May 22, 2022

Bitter Sweetness VI (18+)

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Bitter Sweetness VI (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

She had just stopped brushing now and was taking water into her mouth with which I felt she would rinse it of foam. She got her mouth filled in the right manner, got the water around violently and dropped her head to throw away. She did this a little bit unnaturally because her upper body bent with her head lower than normal thereby forcing her ass and towel up and giving me a view everyman will die for.

The perfect view of her pussy from behind. I was lost, I could not just bear it and had to bring my dick completely out of my boxer shorts regardless of what I knew the implications were.

The sales boy could come in anytime but I cared less, I needed to maintain direct contact with my dick if I was to live through this moment. She watched me from her mirror as she continued to rinse her mouth further. I didn’t mind. In fact I wanted her to know I was watching. I wanted her to see that I was enjoying her beautiful seduction. It was sweet but as well bitter. Bitter because I never knew how I was going to ever get into those legs.

The entire scene kept playing out. She had stopped rinsing her mouth but remained in the same posture. She seemed to be studying the skin on her face in the mirror. He ample luscious ass checks were now in full view!! Everything!! But I still found it hard to tell the contours of her matured pussy. “I need light” , I said quite in a hush and quickly made for the switch that was just to my left, towards the living room door. Flick! And it came on! And before me was another breath-taking delight.

Her black pussy looked like a baked black pie with her inner lips popping out their seeming leaflets towards her ass crack. She was as usually drenched with her juices as ever and they were smeared over her entire hind regions, crotch and lower buttocks.

They glistened elaborately in the light and when I sensed how the pink tip of her clit jutted out of the upper part of her outer lips, I felt ropes and ropes of precum sip from the tip of my dick.

I was practically releasing juices like a lady, This was the breaking point! and I was not planning to go back. I boldly marched towards her, dick in hand. She did not even attempt any move rather remained the way she had been; focus still on her face right in the mirror.

I got to her and with little warning or effort got my dick pointed onto her pussy. It seamlessly glided in even before I could get to prop up my height a bit more so as to make me seem taller. She was terribly wet and the ease with which I had gotten into her sweet pussy was a testament to this. She felt like velvet and was very warm!! She had given a gasp when I got in and from her reflection on the mirror her face was a perfect display of lust and pleasure.

She had got her left hand behind and had rested it on mine as I grabbed her hips and began fucking her, each stroke looked like it was carried out on soaked bread as the volume of juice in her, hardly let me feel any solid. She was a walking juice dam

We soon found rhythm and our bodies made loud noises as they slapped against each other!! Each stoke was pulsated with squashy sounds of liquid which was coming from her pussy. I had lost any form of reasoning and was just ramming my way through her body. She too was now making stifled cries like a baby while supporting herself using the washbasin by one hand.

The towel was stuck in-between her legs and were only held on by her knees that had to remain knocked because of the furious fucking I was giving her.

This lasted for a couple more minutes and when I felt I was going to spill my seed, I asked her to turn around. I needed to fuck her in another position. She staggered when I let go of her indicating I had fucked her wobbly and was she about doing as I said when my eyes went to her pussy again.

Her entire pelvis was filled with thick white liquid that I knew was a result of the pressure I had applied to the juices she had in her! She had cum severally on my dick but I usually do not take that for a sign to stop. As I turned her around taking time to observe this, I felt my animalistic nature take over me at once and I got on my knees, turned her towards the sink with a bend and with a furious pull buried my entire face into her pussy.

I was served early breakfast. I sucked her vigourously and she cried, I could not see her eyes but from her numerous sniffing, I knew she was crying!! Maybe, no one had ever done this to her before. I felt pity and love and even pulled her hips further back into my entire face. I lapped on her juices and the remnants of our last love making.

She encouraged me by pushing my head further front into her meaty mound. My nose was completely filled with the muskiest scents I had ever perceived. She tasted very raw and sweet and I never wanted to stop. I was trying to locate my dick again when we heard the gate to the entrance foyer open. The sales  boy was back.

Everything suddenly dissolved into a scene of indecisions and quick thinking.

“Please do not leave me now”, I could hear her plead but I remembered seeing myself pulling my shorts back on. I did not have the brain to calculate how much pleasure I was sacrificing.

Uncle D’s spy was back and I would be the biggest fool if he found me with my entire nose buried right inside his master’s wife’s vagina. We needed to postpone the pleasure. I was glad she understood this soon enough because she suddenly grabbed her towel which was now on the floor, gave a hiss and began making it back to her bedroom.

She must have felt so ravished and yet so unsatisfied. I promised her in my heart right then that I was going to give her the fuck of her life someday and quite soon.

“So he even found the pink tissue paper after all” I suddenly heard her add as she got into her room, closing the door behind her. I quickly coded. It was simple arithmetic; three persons in the house; unexplained need for a pink tissue paper (rare commodity); one person on errand; two left alone; then a sweet bang. She was absolutely brilliant.

However, I subsequently had an over-washed bundle of cloths to deal with while still fathoming where exactly would be my definition of workplace, this already fabulous morning!

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