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Bitter Sweetness V (18+)

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Bitter Sweetness V (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

Exactly! She had to finish it. This was the point of no return.

I knew it was either I fucked her or we got caught recklessly displaying our nakedness to each other. Although I knew I was the one who still owed her, I also was aware that the only reason she has not seen my boner was because she has not placed any specific requests as to that. However, I was now more lenient and was even more ready to show her the stick in all its glory.

After the incident of that particular afternoon, I had failed to get a proper reaction from her as a result of Uncle D’s return. He had got in soon after and Onyinye; with changed cloths, received him and got along with her expected roles. I had changed too; returning for the bum shorts I had earlier removed. I had also given myself some relief by using the toilet; for the other reason. (You sure do know the reason).

After he had met with the guest who has been waiting, he let him have some money for his little errand and he was off. Uncle D was at the dining table eating when I returned from the bedroom.

“Dan”, he started as I made for a seat,

“How will your schedule for the weekend be?”.

“You mean me sir?” I replied, quite surprised by the question.

“Yea. Will you be doing anything with your office?” he probed further. I did not get what was going on so by way of personal observation, I quickly located Onyinye with my eyes.

She was seated at her usual position and the furniture that had the TV, did well to hide her face from her husband. She was also doing something. She was nodding her head insistently!

“That must be her preferred answer” I guessed at once.

“Yes sir.” I quickly linked up at once

“My boss who travelled today, said he will be back on Friday and would want us to make it to the office for some briefing”. How I suddenly made myself a full staff with my office, was something I could not tell at the moment but I was sure he had bought that.

I had lied to him and Onyinye; the only ‘bad’ mother I had ever known; made me do it.

“That is okay then. I wanted you to make the trip with me. I will be travelling on Saturday and will be back Monday evening or Tuesday morning” explained a disappointed Uncle D. I now knew what all this was about.

Uncle D had enquired from Onyinye if I was going to spend my coming weekend at home, of which she must have asked him to ask me and being the smart lady she was, she chose her current position so that she could have the edge in influencing my decision.

She wanted me to stay home and James Bond knew the reason! And Uncle definitely could not have seen her getting me to accept that.

As for me, I was sure I dreamt of another time with her and coupled with the fact that she was going to be alone with me but I  completely doubted that I would have ever remembered to consider that while giving an answer to Uncle D.

She had plotted her map well and I just had to look forward to a very swell time with her in the absence of a feared husband! Her eyes had returned to that same book she had read countless times all day; she was smart; very very smart.

The night unfolded peacefully. I had been in my bedroom mostly after my last chat with Uncle D. I had been on a very long call with my girlfriend. She had called me after all this while.

“She must have missed me”, I had felt when her number appeared on my phone screen. Unfortunately, I got far worse than I had expected. She was asking for one of her certificates I had once helped her laminate.

She was not home at the time so I had to get to her place, fetch the certificate, laminate, duplicate and send as she instructed. She had applied for a scholarship exam of which she did not scale through for some reasons I could not tell.

Now she wanted the certificate back, I had not returned it since then and had it in my bedroom back at home. When she spoke about it, I wanted to sound very indifferent but remembered she had not given it to me herself so needed to hand it back.

I quickly gave her a description of how and where to get it but I could not just end the call at that point. I was already feeling that she had only used the certificate as a bait but I was so so wrong for as I brought up the issue of our breakup, she easily returned back to her many complains of my demanding so much from her.

She accused me of being too detailed about things and not easily accepting to forgive one’s wrongdoings. I was not expecting all those from her again so had to cut in at some point. This was looking like the last conversation we would ever have and I made sure I told her exactly how I felt about her rudely attitude towards me. Not long after, we ended the call. It was a chapter that had to be closed!


It was Saturday, the much awaited Saturday. It had looked to be our fantasy day all along but gradually turned bitter as its morning unfolded. The sales boy was not travelling with Uncle D and neither was he instructed to open shops today. He was going to stay at home and that seriously spelt bad luck!! I could not just tell the reason for the sudden change of plan.

Uncle D always had his shop open on all week days excluding Sundays. He had even asked the sales boy to take charge a couple of times on certain days he had not made it there since my arrival. This very decision only looked weird.

“Was Uncle D suspecting something between myself and Onyinye?” I started asking within me

“Had she been refusing him sex?”. What would have warranted the sudden change? Or have I been a bit rusty with him? I could not not just place a finger on anything reasonable. I would have to keep to myself this few days until he got back. I doubted she had not seen the hand writing on the wall either.

Before the morning could basically come alive, Uncle D was off. He needed to be at the bus park by at least seven o’clock if he was to arrive Onitsha before Ten o’clock the same morning.

Onyinye had done the things she ought to do (she was the perfect housewife; I for once never challenged that) and had followed him into the streets. They had no car of their own so he was going to use the bus park. I had said my goodbyes earlier and was getting my cloths ready for laundry.

I had few to wash considering I had not been at work since Wednesday. I also had to be fast about it because Uncle D’s curious decision meant new game plans for me. I needed to be at work as I had told D I would. Even if that did not mean work as in workplace. No Jupiter could change that now. Not knowing the roles the sales boy would play while at home today, meant I needed not to take chances.


I was getting water ready when Onyinye walked in. I was with some buckets that had been stacked into each other and was making an attempt to release one so that I could get water into it. The washing machine was already open and waiting.

“He has boarded a bus o” she cheerily said as she walked into the lobby and when she got to where I was, placed a hand on my bare back. I had taken off the pullover shirt I had on, for washing.

“That’s cool. How long should the trip last?” I replied feigning total oblivion of the place she had kept her hand.

“Not more than two hours. Should be less” she said, bringing it further up in quick movement.

“Have you seen the new detergent I bought?” she continued; stretching her neck as to look into the washing machine. I could sense a new found air of freedom. Her hand were now traveling up to my shoulder and when it got there, it stayed there.

“Not yet” I said, finally freeing one of the buckets and inspecting it closely. She then started making an attempt to say something else before being interrupted by movements from the living room.

It must have been the sales boy who was the only other person in the house with us. She reacted to this by dropping her hand to my ribbed belly and as the movements continued back there, she began walking away and towards her bedroom while letting her hand drop and brush my dick heavily.

I had no idea I was turned on until I felt her hand there; I was unexpectedly heavy.

“I need to bathe, I have a place to go to” was the last thing she said swaying her huge bubble ass as she walked away.

My mind was racing, why did she want me to stay home when she had planned places to go to? I thought her idea for having me at home was for us to enjoy the absence of Uncle D together? Even though I had decided to find a place to go to, I was only taking that decision at this moment and was squarely reacting to Uncle D’s changed routine.

“She cannot also be trying to react to it too or was she?” I questioned.

Considering how she had said it. I was never going to get to the end of this mystery called Onyinye. Not long after, she appeared with a sachet of detergent which she dropped into the dryer of the machine and disappeared again. The next time I heard something from her was when I heard her ordering the sales boy; through her bedroom window; to go fetch her pink tissue papers.

Why she would ask for a given colour, completely beats me. He complied and must have received money for this from the same window before leaving for the errand.


I had began washing now and was gradually getting my hangers ready for spreading the cloths outside when she walked straight back again.

OH MY GOOODNESS!!! HOLY FUCK!!!! She was in the skimpiest attire she would ever dare putting on all her life! She had a very little white towel wrapped around her of which I kept wondering how it even managed to take her body through the first wrap.

The towel hardly covered her boobs that ever looked like they would spill from the upper regions of the towel; and her ass checks that had all its underneath open to fresh air.

I had an instant hard on!

This must be her own version of getting set for a bath. As she walked towards the lobby from her room, she kept struggling to keep the tiny white thing to her body as it continuously looked like it will break loose and fall freely.

Her entire legs up to the highest echelons of her thighs came to full view at each step she took. I was in another world.

I had not said a word all along and in fact remained in the same position as I had been when she got out from her room. She could completely see the effect she had on me as my dick had since found its way out through one of the openings on my boxer shorts. (In preparation for this very day, I had worn no bum shorts).

“Get me water from the dispenser. I want to brush” was all she said handing a plastic cup to me while still struggling to keep the two edges of the towel to her large boobs.

I collected the cup like a moron and without uttering a word, moved to the dispenser, caught some water in the cup and returned it to her. She must have laughed within herself at a spell bound me.

She said thanks, turned her back at me and got herself onto the washbasin hung at the left corner of the lobby. I could now see her full backside and could also see that the towel was more like just a blouse to her frame.

It stopped perfectly at her mid-buttocks and if not for the shade created by the towel, I would had an inhibited view of her pussy. She was a seductress.

I kept watching; totally lost to this world. She had made early attempts at brushing her teeth but I never failed to see how she kept flashing glances at me through the mirror screwed into the wall she faced. She was observing my sensual death.

I had a feeling she was going to take it further anytime I encouraged her. This was something I did not even know how I was going to begin doing but before I could muster a thought or two as to how, I found my hand stroking my dick through my boxers! I could not explain if this was consciously done but it felt terribly good!

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