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May 9, 2021

DS Series : Dick Breaker (18+)
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DS Series : Dick Breaker (18+)

Hey guys! Happy New Year!!! I’m sure a lot has been happening with you and fortunately a lot has been happening with me as well.

Few months ago, I met someone through this blog that opened me up to the bizarre world of sexual proclivities. I had always heard of such but never have I experienced it. This friend introduced me to her male friends who would organize sex parties just to watch me fuck his girlfriends and wives. I never thought it would happen, but I just realized there is new level of hell, worse than what Dante wrote. Anyway, this is gonna be my year of tell it all. I promise you all that, you’re gonna read of it, some will enjoy, some will close the page. I’m going to share with you all the details of how it went down. From my first experience of having someone watch have sex with their girlfriends to the feeling someone’s wife gorging down my dick with the spouse jerking off at it.

This world has gone to hell in a handbag, I can tell you that for sure.

Anyways, one way or the other, I was led into a rabbit hole of sexual debauchery. One of the things I uncovered was a super sex-charged BBM and Whatsapp group. It was a whole new crazier level for me because I had been in sex groups before but this was very different, everyone wanted to fuck everyone.

People were shagging each other, no issues with sending nudes; it was a very mature group. I felt very at home. Pictures from orgies organised were fully shared. I liked being there, it was enjoyable fun, anyway.

I met a couple of females and then like Lil Kesh, we kept threatening each other with sex, for one reason or the other, it was delayed until one fell through. We had chatted for a while, she was crazy too but she had a boyfriend and had some sort of conscience, so she posted me as often as she could, I am very good at the waiting game.

Some weeks down the line, after the close of work on Friday, I see a call from her, I was neck deep in work, I could chat but definitely not be on the phone talking, so I pinged her like 3-5 minutes explaining that I missed her call due to work. She said she wanted to come home with me since her workplace wasn’t far from mine and our houses were also close to an extent.

Free pussy?!?! Hmmm… although I didn’t plan for it plus I hadn’t shagged in the new year. She said she was very close to her house, I begged her to stop and come back towards my house which she obliged. The next thing was getting home as quick as possible. On a Friday? Damn!

So, I closed up everything, packed up and ran to the car, drove like a danfo driver, fortunately for me, there wasn’t any traffic. I got home and she had entered, I told her where the spare key was.

She was already in, entertaining herself, watching something on TV. I had never seen her before but I had seen nudes. She sat pretty on the sofa enjoying a drink, legs crossed. I entered and dropped my bag and gave her a big hug and the small talks began, as I began to grope her body.

I stopped and went into my room to freshen up, she talked a lot about crazy sex, I needed to up my game. She was behind me as I entered the room and began to re-lay the bed, she said she could help me while I go into the bathroom, I removed my clothes and was left in my t-shirt and boxer short. I grabbed her from the back as she bent forward to lay on the extreme side of the bed, I pulled her gown up and brushed my dick towards her ass, she laughed and called me naughty.

She came back up towards me, pushing her ass against my torso, she grabbed my dick from behind and pressed, she moved away and pushed me to the bed, she lay beside me, rubbing her hands from my face to my chest to my belly and to dick.

She then brought out my dick without being asked to and began to stroke it and then started sucking it. Talk about someone been proactive, this is the kinda girl I love to meet, someone who thinks on her feet.

I laid my head back and continued to enjoy my dick being sucked, I mean who wouldn’t? She sucked and teased quite nicely, she then stopped which made me look up and then she said with a smile, I just like sucking dick which I replied, no need apologizing. I also like getting my dick sucked too.

She ran her hands all over my chest while her mouth went back and fro on my dick. The dick suck felt very good but I needed the pussy, so I asked her to let me finish cleaning up. I yanked off my clothes and went into the bathroom, water splashing all over my body; I wanted her to suck my dick while the water was over my head. I called for her and she came naked like she knew what I wanted.

I pointed to my dick and she kneeled in front and continued. I then asked myself if this was how porn star felt, it was fucking amazing.

Her hands supported her mouth while her mouth kept sucking, with my eyes closed, I could feel my dick being eased into her pussy, while she progressed to fucking me herself while I stood under the shower, it felt good, so I kept at it, grabbed it and began pummelling from the back, the water added more effect to it, holding her waist as support.

I felt like changing positions, I came out of her and made back the other wall of the shower, lifted her enough for my dick to be able to enter her pussy. I carried her legs in my hands and fucked her back, deep long strokes. Carrying her weight in my hand, and dick safely tucked into her pussy.

In my mind, I tried to calculate how long I could do this for but just decided to enjoy it for as much as I could, it was almost like working out anyway. I was able to do some sensitive strokes before I pulled out and led her to the bed with my dick standing at attention. It felt like I was been controlled by the erection at some point, but I didn’t give thought to that.

With water streaming from our bodies from recently leaving the shower, she resumed doggy position, as I got out the condom and strapped on. The sex was getting interesting, from the back, I held her waist and began to go as fast I could, she began to scream more and more, I loved the way my inner thigh was hitting her bum, her bum was so soft…Geeeez!

I slowed down to a ridiculous level and she crashed to the bed with my dick still buried into her pussy, I began to fuck so slow especially when my dick came out, I made sure it brushed the clit before entering the pussy, her pussy became flooded as the pussy became freer.

As we continued the water on our body became sweat from our sex, still from the position she arched her back so my dick will ease in and out of her better. She then whispered that she wanted to ride me.

I got up and lay face up on the bed. She began with a reverse cowgirl with heavy thrusts that the frame of my bed began to make strange noises. This I later recognized was her strong point as her ass bounced up and down my waist ever so smooth and deep. I held unto the ass she flew up and down, then her phone began to ring, she took a long look at it and said it was her boyfriend.

Have you ever had an angry girlfriend narrate the issue with her boyfriend with you while riding you? It was like she wanted to break my dick and I have seen some pictures of broken dicks on the internet, so I held her down and talked to her instead of fucking her. The way she bumped into my while narrating the incident to me made me very scared. I never knew anyone could throw a pussy down a dick that hard and precise. If my dick had missed her pussy once, it could have broken my dick so we stopped and talked about it.

She then tried to apologise to me for not coming which I said it wasn’t a big deal but I felt I got a better deal of having my erection than a broken dick. How would I have explained that to you?

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