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July 11, 2020
Unspoken Desires: My Best Friend’s Dad II

Unspoken Desires: My Best Friend’s Dad II

On one fateful day, a year later when I turned 16, Belema asked if I could accompany them to the company’s residential area. Uncle Taribo was going to use the gym and Belema was going to use the WiFi to download some movies in her new Mac laptop she’d gotten as a birthday present, they all had their plans for this place I just got to know about.

She told me to come with a swimsuit as we were all going to swim at the olympic sized pool later. It had been a long time I went to swim and I didn’t have a swimsuit so Belema offered to give me one of hers. I took permission from my Dad and all he told me was to make sure I didn’t drown in the pool.

After Belema had downloaded 15 movies and complained about how the WIFi wasn’t as fast as usual we both went to catch up with her Dad at the gym. I had looked forward to seeing him that morning and was elated that I’d be seeing him again but nothing prepared me for what I set my eyes upon.

Uncle Taribo was in a black singlet that hugged his well-built body, I had caught glances of his biceps and seen how his chest pushed out when he wore t-shirts but seeing him in that singlet made blood rush into my head. I suddenly felt something stir in my groins and a sensation between my legs. I squeezed my inner thighs together to stop whatever it was that was happening down there but it only pleased me more.

Uncle Taribo took long gulps from his Lucozade sport, threw his towel over a shoulder and grabbed his backpack.

“I hope you downloaded some educational videos and not just movies, young lady.” her dad called her that a lot and she liked it,

“Dad… of course I did” Belema said and threw a knowing glance at me. “Wow, your biceps have gotten so much bigger, Dad. How are you going to fit into your office shirts?” Belema asked while she caressed her father’s arm.

Her father laughed deeply. “They won’t be this huge by Monday morning, dear. Maybe I should go take some steroids to keep them this way for ever.”

“Really Dad? We both watched that documentary of what steroids can do to body builders. Do you really want that?” Belema asked with a look of mischief.

“Hahahaha. Come here you little brat.” He said and playfully chased after her.

I just walked behind them both, watching how they spoke to each other like they were siblings or playmates. How can he be her father, I asked myself. I wondered what my dad would do to me if I even dared to speak while he was talking talk less of make fun of him and I felt a chill go down my spine. The last time my dad thrashed me for misbehaving was barely two months ago.

The thought of that kept my mouth in check at all times, yet here was Belema talking to her father like he was one of those boys in our SS3 class. It only made me more fond of him and how happy I felt when around him. I could even feel a pang of jealousy that he was giving his own daughter all the attention when I was just a few steps away.

“Fubara” his voice suddenly said and I could feel my heart skip a beat

“You’ve been so quiet today. Is something wrong?”

Before I could find the composure or even the words to reply him Belema said “Dad don’t mind her she’s just pretending to be shy. You’ll see her real Kalabari nature when she jumps into the pool and turns into a mamiwater.” We all chuckled at Belema’s joke but she was right.

Putting on the swimsuit was a task for me as it was tighter than I’d expected it to be.

“When did you get so fat? See your fat bum-bum. Even your boobs have gotten bigger. Na wa oo.” Belema said as she dragged the suit as low as it could until it covered my buttocks.

“How won’t I get fat when it’s either only eba or moi-moi I eat in my father’s house?” we laughed and I helped her pack up her hair into a swimming cap while she tried to make her small boobs as pronounced as possible in her flowered bikini.

We stepped to the pool to find that Uncle Taribo had already jumped in and was doing a lap. The only other occupant of the pool was a middle-aged white man who must be one of the company’s expatriates. He sipped a reddish drink from a glass with a small umbrella sticking out of it. Belema later told me it was a Chapman cocktail. I didn’t like the way he kept looking at us and me especially as we walked to take a shower before taking a swim. I made sure to not return his lewd glances. He wasn’t going to ruin a wonderful afternoon for me.

Just as we got to the deep end of the pool Uncle Taribo was climbing up from the pool steps with water dripping from his body. At that moment it felt like I was witnessing a god come out of the pool. His perfect physique, his toned abs, his biceps, his chest, those tout nipples and then that bulge between his muscled thighs. Uncle Taribo, innocently toweling his body, had no idea what he was doing to me. Belema had to call my name before I realized where I was and joined her in the shower area.

While in the pool, I swam so well. I was by far better than Belema who could only stick to the shallow end with a lifesaver around her waist. I did my best to impress Uncle Taribo and could hear him teasing his daughter about how much of a coward she was for being afraid of even the midpoint of the pool.

“How can I learn when you’re just sitting there and laughing at me when you should be teaching me?” Belema asked.

With that her Dad dived into the pool once more. Uncle Taribo being in the same pool with me just drove my heart into overdrive. All I could think about was how to be as close to him as possible. I swam to where they were and joined in on trying to teach Belema the basics. I stood next to him in the water and brushed my arm against his occasionally. He told a joke and then I laughed and slipped and almost fell but for his strong arms which caught me and held me from falling. That moment was one that I wanted to last forever. But I quickly found my feet and moved away from him so that my behaviour wouldn’t appear suspicious.

Another memorable moment in the pool was when I saw Uncle Taribo swimming towards me from the other end. I deliberately swam towards his path so that we bumped into each other. I feigned a shout and he quickly held me in his arms and apologized and asked if I was okay. I cleaned the water from my face and watched it drip onto my boobs which was just a few inches away from his muscled chests. Something in me told me to lean in and kiss him but I came to my senses when I heard Belema’s voice.

“So the both of you can swim better than me but keep bumping into each other. Who needs swimming goggles?” she asked and swung hers towards us. I laughed, and Taribo smiled. A moment later we left the pool and went back home.

We had lunch and proceeded to the sitting room to watch some movies on the new 64inch TV Uncle Taribo had recently purchased from the LG store. The people on it were so big that it felt like they were actually in the room with us. It was a romantic movie and Belema really didn’t like romantic movies.

Soon she was already dozing off on her Dad’s laps while I stayed awake to try and watch the movie to the end, then a sex scene quickly materialized on our screen. I quickly removed my eyes from the screen and stared at my fidgeting fingers. Uncle Taribo noticed my uneasiness and I could sense the smile on his face and the humour in his voice when he excused himself and carried the sleeping Belema into her bedroom.

When he was gone I peeped at the screen again to see the girl’s face as she moaned and shut her eyes while the guy moved slowly on top of her. My nipples suddenly hardened in my bra and I felt that sensation between my thighs again. I heard Uncle Taribo coming back until he stopped behind the couch I was sitting in. The sex scene had gotten to its climax and the girl screamed. I felt goose pimples all over my body at that point and at the same time I could feel my temperature rise as my heart beat faster. Suddenly Uncle Taribo placed his hand on my shoulder and I could feel my soul jump out of my body.

“Hey… Relax Fubara.” His voice suddenly became deeper than usual.

I sat as still as I could and watched as he came around and sat on the other couch beside me.

“I could see how uneasy you were when you watched that and I know that you think you probably aren’t old enough to be watching it, and you’d be right if you did. I want to apologize for making you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. I’m going to go into my room now and let you watch whatever you want, okay?” He spoke to me like I was his own. Right there and then… I knew it was the moment I had been waiting for.

I stood up and reached for him. I sat on his lap and brought my lips to his, hesitating for just a moment before kissing him. He was startled at first, then his hand found my body and held me firmly while still kissing me. Suddenly he stood up from where he sat and held me away from him, apologizing for doing what he did. I tried to go towards him but he pushed me away and told me to stop. His voice was no longer deep and soft. It was stern and hard. His face had become strict and his mood suddenly changed. I stepped back and realized what I had done.

I had kissed my best friend’s father. What the hell was I doing?

I felt tears suddenly well up in my eyes and without even an apology or a good bye… I ran out of the house. I heard Uncle Taribo calling after me but I never turned back. I never went back to Belema’s house. And then our friendship suddenly became less and less of a friendship after we both got admission into the separate Universities and eventually lost touch of each other.

We do not always get what we want, do we?

Maybe or maybe not.

In my third year in University I went to a friend’s  father’s birthday party and standing by the bar, sipping a a glass of red wine was Uncle Taribo. He looked as young and as handsome as the last time I saw him. I walked up to him and said hello. I introduced myself and he couldn’t believe his eyes. After a short conversation he took me to his car and we drove off. After an hour of drinking and dancing at an expensive nightclub we went back to his place…and my dreams finally came true.

For your listening pleasure… The Recruit II by A.D.A

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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