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DS Series: The 4-Way Voyeurism (18+)


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DS Series: The 4-Way Voyeurism (18+)

We sat infront of the bed on chairs that felt like dining chairs with armrest. I was seated along with Mr. D.A ( The man I mentioned earlier who wanted me to sleep with his girlfriends and wife while he watches). I believe the term is Voyeurism, gimme a minute, lemme just confirm that from Google!

I think that’s almost it, anyway back to where we were. We were both seated side-by-side, holding glasses filled with wine, in just boxer shorts, about the enjoy the spectacle before us.

Two ladies, one slim, the other quite fleshy. Things were starting to get interesting, the slim lady was preparing the fleshy lady. By preparing, I mean cuffing her with those sexy little handcuff, putting nipples clips on her tits, bounding her mouth with gag-ball. Excitement was in the air, particularly me. It was my first time but there is no way I’m gonna let anyone know that so I kept calm and enjoy my wine like Papa Pope waiting for this to begin.

After she was done preparing her, she brought out the black letter whip not koboko, and the environment kept getting better as she began to whip her around the thighs and made her turn by her side and began whipping her ass.

The bitter sweet flogging began and it was nice to watch, after a couple of whipping, the really interesting one was about to start.

The slim lady brought out the vibrator and it seemed like all hell was about to break loose, she spread her legs further and began it, she pressed is softly at first against the top of her pussy, teasing her along the clitoris, the screams began softly, as the lady continued teasing the electronic shaft back and forth.

I could see her bite the gag-ball as she teased her harder and harder, her waist off the bed responding to the thrilling sensation engulfing her inner thighs, almost seemed like she was convulsing. Her body settle slowly back into the bed as the vibrator was switched off, the gag ball was removed as well as the nipple clip.

She stretched her hands to me to come over. My dick was getting excited as she called for me. I got up and the moved towards the bed, the plump chic (henceforth known as Bee) got off the bed and slim one (henceforth known as SL) threw me on the bed. The other guy sat in his chair, enjoying the show.

As I sank into the soft bed, SL pulled off my short, revealing my already excited dick, as the last piece of clothing on me was off, they began to take position, the SL sat on my face, cowgirl style while the Bee went for my dick, slow and sloppy blowjob.

I was glad to join in this foray, kind of seemed like I have waited a while to join in on this, my lips got closer to pussy, I began with light touches, brushing the flat part of my tongue over her pussy, dragging it from the top to the bottom of her pussy.

I grabbed SL’s ass and it was one of the softest skins my hands had ever touched. After a couple of licks, I took the tip of my tongue to the fresh folds of the top of her pussy, the layers were so soft and warm.

I kept flickering the tip of my tongue against it, till it went deeper and my tongue was in the middle of the folds, the tip rubbing softly in top to down fashion then in circular motion, the sensation from her body.

It just feels right been under this Akwa Ibom chic, the reaction I received from my action with her was intense, she was rubbing her pussy against my face while pressing the Bee’s face deeper into my dick, “encouraging” her to deep throat me. It had been a while since I had 2 ladies at time but these ladies were bringing the heat for real.

Bee stopped burping her mouth unto my dick and I could feel her strapping a condom on me, then lowered her pussy down my hard dick, I could hear her grunt as her pussy opened up to my fat and hard phallus. It took her a while to get the rhythm of her body with mine, because of how small her pussy was, I could feel my dick opening up her pussy, it filled almost every space within her, It seemed like each time she was coming out, some part of the pussy dragged with it.

By this time, the two lady were facing each other, SL bent forward as her back arched, I don’t know what they were doing but I’m sure as hell that they aren’t holding hands and singing Kumbaya!

I hoped it was them kissing or something while I was in this thought, something was happening with my dick, Bee had increased the tempo of the sex, it had moved slightly faster, I was beginning to enjoy it more now.

The chic that sat on my face felt like I was enjoying the ride better, so she sort to choke me with her pussy by pushing it further down my face. I also tried to respond with vigour by putting some of the pussy flesh against the inside of my teeth and plaster my tongue hardly against the soft skin my tongue was facing, this sent her into a spiral mode of enjoyment, as she held my head closer to her orifice, I was been choked out by a pussy when I felt like my dick been swallowed again, it was deep throated that I could feel some tingling at the top of my dick back down her throat.

Bee came off and that was it for her, by the time I could see the scene, I found the other guy with his hands down his pants, it felt kinda weird to me but hey,I’m not one to judge.

SL had the full package to herself now, and she swiftly moved to the dick, and began with a reverse cowgirl, squatting, the technique was impeccable and neat. It seemed like a work-out for her, as she almost went 90 degrees up before penetrating herself, I was impressed and incredibly turned on. It was fucking amazing, it felt slightly better than that moment when Messi chipped Neuer, absolutely orgasmic.

At this stage, I had nothing to do but to watch and be amazed at what she was doing, she did all this with absolutely no noise or fuzz. After doing this, she sat down on me and pulled one of my legs up, hugged the leg and began the nastiest waist movement I HAVE EVER SEEN.

It was just like the waist whining that were on the music videos, just on a dick this time around, she held my thigh steadily, and “grind-ed” me into insanity . It was slow and fast, she was magical with the speed, alternating between fast and slow.

I looked around the room, and I found the other guy receiving a blow job from Bee with eye fully focused on us.

She got up and we changed formation, side by side, she laid in front of me and arched her ass backwards, this was very sensual, and allowed me closer feel of her body as I grabbed her shoulder and pummeled her from behind, it was almost the sweetest. Even if we don’t have sex again, after today, she just climbed into my Top 3 of all time, along with one igbo chic and one Calabar girl.

Holding her body close and giving it from the back slowly made mad sense but it then turned it from having sex to making love while her boyfriend was there. So, I changed it back to fast strokes, and later, I shot a load of cum inside the condom, I disengaged, with sweat all over my body, laid facing the ceiling, she crawled back to my dick, and removed the condom, and was sucking till the guy told her its enough, that is the end of the show.

I sure wish I could have another go at the lady, she surely made fucking more entertaining to me. I could have gone again but the owner of the property has closed the curtain on the show.

I will definitely not forget this for a long time to come.

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