May 22, 2022

Unspoken Desires : The Forbidden (18+)

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Unspoken Desires : The Forbidden (18+)

Helen was coming over and I was excited, very excited.

It had been a while since I’d seen her. She called with her sister’s phone and told me how hers got stolen. I felt sorry for her and told her I couldn’t wait to see her. She asked if anyone was home and I told her both Mum and Dad had left with my kid brother to the mall.

She told me she was coming over, I got excited and immediately I felt my dick get big in my jean trousers when I remembered the last time we spent with each other two months ago. It had been awesome and I had spent most nights thinking about her and wishing we would spend that kind of time together soon and here she was telling me that she was coming over.

Immediately I dropped the phone I darted to the bathroom to take a fresh shower and shave off the pubes that had begun to appear around my groin area and my armpits. I also masturbated to release the tension and to make sure I would last a bit longer than I usually did.

Helen never liked when I came too quick. I applied fresh body cream and went to my Dad’s room to wear his aftershave and cologne, smelling like some very exotic, wild flower afterwards. I proceeded to my room and made sure to arrange it properly and even sprayed a bit of my Dad’s cologne on the bed to make things as romantic as possible.

I was 19 but my mind just assumed that such things had an influence on a girl. In about half an hour there was a knock on the main gate. I quickly ran outside and stopped just before it to compose before letting her in.

She looked beautiful in a flowery pink length gown with a flayed hem. She had make-up on and her full lips glowed in the sun. I ushered her in and offered her a seat. I locked the door and shut the curtains. Just as I was about to ask her what she would like to drink she had already gotten up and grabbed my arm, half-running to the direction of my bedroom.

She led me in and locked the door after she shut it, immediately reaching for me and kissing me. I kissed her back, tasting her lipgloss in my mouth. Her tongue was slippery and warm and her skin was sweaty from walking in the sun but I licked her neck and like it had honey being released from her pores.

She quickly reached below her and dragged the blouse over her head, revealing her beautiful figure. She stood before me in matching white underwear and I knelt quickly and planted my nose in her crotch.

She had also shaved and applied a fragrance over there because it smelled like heaved. I dragged her panty down from her hips and threw it to the side, making her place one leg over my shoulder as I proceeded to suck on those lips between her legs.

She moaned and held my head closer to her crotch. I caressed her ass with my hand and brought a finger to play with her cooch while my tongue focused on her swollen clit. Her legs began to shake in no time and I guided her to the bed and laid her down.

I quickly got rid of my clothes and joined her, climbing over her as I kissed her all over again, making her moan and squirm beneath me. Her body had become warmer and the room had gotten hotter because the windows were closed and the curtains were shut.

I kissed her lip, parking them with my tongue and accepting hers into my mouth as she held my body close to her. her boobs crushed hard against my torso and I felt her hard nipples on my bare flesh. My dick had become enraged and I couldn’t wait anymore, but she was the one who always told me when to go in.

“Can I?” I asked her. She reached below and felt herself with a finger, then she opened her eyes just slightly and nodded at me, her lips parted in desire. I guided my throbbing penis into her and she gasped. Her cooch was so wet and I felt everything as her wet walls accepted my hot rod.

She immediately began to twirl her hips beneath me, fucking me with such an enthusiasm that all I could do was stay still and let her have her way. She used her hands to grab my butt and urged me in, letting me know that she needed me to thrust into her.

I began my thrusting, slowly at first before picking up the pace and going into her as hard and deep as I could. Her moans got wilder and her hips moved faster and in seconds she turned me over and made me lie on my back as she lay on top of me and fucked me from that position. It was such a wonderful experience that words alone couldn’t explain. Helen was fucking me for the fourth time but each time always felt like a whole new experience with her.

She sat up and moved her waist even faster than before, grabbing my hands and placing them on her boobs, urging me to squeeze her nipples. I squeezed and played with them, even reaching for them with my mouth and sucking them, tasting their hardness with my tongue. She pushed me back down and continued to ride me, increasing her pace.

Suddenly my whole body began to feel the sensation of my climax and I grabbed her butt and raised it in the air, fucking her from beneath and making her yell. She came right after I did and our cum mixed together inside of her before leaking out onto my groin.

We lay there for seconds, catching our breath and she kissed me once more. She told me she wanted to go another round but she feared that there was no time. I was about to tell her that my parents wouldn’t be back for an hour when my phone rang. It was my mother. She told asked me if I was at home and told me that they would soon be back so I should be at home.

We jumped out of the bed like animals that had been threatened and quickly went to the bathroom. While in there, we showered together and our bodies rubbing against each other gave me another hard-on. I wondered if I could rush a quick one before my parents got back but decided to not risk it. Helen didn’t help matters when she stroked my cock twice just before she left the bathroom.

When my parents returned, we were in the sitting room, seated as far apart as each other as possible, watching the new terminator movie on the TV. My Dad walked in first and exchanged greetings with I and Helen just as he walked towards his room, then my Mum did same before taking a seat next to me, asking Helen about her Mum. Gabriel my kid bro, 13 years of age, was with another boy of his age.

“Welcome to my house, Caleb. The guy sitting over there with a confused look on his face is Maxwell. And that, is Helen, my favourite cousin.”

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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