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Bitter Sweetness VIII (18+)

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Bitter Sweetness VIII (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

The entire house was soon back to life with a buzz! Uncle D’s return was so contributive. His excessive talking and laughter felt so good too our stay. I was sure he had achieved a failed plan. His spy could not get anything to give him. Even though I felt rather bad about the sales boy’s stay, I still felt glad that he could now serve as some kind of false proof that nothing was going on between myself and Onyinye.

As for Onyinye, I kept following her movements around the house. Taking every slightest opportunity to catch a glimpse of her swaying buttocks cheeks. She had changed into what I now felt was her favourite pink gown and that could not just let me think of any other thing.

“Am I in for another lewd upskirt today?” I asked myself as I played out my last time with her. My dick was so steel stiff thinking this that I had to stand and began looking for her. I needed to touch her body, no matter how slightly. It was so painful I was going to leave this woman soon.

She was in her bedroom when I found her. She was moving her things from the handbag she returned with into another handbag. She did not know I walked in since she was backing the door. I walked up behind her and tucked my body unto her making sure my stiff dick found some warmth against her bum. She gave a very slight sigh and turned just her face towards me.

I pecked her on the neck while tracing the skin of her buttocks with my right hand. She was getting even warmer.

“I missed you honey”, I heard myself say.

“I missed you too love”, was her reply as I saw her bring her lips to mine as we had our first ever kiss. My hand had gradually drawn the hem of her gown up and was now making its way into her panties. She said nothing nor made any effort to stop me.

“The kids will be back tomorrow”, was her next statement, leaving me dead in my tracks! She immediately sensed my sudden withdrawal and with her own hand, pushed my hand further into her panties.

“You mean your daughters?”, was all I managed to say next. My hand was now inside her ass crack and was making it straight to her cunt. I was already feeling the intense heat radiating from right in-between her legs onto my fingers. ”

Yea. They are heading back for their mid-term break”, she was barely able to speak. She was on heat.

“Too bad.” I said, carefully watching to see her reaction to the statement.

“Yea, too bad. I wished they could stay longer over there”. She stunned me with those! She cared about my staying around now more than she cared about her daughters’!

I was been driven nuts, I responded by locating her vulva and when I found her very wet opening, my thumb and first fingers easily glided in with a squash!! She was dripping again.

“Oh fuck!”, was all she could say. She was now ridding and fucking my fingers. I knew we were taking this a bit too far as Uncle D could come into the bedrooms any moment but I did not know how to stop.

“I can always wait for any length to have your cock inside me again, Danny”, she was practically jerking now!! I could sense intense contractions on her pussy walls. She was cumming on my fingers!

“Me too honey”, I replied even though I knew where she was going by that statement. We were going to stop having any contacts until her daughters were through with their break. But I knew that was not going to be because I had just four more days here.

“But I was just given an apartment”, I followed up, knowing fully well that I needed to tell her. Silence followed and I sensed how she let the tight grip her pussy had on my fingers loosen up. She was shocked!

“You are going to leave us?” she replied totally surprising me by the extent of absolute maturity she was exhibiting.

“Yea. Thursday”, I answered.

“Really too bad”, was her next comment and as she said that, she completely let my fingers slip out of her leaving the air in the room entirely filled with her scent. I brought the juice covered fingers to my mouth and gave them a good suck and lick!

“Then we just have today, Danny”, she was being very open now and it turned me on instantly!

“Yea. Wonder how that is going to go?” I probed. She hissed and waved her head again. I was off her now and was resting against the wall.

“We would surely fix it honey”, I heard myself say again trying to return hope to her.

“Yea. Sure. Will let you know when I have sorted things out with him, okay?” she promised. She was implying that she was going to arrange for our staying together. I wondered how she was going to do that but I was eager and very hopeful.

“Okay.” I reaffirmed. I needed to return to the living room. So grabbing her boobs and giving them a firm squeeze, I headed off to join the others.

The rest of the day suddenly began dragging on like an eel. It kept looking as if I was not going to have my opportunity at each passing hour. I had told uncle D about my new apartment and he was so happy for me.

He even offered to follow me to the place to inspect it properly but I refrained as I did not see any use for that. Nevertheless, he still promised to assist me further in any other way he could. I was very grateful for his kindness.

However, I still felt I had to reschedule my initial plan with Danny. My agreement to move on Thursday was not looking sensible anymore since I doubted I would ever get the chance to lay a hand on Onyinye again after this particular day.

I just had to leave the following day. Onyinye on her part was yet to give me signals that our plan was making any headway. I had thought she would get her husband to leave the house or something but it was not looking like it.

I was gradually growing impatient and each time she moved into the living room or across it, I just had my eyes fixed on her, following her every movement and hoping she would signal me but nothing like that came from her. It was getting dark and I was getting really worried.

After what felt like a decade of patience, I decided to see if I could assist in the plans. I made for my bedroom. I was going to pack my bags against tomorrow.

At least that was what the cover intention was. But I looked forward to seeing Onyinye come into my room where we could fuck. As I folded cloths after cloths into my bag, I watched her cross my room severally. At few points did she look my way.

And at even fewer points did she acknowledge I was at my bedroom. I knew then that it was difficult for her. She had no idea how we were going to have proper sex, with her husband under the same roof. She was simply scared. When I had done all that had possibly brought me in, I left the bedroom.

It was exactly 9:26 PM when power was cut off. We all had been seeing the TV at the living room excluding the sales boy. He usually sleeps before 9:30 so as to make it up early for the shops the next day. I had entirely lost hope in doing anything with Onyinye.

In fact I had taken my bath, in readiness for sleep. I was never going to consider going into her room at night. And I never expected she was going to do same because I knew she was aware of the enormous risk attached to that.

Now I had the feeling that both of us had resolved to what fate had to bring our way as we both sat at the living room with the rest. Felix was also with us and he kept having endless conversations with D and Onyinye. I kept picking up broken interests here and there even though those were a major distraction to the attention I was giving Onyinye. She had not been able to give me uninhibited views of her crotch because of the presence of Felix but I was still treated to very good flashes of her succulent thighs and seductive panties. She knew how to get me in the mood.

“You should take the lamp with you”, she had said as D made for the foyer with Felix. “Remember it’s late”. They both had opted to stay outside for fresh air. As they left with the rechargeable lamp, I made for my laptop that had been charging by the side stool. In no time I got busy with it. I could still hear D laughing uncontrollably outside and wondered if they knew they could be disturbing the neighbors.

I was still making these thoughts up in my mind when I suddenly felt a pull on my left leg. I strained my eyes to tell who it was in the darkness completely forgetting that myself and Onyinye were the only ones left in the living room.

The pull came again just enough to explain to me it was her. I let her take my leg as it seemed that was what she wanted to do. She brought it to a place I felt was her thigh and the next nudge she gave, told me exactly what she wanted.

My interest had left the laptop whose light beam was the only trace of light in the living room. I moved my leg further in; tracing the entire length of her fleshy thigh until I came in contact with her crotch! Her panties was gone!

“How did she manage to do that?”, I heard myself asking. Had she taken it off right now because I could not remember seeing her stand and leave even though there was pitch blackness in the room. I cared less now. I quickly went for her opening but found what I felt was her clit covering, so I settled there. I began giving it a steady rub with the underside of my big toe. She was feeling the sensation and did hold unto my ankle. She wanted it harder and I had to make it faster.

After this had gone on for a while, I quickly brought my right foot to her crotch too. I had too legs on her now and I needed to put them to work. I was not scared of any ills as I was sure she was aware that I just recently had my bath.

All our plans had failed but we were determined to make up for all of it with this particular moment. All we needed was a prayer that will keep Uncle D, Felix and the bloody lamp outside. My right leg found her opening which was as expectedly full of very slippery fluid.

I brought my toe to the tip and I felt her open her legs further while pushing her hips towards me. This made my toe penetrate her at once and quickly got covered in the warmth and dampness of her sweet pussy! I began to fuck her with it while still rubbing her clit with the other.

She was practically bumping her entire body against my two feet and I made sure to keep enough energy in them to give her the service she deserved! As this continued, I found it hard to keep up with the pain I felt from my suppressed stiff dick so at some point, I sharply freed if from my boxer shorts. It was out in the open and I mechanically stoked it as I sent waves of pleasure into Onyinye’s juicily drenched pussy. She had held my ankles so tight to her mid riff that I almost thought they would break.

This also was forcing me out of my seat and when I could not stabilize my seating anymore, I dropped to the rug with her closing the lid of my laptop as I did. We both stopped all movements at once straining our thoughts to see if the duo at the foyer could tell what happened. When we got no inclinations that they did, I quickly made my way to the right side of the living room, using my buttocks to propel me. I needed to maintain some distance from her so that we would not be easily caught even if someone were to walk in.

When I had found a comfortable position, I resumed my duties. I was in a better position to endlessly pump those toes into her since I was now at the same level as herself. She was on her back and had her knees raised while they remained far apart. Her gown was right around her hips as I could not feel them anywhere around her thighs.

She still had her hands on my ankles and I could feel how she fucked herself with my toes as though they were her dildo! I was not very comfortable with her total abandon judging that any person who would walk into the living room will be greeted to her swollen pussy lips save if he had no lamps with him. However, I knew the last thing she was thinking at the moment was being caught so chose to stick with the risk!!

After what seemed like ages, she took my obviously dripping toes out of her pussy and pulled me towards her. I was worried at what she wanted as I did not want to make close contact with her. But when she kept doing so, I had no option than to agree. I slid myself towards and over her. She kept pulling me until I was completely over her body. She quickly got hold of my dick and I knew what followed.

A 69!! She was a very experienced woman! I flipped my body at once and located her crotch again. Its smell was muskier than I had ever known it and was sure testament that she was so aroused. I immediately buried my head into the area making sure my nose penetrated her slit!! What a glorious smell filled my nose! She in return grabbed my 8inch boner and did her best to get her lips around it. It was obviously a bit larger than she could take but she soon adjusted her mouth to its size.

We began another journey. I was fucking her mouth with my dick while she fucked my face with her drenched pussy. I was in another world and I tried my best to make her understand it. She had her meaty laps pressed against my ears and even got to a point where she brought them over my head, pressing my me into her pussy the more. I thought she was going to strangle me doing that and I really struggled with my breathe.

I was never going to stop lapping all those juices she was creaming doing this. Our rubble continued farther than I had envisaged and I was increasingly getting worried that the moans that were coming from her which was only stifled by the fat dick in her mouth, would soon get to the people outside. Just before I could think out something to do about it,

I felt her laps hold on tighter on my me and bang! She sprayed me with more liquid! She was squirting madly!! At this point she removed my dick from her mouth and began yelling! I had to quickly located her mouth with my palm in the darkness to cover it up!! That did little to stop her but I was pleased it dampened the noise a bit. She was uncontrollably convulsing and I could feel the rug under us dampen up! Wonder what excuse we are going to give when D sees it tomorrow.

After she regained her sanity, she returned my dick to her mouth. She was not done yet. I also responded by making it back to her pussy. I had sucked her clit so bad that she just had to squirt. Now I concentrated on her opening. I ran my tongue into her and began fucking her with it. This continued until I felt my own orgasm build up.

“I am not going to blow into this woman’s mouth”, I thought but before I could make any attempt to retract my tool, she had sensed my pressure and began jerking and sucking me even further. This drove me to the edge and I pressed my entire crotch into her face, driving my dick further down her throat and flooding her mouth with countless ropes of cum! of  which she kept making continuous effort to drink as much as she could take.

Her mouth was so full that a lot of the white jizz still poured out from the sides of her mouth leaving her face, mouth and neck a slippery mess of sperm and saliva! The whole air smelt of our bodily fluids and that made my dick even stiffer! I wanted more and I knew she did too.

It was getting to half an hour since our current romp began and I knew the risk was already too heightened but I was too far in to think of turning back now! She had turned her back to me; with legs curled up and lying by her side; just after I had pumped my jizz into her mouth and  was only clarified when she nudged on my hips towards her again.

I had thought she had got pissed or something but I now understood she wanted me to fuck her again but with my dick this time! She wanted it from behind and I could see her butt stuck out towards me in the darkness. Her gown was just wound all around her hips and her naked skin shone from the moonlight coming through the window.

I nudged further towards her feeling the dampness on the rug created by her squirted juices but paid little attention to it. I was on a mission. When I got to where she was lying, I positioned my still slippery steel onto the opening of her still moist pussy. Her position meant that her lips were pressed together, forcing her vulva out towards me in a manner that made them look like chewable meat! I dropped my dick on her and with little pressure from both of us, it slid right into her warmth.

She was still very soaked and the volume of juice she had in her made my dick swim about in ecstasy. She was saying things I could not hear while we began fucking ourselves silly. I was doing everything I could to bury everything I had as a dick into her at every stroke.

She was creaming again on my dick and I bet I could have seen how obviously heavy it was if not for the darkness. I reached for her boobs from behind through her gown, but I was shocked when she pulled the neck of the gown and then her bra under her boobs exposing them to my hands. I quickly grabbed them and gave them a very firm squeeze.

She purred! She had one of her legs travel on top my thigh with a bid to get me deeper into her. I was pounding away and did not care if the loud slap sounds that were coming from it got to D and Felix! I needed to fuck her as well as she deserved. She bent her neck until I could see her face which she brought to mine in a hurry prompting us to engage in another full mouth kiss! She sucked on my tongue will I practically chewed her lower lips. I could feel hot juice rush unto the skin of my dick. She was cumming again and that kept wetting the rug under us.

I pinched her nipples playfully and tried locating her clit with the other hand. She opened her legs wider giving me room and I rubbed it in circles while I continued pounding her pussy from behind! Each push left my sweating thighs filled with splashes of her juices which where escaping her pussy because of pressure. She was so full with juice.

When I could not take the sensation anymore, I felt my turgid manhood pulsate. The big mushroom head had grown larger and it filled her every wall. She sensed this sudden increase in the size of my dick and grabbed my ass making sure I stayed inside her. She wanted me to spill my seed into her womb and I was going to do just that. I repositioned myself and then began to take faster and more ruthless strokes. She began whimpering like she was going to cry.

I quickly felt something around my side which I first thought was her gown but later knew it to be the panties she had taken off earlier and then I stuffed her mouth with it. I needed her to remain calm and she seemed happy to take the entire thing in her mouth. I grabbed her hips harder and then got lost in a frenzy of very quick jerks.

She gave out stifled yells and screams but kept her hand behind my ass urging me to go harder. This lasted like what seemed another full minute when I sensed my dick tip open up, leaving another spray of thick white dick juices deep inside her pussy! I convulsed at each spurt as several of them kept rolling out! She must have felt an amazing sensation because she also joined me in orgasm! She buried her nails  into my ass cheeks through my shorts while flooding my dick with more fluids! She must not cum again tonight if she was to stay alive over the night, I thought.

She had completely drained her pussy and we were in a pool of bodily fluids. Both our crotches were just a smear of all kinds of liquid and it kept them slippery and sticky. She seemed to like the feeling and even kept rocking my dick which had gone a bit limp in her. Her ass rolled up and down my slippery groin and she made for my mouth again, giving me a long full mouthed kiss!! She loved me no doubt! I responded by pushing my dick in and out, making sure I tweaked my hip while doing so. This made her pussy walls feel the enormousness of my size. But we had to stop now.

“I am glad  my second man ever, felt this way”, she started when the kiss broke. My mind stopped a bit. Was she serious with that? “Seriously?”, I heard myself ask but she did not reply. Rather she began pulling my ass further into her; she wanted more! Well, I could not just do that now.

Apart from the fact that D should be thinking of going to bed anytime soon, to say the least, I simply would need another thirty minutes of fucking to get my dick to orgasm again and we did not have that much time. I had already cum twice that night and I knew doing so a third time will mean another prolonged sex of which circumstances around there would not permit.

“Not again tonight honey. We will get caught”, I explained. Kissing her ear as I said it. She hissed and returned a kiss to my mouth. She brought her right leg down from my thigh and that allowed me slip my now limp dick out. And even though it was limp, she had to apply pressure through the muscles of her pussy before it could come off. I went for her pussy with my right hand, inserting my first three fingers into her. I wanted to see how wet that area was and I got quite a good explanation of how.

I had been in a bowl of sex fluids. I got my fingers out and brought them to my mouth. It tasted wonderfully. In fact I was pushed to return to her pussy to lap it all up, but I knew I could not just do that.

She was the first to have a bath later that night as she needed to recompose herself before her husband joined her in the bedrooms. Mine followed next and I had a terrible experience trying to wash my now overly sensitive dick with cold water.

The skin at every part of it was almost reacting to my every touch and it kept me uncomfortable mostly. Before it could get to midnight, everybody was in bed. I was using my bedroom for the last time and I shared it with the sales boy this time. Felix was shown the only other room left in the house. I had called Danny earlier on to tell him I was now coming down the next day and how he loved it. He promised to drive in with his car to pick me up and all looked set again. I was going to miss Onyinye and I had no idea how we were going to link up again.

Our nights were brief considering how late we had gone to bed. I felt exactly as expected the next day; spent. Our long minutes of fucking was having its after-effects on me and I assumed Onyinye felt the same way too. It was not long before Danny arrived with his car. Although I had managed to get a couple of things done that morning before his coming, I still felt he should have delayed a bit more. I still wished to have a little chat with Onyinye before leaving but it was looking very unlikely now. My things were brought to the car while Danny helped pack them in.

Onyinye had helped prepare a meal of fried plantains and stew which she insisted I took to Danny’s place in a food flask. She had handed me the flask at the dinning and as she returned to the kitchen I grabbed her ass and give it a squeeze. In response she turned, smiled at me and varnished. D was assisting Danny outside so did not see me grab his wife’s plump ass cheek.

When we were set to drive they both came to the door to say goodbye. Onyinye had handed me a roll of money which I was still going to count. She had done well but I never wanted to imagine she was paying for the good fuck I had been giving her; I felt she would not do that. However, I thanked them both for their kindness and jumped into the car. It was while we were driving to Danny’s place that  I decided to count the money she had given me.

As I unrolled the notes, a folded piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and saw that it had “TO YOU” written over it. I unfolded the entire piece to take a proper look and discovered a long note on it. It read:


“He joined me later last night asking for a fuck and I let him have me. But I am sure he must have felt how seriously wet I was in there despite the fact that I had bathed and washed there thoroughly. I doubt this feeling will ever stop. From the time I first saw you, I have never stopped creaming on every thought of you. Please do come back soon, for I feel like I am going to burst with so much lust. I will miss you babe”

My dick was back up again and I knew I could still fuck her if she were there with me. It had been an unforgettable experience at the Agbos and I was sure there were several things that would bear major witness to it. The severely damp rug at the living room is the first, to say the least. “I wonder what Onyinye will give D as the explanation for that”, I thought to myself, feeling myself smile wickedly.

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