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Unspoken Desires : Michael’s Dilemma II (18+)

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Unspoken Desires : Michael’s Dilemma II (18+)

(The real identities of the authors have been changed to protect the writer but the stories are real)

Georgina was only 15 years old but from the way she sucked on my dick while I lay on the bed suggested that she had started doing things that a 15 year old shouldn’t be doing. Her parents had spoilt and pampered her ever since she was little and given her freedom to do almost anything she wanted.

That included allowing her friends and her go to late night parties and different kind of clubs where different kind of things happened ( You get the gist?!) . She must have picked this particular expertise along the way because the way my dick had felt in her mouth was only possible from someone who had sucked an ample amount of dicks before.

Georgina was my cousin, and I should have stopped her from doing what she was doing because we were related and in the back of my head I knew what we were doing was wrong but the darker side of me that had been exposed to sex at a very early age took control of my body.

What I could do was moan as she sucked me and I began to feel myself cum so quickly because it felt so good but our current act was cut short when we heard footsteps coming down the steps in the hallway. Gina jumped from me like my dick had suddenly become an exposed electric wire and ran into the bathroom to lock herself in.

I hurriedly tucked in my erect dick and lay face down on the bed, pretending to be asleep. There was a single knock on my unlocked door before my mom came inside and asked if I’d seen Gina. I told her that I hadn’t seen Gina and if she wasn’t in her room then she probably went out.

My mom told me to tell Gina to prepare rice and stew when she got back as she and my Dad were on their way out to a wedding. I said okay. My mom closed the door and left. Gina was about to open the bathroom door when my mother came inside again and told me to make sure I go to pay for the DSTV subscription before they returned.

I nodded my head as I couldn’t even utter a word out of fear.

She closed the door again and left. I made sure I heard her footsteps leave the building and the car leave the compound before I stood up from my bed and walked to the bathroom. Gina was sitting on the closed toilet seat, her head in hand, with the towel still wrapped around her. I fed my eyes on her lovely thighs which looked ever more appealing everytime I set my eyes on them. I just wanted to lick her up right there.

I told her that my parents had left and she said ‘okay’, head still buried in her hands. We were both quiet for some seconds before she finally spoke. She told me she was sorry for coming into my room like that and almost putting me in trouble.

I didn’t say anything. I was older than the girl but she acted way older than she was. I didn’t know what to say, did her saying sorry meant she didn’t want us to continue what we were doing before my mother interrupted? That moment felt very awkward. She sitting there in a towel with nothing beneath, I  stood in front of her looking at her with my erection struggling within my shorts.

I had never been in such a situation before.

Did she want me to take the initiative and fuck her right there in the bathroom? Suddenly I remembered a scene in a porn movie I’d watched recently where a guy had crept up on a lady having a shower in the bathroom and buried his face between her massive buttocks. Thinking of that scene hardened my dick even harder and only make Gina look even more appealing to me. Fuck the fact that we were cousins, I had to bury my dick inside her pussy.

Finally… I knelt in front of her and used my fingers to caress her legs, from her toes to her calf then her thighs. I rubbed her thighs gently before using my right hand to invade her crotch. All this while, she hadn’t said anything, until my fingers found her pussy.

She moaned deeply, then she held my face in her hands, eyes barely open, and kissed me. I used my fingers for a little more before I proceeded to do something I’d never done before. Since It was going to be my first day, I decided to try everything I’d learned from watching those xxx videos.

I parted her thighs apart while she sat on the toilet seat and used my tongue on her, doing exactly as I remembered that it had been done. She called me by my nickname in her sexy voice and I felt that she liked what I was doing even though I really had no idea what I was doing.

She exclaimed in pain when I bit her pussy lips and told me to stop. I apologized and asked if I had hurt her. She smiled and shook her head. She asked me where I learned to do what I just did, then I asked her in return where she had learned how to give a blowjob. She giggled but didn’t answer me.

Suddenly she got up from the seat, put her towel back on and told me she had to go get dressed and start making the food before my parents returned. I looked at her with my mouth open. She was going to just make me so hard and leave without me fucking her?

I had gotten rid of my shirts and shorts and wore only my boxers, prepared for ‘action’ and she wanted to leave?  Right there and then I pleaded with her. I was so desperate that I begged for sex. Just one round. Just the tip. I even promised to give her some of the money I’d taken from my father’s cabinet. She laughed and excused herself from my bathroom.

Looking at her leave when I’d gotten to within touching distance and had actually touched ‘the promised land’ was too much for swallow. I got up and grabbed her from behind. She struggled and said no to me, trying to get free, I pleaded with her as I squeezed her boobs from behind, my dick rubbing against ass. She gave in, I’m not sure if its because of the pleadings or because of my dick rubbing against her soft ass, she arched her back more towards me, grabbing my dick and inserting it behind her.

She did it so expertly that it worried me, for how long had 15 year old Georgina been having sex? I asked myself. The answer to that question would be figured out later as my dick found its way into Gina from behind. She was my cousin, yes.

What we were doing  was wrong, yes… but by the gods, it felt so damn sweet. Her pussy was so tight around my dick that I could already feel all the sensations of an orgasm while she used both hands to rest on the wall and back up into me, I grabbed a boob with one hand and her waist with the other. I fucked her from behind just like I had watched in the videos but not as fast as those crazy actors.

I went in slow because her pum was so tight and I was trying to enjoy it as long as I could but Gina wasn’t that patient. She backed up into me faster than I was fucking her and the view from behind was something I’d wanted up close and personal for a very long time. The faster she went, the closer I came to exploding.

Just at the last moment, I grabbed her ass with both hands and fucked her as fast as I could. Gina howled like a dog  with every thrust from me. I couldn’t stop myself anymore, I slammed into her as hard and fast as I could, my heart beating so fast in my chest and my ears ringing with a loud sound as my orgasm took over me. my cum shot deep into her pussy and suddenly Gina pushed me away and screamed.


I just stood there, holding my dick in my hand and looking at her, all sweaty with her boobs jiggling softly. I had no idea why I had cummed inside her. I wasn’t even thinking straight at that very moment as it seemed my world was spinning around me. I somehow staggered towards my bed and fell in it. dragging in oxygen through my nostrils like it was becoming scarce in the air.

“If you wanted to cum inside me you should have used a condom naa abi you want me to get pregnant?”

I didn’t say anything. Gina picked up her towel and stormed out of the room. I didn’t care if she was pissed or not. I just had the very first sense-making sex of my entire life. Nothing else mattered to me at that moment, moments later pregnancy thoughts followed in leaps and bounds.


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