to her chin, kissing her neck and teasing her earlobes with the tip of my tongue. The kisses going further down to her neck and to the expanse of her chest, carefully running to the tip of my tongue to her nipples, a sudden surge in her body occurred. I added more pressure to her nipple, sucking as tender as I could, handling the boobs with care, spelling all sorts with the tip of my tongue on her nipples, the soundtrack became louder and more gibberish.

She attempted to grab my crotch but she couldn’t, I was teasing one nipple with the tip of my tongue with I was rubbing the other nipple between my fingers, holding the nipple and twisting it gently like a radio knob.

She grabbed the bed spread, pulling it towards her waist, my tongue then trailed down to her bellybutton. My hands attempted to unbutton her jeans, this time around, she raised her ass up so I can take it off, instead of pulling it down to her knees, I removed them, as the jean came down, so did the pants. As I took them off and gently folded them by the side of the bed. I did all these with my clothes still on.

I turned back to face her and she put her hands over her inner thighs and asked me what we were about to do. I replied we were still fooling around, grabbed her boobs and sucked on a nipple and carefully removed her hands from the top of her pussy, she obliged me.

Her hands were off her pussy, I took my hands down to her pussy, slowly sliding a finger into the top of her pussy, she was already wet, her body eased off slowly, she submitted herself to the touch. I continued rubbing her pussy lips carefully and went back to her nipple, her hand by the side tried to touch my crotch.

With unbelievable speed, I unzipped my zipper, unbuckled my trouser and freed my dick, lying by her side with her laying face up on the bed. She grabbed my shift, stroked it slowly, rubbing her soft hands against the tip of my dick.

I knew we would definitely break the rule of no sex, I continued, rubbing my finger into her wetness. I took my fingers off her pussy and substituted it with my tongue, wagging the tip of my tongue at the top entrance of her honeypot, softly crushing my tongue against her pussy.

Sucking and licking her pussy lips, her soundtrack changed, it became louder and inaudible, then she tapped me and said “Get a condom!”

At the moment i should say that I felt proud of myself and ran to my drawer, fetched my condom, I strapped on. I dint wait for her to give me a head, that’s the first sex, we can make up for all that the second time.

I brought her to the tip of the bed, spread her legs knee high beside her like a woman in labour, I stood between her legs. Rub my dick over her pussy, crushing my dick lightly against her pussy lips and gently guiding my dick into her wet coochie.

The strokes started slow, very slow, as the pussy was widening for my dick to fill it all up. Her pussy felt good against my dick, as I continued to push my waist into my inner waist. I held her legs wide apart as my waist began to pick up steam, her boobs spread over her chest, her mound moving slowly as my strokes became faster. Her pussy became flooded than usual.

This pussy was definitely worth the wait as I moved in deeper into her and held her waist in my hands, jamming into her with all the force I could muster. I was enjoying the heck out of her. Her face shut, she grabbed her own boobs, holding the nipple, the sight turned me on harder.

We changed positions, more athletic. I put her 2 legs together, then over her chest, leaned in a bit and put my dick in between her legs, she certainly impressed me with her agility. I could see her face upfront as we fucked. With my hands by her side as balance, I continued pumping into her, then my strokes became more erratic and I blasted my cum into the condom,she turned her back to me, laying by her side.

I dint know what to say to her, as I tried to touch her, she pushed my hand away.I think it’s because we broke the rule of not having sex that we agreed on before she came.

Needless to say, we couldn’t go ahead to the event that night, after the grieve washed away, we continued to more rewarding sex.

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