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Unspoken Desires : Michael’s Dilemma (18+)

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Unspoken Desires : Michael’s Dilemma (18+)

(The real identities of the authors have been changed to protect the writer but the stories are real)

I grew up with a darkness that has hung over my head since my childhood, especially when I was an 8 year old and our housemaid had introduced me to the act of sex. I remember the first day, my parents had travelled and she was alone with me in just her wrapper. She called me to her room and told me to lay on the bed. I did, and as she talked to me, she played with my little weenie.

She let the cloth fall to her waist and asked me to suck on her nipple. I did, with gusto. She held my head there and touched herself.

She moaned as I sucked, I felt inspired to do more. I had a vague idea of what I was doing but I had no idea why it should be making her close her eyes and make such funny sounds. Later that night, she came into my room to tuck me in, and told me not to tell my parents what had happened that day then she kissed me and left.

I lay there and enjoyed the thoughts of her boobs and her rubbing my tiny dick, the excitement gave me a good night sleep.

My secret relationship with Oluchi, the housemaid continued for two more years. She taught me everything that I knew then about sex. How to use my fingers and play with her clitoris and insert them into her vagina when she was about to cum.

It got to a point that I anticipated her midnight ventures into my room while my parents slept. Our ‘sexcapades’ went on for a little longer before Oluchi betrayed me.

She found a guy who took her away from our home and my parents seeing that I was old enough to fend for myself decided to take me to boarding school. Well
 that didn’t last because I was a nuisance in boarding school. I kept ogling at the girls in my class and imagining myself touching them and playing with them in different places. There was one particular girl in class, Adaugo. She was very pretty, and with a backside too big for someone who was just 12 years old. I became friendly with her and helped her do her assignments and solve difficult arithmetic problems.

She kind of liked me too, or so I thought as she became a bit free around me just as she would around her female friends. Until one day when I used my hand to squeeze her big butt and she cautioned me sternly not to do that again.

She promptly stayed away from me after that. It got to a point that I missed Oluchi’s midnight visits so much that I touched myself and imagined it was her touching me but that never got me off.

A woman’s touch was everything, I got expelled from my school the next week after I’d held Adaugo down and forced my finger into her pussy. My parents took me to their church and had the pastor perform a deliverance prayer on me. I ogled at Mr’s Bamidele’s boobs while she prayed and wondered what her nipples would look and taste like.

I promised my parents that I had changed and would never do such a thing again and they decided to enroll me into a school not far from home just so they could keep their eyes on me. I thought the boarding school I just got expelled from had so many pretty girls but when I came to my new school, I knew better. They were not just pretty, but very dirty-minded.

They talked about sex openly and talked about things they would love to try during sex. And my parents had brought me here because the name of the school was Church owned secondary school with their motto being “Bringing up children in the way of the Lord”.

It dawned on me that I really couldn’t escape this lewd life
 and had to find a way to stop myself from doing the deed that had gotten me expelled from my previous school and ‘help’ came in form of my seatmate, Elizabeth, who had asked me if I’d ever watched porn. I told her that I’d never watched porn and asked if she had. Her answer was to go inside her bag and give me a CD. The compact disc had no writings or anything on it to indicate its contents. She told me to bring it back to school on Monday.

That weekend, I watched porn for the first time and I felt my body yearn so badly for sex once more. My dick grew so big, even bigger than I’d ever seen it and I felt small droplets escape from its tip. I looked at the TV and saw how the strongly built black guy applied oil to his hand and used it to stroke his dick before putting it inside the slim, white woman with the pink pussy and I wished I was him.

The nearest thing to oil my hand could get to was a small bottle of body cream on the table. I took a swab of it and applied on my dick then I rewound the porn movie back to where the guy was jerking off and did the same thing. Within seconds I found balls constricting and my waist jerking and right then
 I had the best feeling in the world.

My cum spat out of my dick and onto the screen of my mini-cd player and I just kept jerking my hips until the wonderful feeling passed. I lay there, thinking to myself, that if I could feel this way by using my own hands. How would it feel inside of a girl?

My first sex was not planned, it just
 sorta happened and it happened with my cousin.

I was 17 years old and they had come to spend the long holidays. She was 15 but looked way older and she was so pretty. Her boobs so full, her ass so fat and soft the few times I slapped it playfully.

She always dressed in bumshorts around the house and I always found myself staring at her. Her skin looked so spotless. Her thighs were fat and I had to stop myself from touching and caressing it whenever she sat so close to me. We were cousins, her father was my mother’s brother.

Any sexual act between us was considered an abomination in the land, I had no idea what went through her head.
One day, I was in my room playing football on the PS2 when she came inside without knocking, a towel wrapped around her body which barely went below her crotch and she asked me to give her a bar of bathing soap because hers was finished.

I paused the game, and looked at her.

My eyes were fixed on her thighs for seconds before she called my name and asked if I had any soap. I stammered and said that I had, but I couldn’t get up from where I sat because I already had a boner that I was trying to hide. I told her to go check in the bathroom. She asked if I would mind if she bathed in my bathroom. I shook my head and continued playing my football game.

But of course, I couldn’t concentrate. The sound of water cascading down her soft skin and the thought her boobs, her ass, her thighs, all so wet in my bathroom wouldn’t let me concentrate. I stopped myself several times from going to peep on her through the peephole but I kept losing to the Computer so I just decided to stop then the water finally stopped pouring and I heard the door open. I kept my eyes fixed on the screen as she came out and made sure not to look at her.

Until I felt a presence behind me in a low, soft voice

“Ah, Michael
 why is the computer winning you by 5-0?”
Right there, and then
 I stood up, grabbed her towards me and kissed her lips while my hand grabbed her soft ass from below

To be continued

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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