May 21, 2022

Unspoken Desires : His Dark Secret II

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Unspoken Desires : His Dark Secret II

I felt my world spin around me as I expected the worst…

What possibly could Fred tell me that he waited to until after he’d proposed to me and I accepted his proposal? I withdrew from him and took two steps backwards.

“What is it you have to tell me Fred?” I asked with a bit of fear in my voice. I wondered what it was that it could be. Different thoughts ran through my head in that short time. Was he impotent? Did he have an STD? Was he a two-minute man? Was his dick too small or too big? Was he a bloody Virgin?

He finally spoke. “Ella, I used to love men more than I did women. And even now, some part of me still does. But ever since I met you, I’ve been trying to change that. I cut off relations with all the other guys in my life who wanted to be intimate with me. I haven’t had sex in eight months, except when I rub one off to ease the stress sometimes. I’m trying to change, trying to learn to love you and adore you as a woman.

I have never had sex with a woman before and I have no idea exactly how to do it. I’ve been watching porn videos and I’ve even been tempted to try it out with another girl before it happened with you but I love you so much that I wouldn’t want to hurt you. I just feel I had to let you know this before we went on any further. We’re not married yet. Nobody knows of the engagement. You still have time to call it all off if you want to. It would break my heart but I’d totally understand. “

My world stopped spinning. I stood still for seconds without speaking. I had so many questions to ask him right there in my head. Why hadn’t he told me all of this before now? What if I hadn’t tried to initiate sex this evening? Would he have still told me? How long would he have kept this to himself? He used to be gay? He had numerous partners? Oh my God. I’d heard how diseases were spread quite quickly through sex between homosexual men. I had no idea what to do, was Fred infected as well? I loved him so much and it seemed he was being sincere. I still couldn’t say anything.

“Say something Ella”

“Why now? What happened to us not keeping any secrets from each other? I told you everything about me and hid nothing? Why? “

” I’m so sorry” he said and walked slowly towards me. He placed a hand on my shoulder and said “I love you, Ella. I’d never do anything to hurt you. I was going to tell you but first I needed to know if you would marry me just so I could trust you with everything about my personal life. That seems like a stupid thing to do now.”

So, he felt I wasn’t going to marry him if he’d told me the truth? He was probably right. Was he trying to trap me? Was he ever going to tell me until after we’d gotten married when it would’ve been too late? Could I really trust such a person? Was Fred really that devious? Oh my God. What was happening? Why was this happening to me? When I thought all was well with my life. Why? Why me? I could feel the tears begin to form in my ears when I  heard Fred say…

“Actually… You just got punk’d”

My face still wore a very massive HUH??? when Fred lifted me off my feet in an instant and with lighting speed carried me into his bedroom, made my panties disappear before my very eyes and proceeded to give me the best head OF ALL FUCKING TIME.

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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