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Danny’s Archives: Escaping Impossible Bose II (18+)

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Danny’s Archives: Escaping Impossible Bose II (18+)

A Story By Dan Chucks….

I was almost about to climax when I felt the rickety bed turn in. Auntie Bose was getting off the bed! I quickly dropped my engorged pulsating dick and placed both palms on it, hoping that she wouldn’t be able to see my nudity in the darkness! Her record with darkness meant she wasn’t going to see me. Her eyesight at night was generally poor and was always worse when there was little light. As she slid her way to the edge of the bed, the obviously unstable bed made more noise! I suspected she had woken up to do her usual ritual, which was to manually squeeze out milk from her disturbingly swollen boobs! Since she doesn’t get to give her baby a lot of the milk, she always had to resort to this every night after I had gone to sleep. This was the third time I had met her doing this late at night. She would sit on the edge of the bed, and then begin to force sprinkles after sprinkles of milk out of her large breasts by squeezing her areolas! As she did so this time around, I couldn’t help but pick up my dick again and begin to beat it quietly again!


After about an hour later, she was done then she stood up and checked on her baby who was lying in the primary. When she confirmed that her baby was sleeping sound, she walked back to the center of the room and began to undress herself, swearing at every mutter of her word. She was feeling hot as the room was evidently stuffy! Even I myself was feeling the increased heat, as beads of perspiration trickled down my body. Nonetheless, I was also being entertained by her as I was seeing her nakedness with the faint moonlight that was coming through the window. She still wasn’t seeing me for she didn’t even seem to notice that I was equally naked and in fact, with my erect dick right in my hand. When she was fully undressed, she got into bed – her fat ass first! The bed made a huge rickety sound when she sat then she began to adjust herself properly into the space available behind her. But just then, I sharply felt her entire weight rest on my abdomen, crushing my dick in the process.  To this, I quickly screamed at the top of my voice in sheer agony from the excruciating pain!!

SPANK!! SPANK!!! Came her piercing painful slap on my lap!!

“You wan wake my baby?!! Ehhhh?!!” she spat in furry! “Ehh!! You wan wake Bisola? Ehh!! Witch!! Make I hear your voice again! In fact, if I see you move on this bed again I go break your head!! Fool!!”

As she said those last words, she made to knock my head in the darkness. Of course she missed my head entirely and ended up blowing my left chin, I silently whined in anguish. Both pains coming from my abdomen and my chin! However, I managed to stay very still, making up my mind not to move again at least until she had slept off.


On the other side, I couldn’t still tell how I was going to even make the said move at all. Her entire bum was pressing into my abdomen and my naked dick was squashed into her lower back. In fact, it was crushed into a curl, just before the start of the crack of her ass. How I was going to stay that way for another 20 minutes was something I couldn’t still explain yet! Not to talk of the pain in my balls which were equally crushed into both our bodies! When she was done spitting and fighting, she adjusted her pillow and lay down.

Leaving herself exactly the same way she had done when she came into bed this second time. Her big black buttocks was crushing into my dick and she was now suddenly occupying more than ¾ of the bed. Leaving me meshed into the tiny space between her body and the hard wall right behind us! It was looking to be a long terrible night, all of a sudden!


After doing my best to bear this but yet fail, I began to make the slightest rescue attempts possible! Moving in just micro-millimeters, to see if I could partly rescue my now-limp cock and balls which were in pains, but instead of succeeding exactly, this only appeared to be going for a twist in the already messy situation.

Firstly, it was basically crazy to know that I was lying with Auntie Bose, body to body and nude for both cases. For this alone, she would effortlessly cut off my head and serve me in a plate if she was to realize this any soon while I couldn’t understand how she hadn’t found out yet, I thought the most important thing for me at that point was staying off her body as much as I could.

Secondly, my dick was exactly just almost around her ass! I was having to dreadfully imagine what would likely happen if my dick ever got into the crack of her ass by mistake and she then gets to notice! I was certainly going to be buried in that room that same night! Unfortunately though, instead of having some success in freeing myself from the bondage, things began to tend towards my worst fears. The ‘dick getting into the ass crack’ was the first to happen! On exactly my 40th attempt, my cramped-up dick glided further down her sweaty lower-back and shoved straight into both her ass cheeks.

I momentarily shut my eyes tightly, in wait for the worse which I presumed would definitely happen but after waiting for a few minutes, she still didn’t even sneeze, let alone turn towards me. It stunned me a lot but I soon began feeling relatively safe! I was mighty sweating and my side of the bed was badly drenched! Her body was damp too and it was the sole reason while my dick did slide easily, along her back and into her ass crack. Similarly, her crack was some pool of sweat to say the least and it was definitely a near-perfect cushion for any dick whatsoever!


I began making a new effort to rescue myself and of course my likely-to-be-severed dick from my painful predicament. It wasn’t a rescue from Auntie Bose’s back anymore, rather a rescue from her big black ass! I attempted micro millimeter movements like before, pulling myself upwards but then with very little success all the same! In fact, all it looked like I was succeeding in doing was stretching out my squeezed dick right within the moist crack! It became relatively free but still trapped.

The weight of her globes also did mean that I was likely going to wake her up if I ever tried forcing the dick out. This proved that I was going to take things really slow to succeed. Bose was impossible in all things; and that included rescuing one’s cock from her fat booty.

Despite having my next ten attempts finally come off good, it wasn’t in anyway amusing. It basically, only gave my body an extra room within that tight space she had let me. There was a bit of freedom now to turn my frame a tad more, but my dick was still trapped within her crack. In fact, I was likely going to only face what was looking to be a much more difficult challenge if you consider where the tip of my dick had eventually found itself. I was suddenly feeling a soft bristle obstruction from nowhere! And this of course, was nothing else but the start of Auntie Bose’s pussy, I was doomed for a second time that night!

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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