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Therapy for Mrs. Alison V (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

I had imagined it more than 400 times already.

I had fantasized about it and painted numerous pictures of what would have been an unforgettable outcome, I was desperate to go back. I was already wishing that the next day could come as quickly. The thoughts of Mrs. Alison’s sumptuous ass. Her voluptuous boobies and her perpetually wet pussy, they all couldn’t leave my mind anymore. I wasn’t giving a flying fuck what a Doctor was meant to be doing with a patient. Mrs. Alison wasn’t a patient anymore. After all, her Lipoma was gone, and my contracted visits were already covered. So I wasn’t exactly visiting her the next day in the capacity of a Doctor. I was visiting her in the capacity of…maybe…a fucker!

I had been seduced by Mrs. Alison’s body, and I was extremely enjoying the outcome!


I barely waited for work to be over before flying down to Mrs. Alison’s place the following Thursday. In fact I left 30minutes earlier than usual and it was equally aimed at assisting us both in avoiding a clash with Kenneth’s return from work. Kenneth wasn’t going to be home until at least 6:30pm. That was going to give us a little over an hour to ourselves. I was all happy as I drove in my car, occasionally looking myself in the front mirror above my windscreen.

My dick would come up occasionally at every thought of what I was likely going to face. The dick was in slight pain yesterday night just before I went to bed. I had wanked the tool several times that night at each fantasy of what would have been if Kenneth didn’t return that very moment he did earlier that day. After wanking so hard, I would blow my load on my study table, bed sheet, dining table or toilet floor, depending on where it was I was jerking off.

By the time I was about going to bed, the dickhead was already red and sore and I had to sleep without any cloths to avoid further discomfort. It was fully recovered now though, and I couldn’t wait to slot it into Alison’s fanny.


A familiar feeling got hold of me when I got into their compound. Just like the previous day, the main gate and door were not locked so I drove in without requesting for a hand. Nobody was at the living room as well so I dropped my suitcase on a sofa and began heading to the Master bedroom.

Given the experiences of the previous day, I thought I knew exactly what to expect and rightly so, I met Mrs. Alison lying on the bed. The duvet was different from that of the previous day but it still was worn all the way to her neck. The bedspread was different too and the tube was now lying beside her on the bed.

Her eyes were open when I stepped in but after staring at me for a little more than 2 or 3 seconds, she closed them. She didn’t say a word not even a greeting. I was suddenly worried. What had gone wrong? Wasn’t she happy that I had come? Why hasn’t she even bothered to say hello? Did Kenneth try speaking her out of meeting me?

But he wasn’t even aware I was coming? I didn’t know what exactly to think. I was completely dumbstruck while I kept looking at her in absolute confusion. The excitement and enthusiasm was instantly killed and buried, I began doing a lot to hold back a surge of regrets that were already flooding my mind. I was almost about to turn and leave when she suddenly adjusted on her bed, getting her left thigh to part the folds of the duvet and come into view.

This brought the inside of her seductively curved thigh to my sight. My eyes clung there for a while and I began feeling the stir on my dick all of a sudden. I still made occasional glances at her face as she lay with her eyes shut, just to judge her exact countenance and after several permutations in my head, decided to risk it eventually. I had come very far and just couldn’t go back at that point. Moreover, she was yet to expressly say no to my presence.

Since there was the ointment over on her bed, and this visit was meant to be some kind of an ‘extension of the therapy’, I thought I found a good place to begin. So I walked to her bed, to pick up the tube.


She remained calm even as I picked up the tube and poured a little oil into my palm. Her eye lids were voraciously stirring while still shut. It certainly was telling a doctor like myself that she was either awake or in the second phase of a nap. Given that she had only just closed her eyes barely 5 minutes before, I was certain they were moving because she was awake.

And as though to confirm my theory, she briefly opened her eyes just after I had put some oil in my hand and returned the tube on the bed. Still without saying anything, she shut them again but then, quickly turned onto a side of her belly. I perceived the likelihood of what was playing out that instant.

She seemed to want the exact same thing we had done yesterday. So without any further hesitation, I yanked the duvet out of the way and presented myself a starkly nude Mrs. Alison. She had no single shred of cloth on and her fat thick ass stood out as though they were leading some kind of battle line!!

“Oh my gawd!” I heard myself mutter inaudibly.

I was instantly mesmerized and my dick was already on the ascendency hitting the bed post in the course! I brought my oily hands to her back but just then, she swung an arm across her back, and grabbed my right wrist. And before I could figure out what she was up to, she shoved my right hand down to her right buttock. Then left it there. She wanted me to rub the oil into the skin of her ass…Or should I say, treat her ass of Lipoma!


I obliged and brought the other hand down to her ass too. Then in gentle swirls, began to rub and massage her balloons. She didn’t seem to like the tempo because she extended her arm again and began aggressively advocating for a faster approach. I subsequently went as she demanded, increasing the tempo and intensity.

She became instantly responsive too for she began gyrating her massive ass as I grabbed and clawed onto them. It was an extremely erotic thing to behold. She made sure my hands were touching every part of her wide ass and she never stopped making them dance to my touch. When my eyes found her face, I was so pleased with the way it was contoured from raw passion and ecstasy.

It was surprising that I was yet to even insert any finger into her. I was equally noticing her juices were already crowding her outer lips, collecting in an attractive mini-pool in a ‘cup’ formed by the underside of her swollen clit. When my thumb found the clit, she jumped on the instant, clamping her thighs into my wrist! The rubbery clit was unquestionably hypersensitive.

It was a more amazing situation when I began to gently rub the pulsating knob! She began to rise onto her limbs. She got on her knees while still hunching on the bed, I moved to her rear and began to flab and smack the standing ass cheeks! She responded by bouncing them around so violently that her asshole and fat pussy occasionally came into view even without literally spreading her ass myself.

I was melting!

When I did insert a finger, she moaned loudly, drawing a long hiss like some reptile and dropping her head back onto the bed with her pleasured ass and pussy still in the air. At this point, I was pulled into her the more and in an unconsidered move, rose myself to the bed and knelt directly behind her. My next action was anyone’s guess, as I easily got my mouth in position and in one shift, brought the cold thing on her warm pussy.

She jolted again but brought an arm around my head, pulling me further in. She seemed to be surprised though as she probably never thought a doctor like myself could suck a pussy. Well, here I was doing that and not wanting any single sweet nectar of her to drop off without my sucking them up. I was in for some filthy fun!


I sucked her pussy until her knees and legs began to wobble, after giving in to two strong orgasms she began to find it difficult to remain kneeling and was soon pulling me further into her ass as she opted to lie on her belly! Just then a better idea occurred to me, and instantly I pulled away from her pussy. I flipped her to her back and with little explanation straddled her in an obvious attempt to achieve a 69.

She quite easily understood and went straight for my concealed dick! She unzipped my trouser and after plunging her little hand deep down into my fly to locate the head of the engorged instrument, she pulled the boner out! Just like yesterday, it equally had pre-cum around the head and she entertained herself to sucking it off before eventually burying the veined phallus into her mouth, gagging in the course. I on the other side had found delight and merriment in the sucking and eating of her snatch.

I kept tickling her clit while fucking her with my tongue! She wouldn’t just stop pouring her juice as she kept pushing her honeywell further into my mouth. She was equally bouncing her big fat ass while riding my mouth and face with her soaking pussy, It was just incredibly hot.


After several minutes of giving my dick an outstanding blowjob, she began making successful efforts at deepthroating the massive steel. She would hold it at its base as well as my balls and then begin to push the meat deep into her throat; choking and gagging in the process.

The sensation was inexplicable for me and on several occasions, I had to pull out from her pussy to groan at the electrifying spectacle I was having to deal with. After every attempt, she would go on to pull out the cock from her mouth amid several drips and ropes of saliva.

It was just staggering!

At this point my dick was just a whisker away from blowing it’s seed and she knew it. Because when I wanted to get her to stand so that I can get to fuck her, she refused and made to return the dick into her mouth again. She wanted me to cum in her mouth and I didn’t disappoint her.

I held her head and began to fuck her yearning throat, she was practically wailing as I did and the tickle from the sound eventually increased the pleasant sensation. After many thrusts into her head, I blew my load.

The first shot going deep down into her throat. It choked her and she instantly pulled away to get some air, but there wasn’t going to be any respite for her because the second shot instantly followed, landing across her upper lip and nose. She made to clean it off when the third went for her left eye and cheek.

She instantly covered my dick with her mouth, collecting the remaining cum and sucking the dick dry! I collapsed where I lay.

Dan blogs at quite-lewd.blogspot.com.ng

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