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May 8, 2021

DS Series: The Rematch Parole
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DS Series: The Rematch Parole

Having rematch sex is sometimes exciting especially if the first one was super awesome. Remember, the chic from Impromptu parole, we got back together some weekends back, that story was the first post on this blog. We kind of went separate ways after our last shag years ago, she started seeing some guy who she thought was Mr. Right. They were gonna date a while and then get married. Apparently, things didn’t go according to plan and everything crumbled.

Not that I was happy she got heartbroken, more like an I-hate-to-say-I told-you-so situation. If something is too good to be true then maybe it is. I think it’s the new strategy or improved strategy. Guy comes all serious and shit, meets your parents, provide everything you want for you, you let your guards down then bam! He gets all your attention and good loving also most importantly, that good pussy, then miraculously down the line, say after 3-4 months, sometimes more, you guys find an irreparable difference then everyone goes their own separate ways.

The lady thinks it is quite unfortunate that the relationship couldn’t go any further because she thoroughly enjoyed it unsuspecting that its a clever tactic to bed stubborn girls, I’m sorry to be stereotypical but this happens more to Yoruba girls than any other tribe.

Anyway, back to my story, so finally I get this girl to come out of her depressive mood of failed so-called relationship heading towards marriage. I picked her up, headed to Maryland in what was my most bizarre traffic incident, I was in traffic between Fadeyi and Maryland for nothing less than 2 hours 30 minutes. It was border line depressing. We sat in the car and talked for the whole time. She was bringing me up to speed about what happened between her and her lover. I said nothing, I just commented here and there.

I could feel her pain but I was lost in the sight of her beautiful fleshy thighs, it was without blemish. After what seemed like forever at Maryland, I headed back, we caught a movie, bought alcohol and next thing we headed back to the hotel. I called room service to order some decent meal before the activity started.

I had a bit of fear in me going into that, first, my performance has to be better than the first one, so it doesn’t look like film trick. I had known about this match a while back, so I resumed my work-out, I started taking alomo/ogidiga before the D-day, I was just trying as much as possible not to disappoint.

To be sure I was doing it well. We got into the hotel room. We both went to freshen up and got back in bed. This was el clásico but I was trying to hide my nervousness. It was at the end of that night that I realised completely that sex is different with different people. When I was freshening up, I took the timeout to get the first nut out of the way. I mean I don’t wanna thrust 5 times and then spill my goods. Getting back into the room, she was tying up her hair, getting ready for bed, sipping alcohol at the same time. I poured myself quite a lot of it.

I drank more than half of it in one gulp. I was tempted to hide a recording device somewhere but I decided against it. I wanted to get high as fast as I could, no use being slow about it. I sat up straight in bed waiting for her stylishly remembering the last el clásico we had.

She climbed into bed with me, as I drank up my alcohol, she had a flimsy short gown on, As she entered bed, I went in for a kiss, the kiss was long and sensual, reminiscent of how much I missed her and how much fun we would have that night, after a couple of seconds of the kiss, my hands continued to run rampage around her body, her boobs, her belly button, and finally to her pussy, I rubbed it like rubbing was going out of fashion soon, soft but intense.

My kisses trailed down to her boobs, where I sucked her nipples tirelessly as I my fingers were rubbing softly in a circular manner against the top of her pussy. My lips moved downward her body to her clean-shaven pussy, it was odorless. Her cleanliness is one that I have always admired, spreading her pussy lips with my fingers, she held her legs apart as the pleasure of my tongue against her pussy intensified, running my against the surface of her orifice.

The moans began at the point, she began rubbing the pussy against my face, and I put all my energy into that. I moved my tongue to the top of the pussy, just around the clitoris and began to suck as intense as I could, then she began the dirty talk.

Yes Daddy, I love it, suck it! Yes!!! Suck that pussy!!! Yea, that spot!!!! Suck it harder, Oh!!! Daddy, I miss your tongue…I miss you sucking my pussy, Does my pussy taste good, Daddy? Do you still love it?

I didn’t have a problem with dirty talking but this is the first time she was doing it, I kinda liked it, the talks spurred me into sucking the pussy harder than I thought I could, I rubbed the surface of my tongue against the clitoris intensely. The whole dirty talk had a huge effect on the existing boner in my shorts, I couldn’t reply her questions so I just continued to suck as hard as I could, I continued until the moans became louder and louder, she was almost kneeling as I continued to suck her, pushing her waist way into my face.

The moan became louder and louder, she relaxed a bit, sat up and grabbed my head further into her inner thigh as her moans were louder and then slowly reduced, I removed myself from her inner thighs and knelt on the bed, like a kid craving candy, she launched at my shorts and brought out my dick, sucking, licking and jerking. It seemed like she was on steroid. I watched with utter amazement, I knew she was this wild and was thoroughly enjoying it. So, I decided to get on my own dirty talks as well, as she sucked endlessly on my dick.

Oh yes, suck that dick, did you miss the dick? 

I wasn’t one with many words, I just simply closed my eyes, moaned and jerked into her mouth at intervals, and the whole amazement about her blowjobs is that she made it look like she was toothless. I didn’t feel any brush of teeth against my dick, she would deep-throat my dick then jerk it off, spit at the dick, jerk it off, lick the balls, suck them as well. It was like a wonder, I was gonna ask her who taught her to do that, she was going at it like it was a job, like the boss on the job, very professional ans efficient

The erection was getting crazy and crazier, I knew my nut wouldn’t come anytime soon, cause as a precaution I already jerked off while having a bath that evening in other to avoid stories that touch, I just wanted to be at my best.

I yanked off my shorts completely and grabbed the condom, strapped it on, she crawled in front of me and knelt in doggy position. I grabbed my magic stick and gently eased into the sweet pussy, it felt warm and comforting, then the strokes began, slow then fast, then her moaning and dirty talk began again.

Yes Daddy! Fuck that pussy, make that pussy your own, fuck me faster, baby fuck me more please. I love your dick, put all of that dick in me, baby, fuck my pussy, make it sore like before.

The whole dirty talk was really getting to me, so I held her waist and started counting, I counted till 150 fast strokes, listening to her moan, I could bet the people in the other room could hear all of the sounds we were making, and the bed wasn’t helping, noisy as hell. The soft strokes were short, as she screamed more during the fast strokes. Our sex was more of chemistry because she was trying to get the best out of our sex while I was trying to give all I could. I began to sweat despite the A.C being on in the room, I should be feeling cold but the warmth from her pussy was enough for me not to feel the cold.

We changed position, she got on top and backed me in a reverse cowgirl scenario, intensely grinding against my waist, I tried to hold her waist as she continued grinding then she stood up and knelt, her continuing the motion of her waist coming into my turgid dick, I could see her pussy swallow my dick and it coming out. She would bring out her pussy to the tip of my dick and then take it back in, while moaning loudly. It was a hotel, I don’t care who is in the other room.

She turned and faced me, and continued riding it like she was riding a horse, talking about how much she missed my dick. I kept on trying to meet her midway in between strokes. I just pushed my waist as high as I could. She put her hands on my chest as leverage for her body as her waist did the magic of rolling and whining against my dick. She began to go faster and faster with eyes closed with complete concentration, and then tightened the muscles of her pussy against my dick. In that instant her nails sank into my chest as she climaxed. She collapsed over my chest, with my dick safely tucked into her.

The nails drew into my flesh almost getting blood out of me. I got up wondering what the fuck? Looking at the skin she almost peeled off of my chest and quickly forgetting about it, I removed the condom and proceeded to fuck her mouth. She gave my dick, long loving licks and sucks, I put my dick in slowly till it almost went down her throat, she was almost coughing then I brought it out again, she was in the mood again, slapping her own pussy and rubbing it hard. I lent her a hand behind me after I straddled her chest and I continued putting my dick down her throat, she would take it out and then spit at it, lick the entire length, as she jerked my dick off, I could feel my load coming, I removed it from her mouth, and I burst my load on her chest while moaning and grunting. In the middle of my moans, I heard a knock on the door, I intentionally ignored the knocks on the door, and I pulled at my own shaft from bottom to top.

The knock continued on the door, realising we weren’t gonna answer, the voice from behind the door said it was room service. What they wanted, I couldn’t fathom.

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