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Danny’s Archives: Escaping Impossible Bose (18+) III

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Danny’s Archives: Escaping Impossible Bose (18+) III

A story by Dan Chucks

The next big task, was stopping my dick from getting erect again! I had been mostly limp during my recent struggles as my attention had been turned away from everything sensual but with my dick touching Auntie Bose’s pussy, this was looking unlikely to remain that way! The worry was what an erection could bring me.

Given the little space I had within her crack and how close my limp dick was to her pussy, anything that was going to cause my dick to increase in length would likely get my dick to tear its way through Auntie Bose’s vulva and straight into her pussy. While I had been lucky not be found out up until this point, penetrating Auntie Bose was definitely a no-brainer! She was certainly going to find out and my burial arrangement was likely going to follow.

I suddenly saw myself regretting why I even had to jerk-off that night! I thought my cup was finally full and Auntie Bose was going to know all the dirty things I had been doing most nights. Why she hadn’t known yet was still not my worry.

I spent the next 15 minutes thinking about what next I could do but the same 15 minutes equally allowed flashes of imaginations of what my dick looked like while nestling against the vulva of Auntie Bose’s pussy.

Her crack was immeasurably wet from sweat and it was the first reason why the erection I feared, eventually overwhelmed my dick. As it chased full arousal, the head gently spread her pussy lips apart and easily slid into her hole briefly! She still was yet to move but I was practically shivering and fidgeting! I was dead-scared! It was an unbelievably difficult situation.

I sincerely didn’t want this to continue but yet I was helpless to do anything. Moving my body would make the bed crack to which she could still kill me on the night for. Her heavy ass was also not going to let me remove the stiff dick rather gently.

All possible choices seemed to lead to the same outcome, I was simply doomed! And when she did move her body in her sleep eventually, albeit slightly, it only leaned further in towards me. My dick was only barely inside her initially but now, her slight twist had caused the dick to completely glide its way into her surprisingly wet pussy! I was spellbound at the turn of events. To say the least!

For over two minutes, I remained still! I couldn’t believe what was playing out! I had my boner inside Mrs. Bose! A woman who only an hour ago, wickedly smacked my face ruthlessly! The world was certainly nuts!

She might still be Bose, the wicked and impossible Bose but she was a woman. A full grown woman, and every full grown woman had a pussy. Bose had a pussy and it was feeling real good! She was wicked alright, but had a sweet pussy, and I had my fat boner inside it. What was much more bewildering so to speak, was the immeasurably wetness I could feel.

I couldn’t explain how it was even possible for someone in her sleep, was the sweat also present inside her gooey pussy? I was forced to think so. My dick was literally swimming in the warmth and wetness. While the tight grip of both her ass cheeks, wasn’t helping matters.

Just when I was about to tell myself, that I needed to resume my self-rescue efforts, my hip got a life of its own and made a slight thrust towards her bum. Needless to say, it felt like paradise!


Two, three, four, five more…and I was already fucking her…but gently.

I made sure no other part of my body was touching her except for my dick and crotch! Her pussy made squashy sounds in testament that she was unspeakably wet. I could even tell her wetness from the way my dick glistened in the darkness.

It was also at about the 12th stroke, that I heard what I could swear was a low moan, come out of her mouth, I stopped and waited. Suddenly panicky again, I Observed her closely, to see if she had woken up.

But contrary to my very own expectations, it was Auntie Bose who now unexpectedly resumed the fuck. She first bumped her ass into me gently, driving my engorged dick further in, and then she withdrew slightly.

She did it for a second time, making it even deeper and letting it last longer to the point that I felt her fluids run out onto my dick and crotch, then withdrew again. She began whining in a very low voice and as though she was starting to cry.

It was ridiculous how a dominant arrogant Bose could be reduced to a sobbing over-grown baby!

I didn’t exactly allow her to complete the third thrust anyway, before going in to receive her! Her butt then bumped into my crotch, filling the room with sound of spanked flesh! She paused.  After a short moment, she nudged her ass towards me again while I similarly received her halfway; burying my swollen dick very deep into her!


From gradual slow thrusts, we graduated to very quick noisy trouncing! She fucked my dick with no respite and ground her hips into my burning steel as though her waking up tomorrow depended on it.

The bed was on a wavelength of its own, making terrible cracking sounds that filled the entire room. The perspiration on us had doubled and we smelt strongly of pussy and fuck.

She was hot as furnace and her groan was a lot more audible now. As I placed a hand on my hip to support myself, she swung an arm and hit my buttocks, urging me to press further into her ass. She even held one my ass cheeks firmly and pulled me further into herself, all in a bid to explain that she needed me to fuck her a lot faster.

This equally told me she was fully awake, as I began to pound her with renewed vigour and control, I transferred my hands to her own jiggling ass and began to fuck away! She kept muttering things I couldn’t hear while the rickety bed punctuated her every wail!


It wasn’t long before I felt my dick pulsate, I was going to cum soon, but I never wanted to tell her. This was my time to reward her wickedness towards me. I was going to spill my seed into her and if she ever got pregnant, while still being without her husband, it was more than I could ever ask from karma.

Unfortunately though, I was only fulfilling her own wish because she suddenly asked me to cum inside her, an indication that she had earlier felt my dick swell in spasm! She was close too given that I also felt her contractions as they appeared.

She was absolutely on the edge!

For as I began shooting jets after jets of hot sex fluid into her, she twisted herself to grab my face tightly! She placed her lips on mine and gave me a very crushing full mouth kiss, pouring her juices in loads on my dick and the beddings under us, as she did.

My fingers were equally buried inside the skin of her buttocks as I firmly held unto it for the last ropes of my cum that were shooting into her!

As our climax subsided, she let go of me, pulling blood from my face with her nails, as she did!

I felt so much pain from it that tears rolled down my cheeks, but I yet remained calm. We were breathing heavily and both smelt of fuck and sweat! She quickly turned fully, to back me again then adjusted her pillow to sit properly under her head but when I made attempts to pull my dick out of her, so that I could clean myself up, she swung her hand and gave me another hurting slap on my arm! It stung me like a sizzle of fire.

We remained that way; with my dick inside her pussy; all through the rest of night and into the following morning. Auntie Bose was very wicked, even in pleasure!


***The End***

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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