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Unspoken Desires : His Dark Secret III (18+)

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Unspoken Desires : His Dark Secret III (18+)

I had gotten head before from my ex boyfriends back when I was still exploring and knowing more about men.

I’d had good head and I’d had one or two which were nothing to remember. I’d even been scared that Fred wasn’t the kind of guy who would go down on a woman because of how he had never revealed himself to me in such a way, but on that night, my world changed. I had my face buried into the soft pillows whimpering and crying and moaning and begging for more while he had his face buried between my asscheeks and using his tongue and lips to devour me.

He was so damn good at it that I wondered who all the other girls were who he had practiced on before to become this good. Fred slurped and licked at me for minutes that I was wondering when he was going to stop even if I didn’t want him to. The pleasure became so immense that I came, my juices pouring out of me.

At this point most guys feel they have made the girl wet enough so it’s time for the main event. But Fred didn’t stop, he licked me all up. I just couldn’t take it. my whole body was shivering vigorously and my clit which had gotten so sensitive as I came was still being licked on. I screamed and jumped away from him. I looked at him with new amazement as he looked up at me worryingly.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked, concerned.

“No you didn’t… but that was too much for me.”

He smiled. “Too much? I hadn’t even gotten started yet.”

“Ah, Fred. You’re joking right?” I asked, now genuinely frightened.

“Weren’t you enjoying it?” he asked with that mischievous smile still on his face.

“I was but you can’t spend the whole night doing that.” I couldn’t believe we were having this conversation when he should be thrusting hard into me. I slowly crawled towards him and ran my hand from his chest to his crotch, gabbing his erection that was trying to break free from his trousers.

“You can’t be letting me have all the fun.” I said as I stroked his hard dick. I leaned in to kiss him and smelled myself on his lips. I placed tentative kisses on his lips, his cheeks and began to trace my tongue down his body till I got to his crotch. I’d already unzipped his trousers and released his dick from where it had stayed hidden. It was the first time I was seeing it and my awe was plastered all over my face.

“This is awkward.” He said. I looked up at him, confused. He continued “I’ve never felt comfortable when someone else sees me like this.”

Fred’s dick was huge.

I’d seen few but his was… more.

In length and girth. My heart fluttered at the thought of it inside me, I moaned in excitement and anticipation as I stroked it a little and took him inside my mouth. I used my tongue how best I could to stroke the knob of his dick as he shut his eyes closed and relaxed his body on the bed. I disengaged to completely get rid of his clothing before going down again and sucking hard on his wondrous member.

Fred may have had his dick sucked before but it seemed like he was enjoying such a pleasure for the first time the way he moaned out loud and moved his waist beneath me. I wasn’t such an expert at sucking dicks so I didn’t use as much time as he did on me. I could still feel the sensations of his tongue and mouth on me as I climbed on top him and kissed him fully while still stroking him. While he lay there, looking into my eyes, I slowly guided the tip of his dick to the lips between my legs. Just before I let it all in I gave him one last look. This one act was going to seal the bond we had with each other forever. He was going to be mine, and I, his.

He stroked my cheek and just as if he knew what I was thinking, he said… “I love you, Emmanuella. And nothing will ever change that.”

That was all I needed to go further. His massive dick slowly went into me and stretched my walls in a way it hadn’t been stretched before. I gasp in pleasure-pain as he tore deep into enclosed areas that had never been reached before, his movement as slow as he could to ease my uneasiness. When I felt all of him inside me and knew that my purse could handle it, I sat up then and proceeded to ride him slowly. His hands found my boobs and he squeezed.

I held his hand and make it stay on my nipple, increasing the tempo as I rode him. Fred moaned deeply. I moaned with him. I continued to ride until my juices freely began to ooze out of me once more. Fred sat up and held my hips with both hands as I rode him with renewed speed and vigour. His dick was reaching places I never knew existed within me and it was driving me insane with pleasure. He moaned loudly as he began to feel his climax approaching.

Mine was coming too and I knew it would be wonderful if we both came together. And just as I made to push him back to the bed and fuck him crazy, Fred did the unimaginable…

I just felt myself getting lifted in the air and slammed face down into the bed then I felt his hand pushing my face down while his legs roughly parted my thighs and his massive dick ram straight into me from behind. I screamed. But my scream did nothing to stop him from thrusting into me like a sex-starved maniac.

His thrusts weren’t gentle and calm just like the man who’d I knew he was. No, the person ramming into me right now was in no way the introvert who was shy and spoke so little in public. His grunts were so violent and sounded inhuman. My head was still pushed down into the bed and I had used up all the air in my lungs. I was beginning to think I would suffocate when I felt his thrusts increase and his dick push into me quicker than my frightened heart could beat.

His seed shot deep into me and I felt my pussy quiver. At the last minute he let out a loud cry which sounded more like him before letting go of my head and resting his face just beside mine with his body still on top and his dick still inside.

His first words were… “I’m sorry.”

I had no idea what to say. I was shocked, but I didn’t feel like I’d been violated. So this was the other side of Fred.

Utter gentleman in the streets and a maniac when having sex. I told him that it was okay. I loved him so much. If this was how he enjoyed sex then I’d be his bitch… and let him use me any way he wanted to. That night we made love twice more and I enjoyed it as best as I could. And one year after that… I couldn’t have asked for a better husband.

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