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May 9, 2021

DS Series: 10th Floor Parole
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DS Series: 10th Floor Parole

Hello Mortals,

I will not apologise for not posting in this section, i hate to sound like a broken record. We will leave that matter as it is; moving on  to today’s post.

Facebook is the perfect hunting ground, I have been saying this for a while now maybe it’s just me sha. A friend of mine uploaded my picture on his page and one chic liked it, commented on it; So i did the next thing required for the fornication to proceed. I added her and we chatted, she called alot as usual;

(Dont hate the player, hate the game *winks* Plus I’m goodlooking :B)

She works with a telecoms company excess credit was the order of the day there, she would call me up, we will talk for hours unending and some days later we drilled down to the purpose of whats up with us. She said bold and clear; I wanna fuck you!

WoW, i have heard all sorts of compliments but this one takes the crown, no lady has ever been that direct with me before. As she unravelled her ultimate goal with me, we began to see eachother more frequently, she stayed in a serviced flat on the island, she was still staying with her parents. I usually go to her place after work, we will do all sorts but the shagging still wasn’t coming up yet.

We would blow eachother, fondle eachother, we would pause the elevator and do all sorts, it was crazy and fun while it lasted. She stays on the 10th floor of the building, the elevator system there i never trusted. I usually  prayed before and during my time inside that elevator.

Most times in fornication, lust or relationship, the best times are times before the shagging began especially for me. I once booked an hotel on the island so i can pursue this my 1-point agenda, just to straff. The babe never had any issues with it but it just seemed like it was jinxed because she said it outloud. That stuff depressed me like hell.

The D-day of the parole was a fortunate Tuesday morning, I got to work some minutes after 7, As her tradition of wounding my life with calls, she called that morning. She told me she wasn’t feeling too well. She skipped work that day, so i proceeded with the next question.

Are you home alone? And the reply gave me orgasmic excitement, she followed it up with another awesome news, she invited me over.

Now, this news was superb; This was even more impromptu than the impromptu parole. Firstly, there weren’t many people in the office at this time.

To jerk off or not? The million dollar question, I mean this is a girl that i have been looking forward to shagging. I can’t trust my first nut, another thought came to mind, how do i get there?

How do i walk around with a semi-erection after my jerk-off because i might need to fly a bike, stop over to get condoms before i leave. Many things to do,  too little time but i started with the most important one.

Jerking off, I jerked the first nut out, a little erection was there, someone was in the office while i was the loo, i cleaned up sharply and neatly arranged the erection in my pants waiting in the loo for the erection to subside. Imagine someone walking around the office confidently with an erection, that sight will be so funny and eternally ego crushing.

I chilled a bit in the loo for the erection to go down, it dint go down in time and unfortunately her call came in, knowing how psycho she could be, she might try to cancel, so i buckled up got out of the Loo.

I got out and found out the erection wasn’t completely gone, being a shy person (Yes! You read it right, am  a very shy person). I opted to take my car and prayed there wouldn’t  be traffic. I was driving like i was auditioning for a stunt driver for Fast 5.

I dint forget the condom, i got the condoms, got to her house. I stood infront of the elevator of her apartment, i couldn’t cry and let me say this as a  sceptical bastard.

I looked at the elevator, looked at the stairs; looked at both twice again. I jumped on the stairs. I’m sure you’re wondering why i dint take the elevator. As i was about to enter the elevator i remember her making a joke about the elevator that it takes about 1 hour for anyone to be rescued from the elevator if it malfunctions. I will not lie to you, I almost choked on air on the 7th floor, the thought s of her succulent boobs kept me going, the joy of  a new straff was my only goal.

I gave in on the 8th floor and used the elevator to finish it up. I called her when i got to her floor to make sure that our arrangement was still in order. She told me we would have to do it some other time that her father was heading back from Ikeja to pick her for a meeting with a friend of her father to see about the new job she was looking for.

Yeeepaa!! I screamed without shame. I knocked while we were having the conversation, she knew i was the one, she opened the door. She was already dressing up, clad in just her pant and bra; i haven’t even fully recovered back to my regular breathing schedule. I was still panting she tried to offer me a drink, i gulped it down and tried to settle down. She kept looking at me and laughing at the same time.

I mustn’t go without achieving my mission after climbing 7 floors and skipping work early in the morning from work. I must shag no matter. She knew she couldn’t discourage me from not shagging.

This was the first time i was seeing her in bra & G-string alone, definitely a beautiful sight. They looked more beautiful either because of the shortage of air to my body or because they were just plainly beautiful. I was sitting on the couch while she stood infront of me.

I stood up, i am a little bit taller than her, nothing as awesome as seeing a scantily dressed female ready to shag, I took my lips down for a kiss. She slightly opened her mouth not returning the kiss with the kind of passion i was looking forward to. I let my hand slide behind her to cup her soft ass pulled it up; then she allowed her tongue explored my mouth, she was an excellent kisser, i give her that.

It seemed like that was her ignition because she just came on, returned my full mouth kiss, her tongue probed deeper.

I knew i could take off the bra but the trip at times is to try to smooch the boobs while they’re still in the bra, pulling the boobs out of the bra was bringing all sorts of excitement into my air-deprived body; Her body responded as her nipples hardened as  i smooched her boobs, squashing them against her chest, moulding them against her chest; rubbing them in circular motion. She let her hands feel my erection. She wasted no time in unbuckling my trousers, unbutton my shirt.

As a sceptical motherfucker, i thought for a moment, am i being set up?

Will cameras rush in as soon as i get naked???

Thought about it for a split second but then i let go of the thought because I’m still in good terms with 80% of my fwb/girlfriends. So, i allow myself enjoy the shag :).

Due to the time constraint we dint have to give each other a head, make love, all we had time to do is simply fuck. I wasted no time in removing the bra, I made her turn her back to me as i cupped her boobs from the back, she arched her back pressing her ass into my groins, naked ass as it was, with the thong disappearing into her ass split.

The sight of her ass and flaring hips while she knelt and bent forward to super turn-on. I don’t think there us any man alive that wont be turned onby that, that would only be applicable if you’re into ladies.

I pulled her back up while she is still kneeling down, i began to tickle her earlobes with my tongue, fondling the naked boobs with my hands. She began to stroke my dick despite its still in my boxer short. I sat down on the couch, brought out my dick. She began stroking it while looking at my face, not sure what she wanted to see but i guessed she wanted to know how much pleasure she was giving me as she stroked my rock hard dick.

She could read me that i wanted her mouth on my dick, i yearned for my dick to be in her mouth, i tried to encourage her by putting my hand into her hair, calmly urging her to take my dick in her mouth.

I was sitting in another man’s house almost nude with his daughter sucking my dick; this had to go down as one of the riskiest thing have done in my life because i usually don’t deal with girls who either come to my house or she has her own flat. This one was different, i was in her father’s house and he’s even on his way to the house as we’re about to shag.

She was gorging down my dick, it felt absolutely good to watch her head go up and down my shaft. She flicked her tongue on the tip of my dick, spitting on it while stroking it, she would stroke it fast and slow intermittently, licking the tip of my dick like they was some sort of honey added to the tip. The pleasure level in my body was increasing, i pulled her up from her kneeling position, stood up, made her kneel back and proceeded to a doggy position, I began to feel like i was been possessed by something else.

I grabbed my trousers from the floor, yanked out the condom and strapped on. I pressed her back into her soft sofa, making the honeypot more visible. I inserted my dick, pressed it down to the fullest. As i put my dick into her pussy, she was unbelievably wet

She moaned “Shit!”

I readjusted my kneeling position behind her and started with the pummelling, there was no time for soft and romantic shag, infact this is a fuck not romantic sex. I pounded her hard from the back, the collision of my thighs and her thighs began to make “paa paa” sound.

I was fucking her pussy from back hard and fast, i could feel myself in auto-pilot mode, i would count 50 hard strokes, 30 semi-hard stroke. I tried bending over her, so i could swoosh her boobs underneath her in her squat position. Her moan became louder and louder and in a rather bizarre twist she was returning my stroke back despite how hard i was hitting her pussy. I usually dint always do hard shagging because some girls complain and prefer slow and sensual but today wasn’t the day for that at all.

During my soft strokes, she pushed me back and dragged me into her bedroom, I wasn’t sure of what to expect in the bedroom, if its room filled with cameras and all. I stood up and my dick was at angle 90 with my body, the erection was turgid.

We got into the room and she asked me lay down, i obeyed like an humble servant. She asked me to move down the bed so my knees were at the tip of the bed then she straddled me but not in the usual way.

Instead of her legs been beside me by my waist, she put her right leg over my chest while she folded her left leg to her chest. She balanced all of her weight on me, she began to grind.

The grind became faster and faster, the pleasure was exceptional for me, her eyes were completely shut, she was grinding me so religiously. I felt like she was using my dick to scratch some inner part of her pussy. This position for me is the blast, I wish more ladies could do this. At this position was maximum penetration, all of my dick was inside her. She was busy grinding away against my waist. I was left motionless, I wanted to tickle the underneath of her feet.

I almost did but then the thought of her enjoying it and not knowingly hit me in the face with her feet was more dangerous than i can imagine. I just laid motionlessly, i couldn’t grab her boobs, so i grabbed her waist and tried to control the pace but she was too fast for me.

Her phone started ringing, we knew it only meant her father was downstairs, waiting for her to come down so they can leave. She jumped up and rushed to pick the call. She told her dad she was on her way downstairs.

I couldn’t believe I was been left in the middle of a shag, shocked was an understatement but i kept calm.

She stormed back into the room, attempting to start dressing up, while my dick was still up o. She went about trying to get  clothes to put on, as she bent down to pick her something, i stood up and shoved my dick down her pussy from the back. I began jacking in slowly, she dint know when she allowed her body to re-adjust into a regular doggy position.

I pushed her down further to an angle which i could pummel her better,I started to jack fast and i could feel my load cuming as i arched my back and blasted my cum into the condom.

Usually, i relax after cumming but this case was different as i scampered to the living room to get my clothes, she called her father to tell him that the elevator was delaying her. I wore my shirt and trouser back dint tuck in, wore my shoes and fled, took the stairs back to the 8th floor where i adjusted my clothes and went back to the office.

The funniest  thing about all what happened is that no one noticed me been out of the office for over an hour. I got back to the office and settle back into my seat and felt really good.

Life is good!


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