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June 5, 2020
Therapy for Mrs. Alison IV

Therapy for Mrs. Alison IV

Written by Dan Chucks

After waiting for a while, using the time to squeeze out more oil, I returned to her body. I initially wanted to bring my oiled-up palms to her lower back like before, but I stopped half-way. As though someone else was in control of my mind, I let my hands descend on her ass globes instead.

To this, she swayed her ass gently, as though to encourage me to go on. This wiped off any remaining form of self-control on my part and I soon gently began rubbing the oil into her succulent cheeks, taking the time to squeeze, grab and claw into the magnificently shaped pears. The panty still remained where it were and we had to leave there; at least to retain any resemblance of ‘medical professionalism’.

Getting her completely naked was going to make the whole thing appear like some erotic massage. While I accepted it was almost looking like one, there was still a seeming non-verbal agreement between the two of us to still remain professional as we continued with this now peculiarly sinful therapy. My dick was more than on fire and it terribly ached me!


After several rubs and massages, I took hold of one the ass cheeks and pulled it to the side. This revealed her puckered asshole which was an uncommon beauty to behold! Unsurprisingly, I let a finger get into the crack without hesitation and then in slow motions, rubbed her chestnut to a pulp! The rough ridges of the tight hole made my dick want to burst into shreds! And unlike what I had thought about her all along, she wasn’t objecting to any of these as much as she had initiated them. Had she always wanted this? I was going to be pressed hard not to think so

“Get further down Dan. We can’t let the Lipoma show up again! Move your hands down there…baby” I could barely hear her as she was more of moaning than speaking! But I definitely could tell that I wasn’t Doctor Daniel anymore but her lover. In fact, her fucker!

I was stunned by her sheer theatrics though! How she was she still referring to this as the same therapy we’ve been doing, amazes me? It was funny how she was still talking of Lipoma when my fingers were only an inch or so away from her sublime cunt. I collected more oil however, and without hesitation slid my hand into the panty and went straight for her pussy. As expected, she was dripping wet! And as though she was waiting for this, she instantly parted her legs a bit more, while raising her ass further into the air! My thumb found her hole and in a single move slid into her gooey snatch.

She shuddered and winched her body off the bed, crossing her legs to clamp into my thumb. She then hissed and began calling my name in the most lovely of ways. I dipped my thumb further in until the entire thing was inside of her thus getting it enormously soaked by her pouring sweet-smelling nectar! When the thumb got out of her briefly, I brought it to my mouth – savouring the beautiful taste of Mrs. Alison’s puffy pussy. I got it back in again, and with the help of my smallest finger which concentrated on rubbing her clit mostly, I began to finger fuck her. When my left hand located her left boobs and pulled her taut nipple from within her bra, she gave out a sharp shrill. She was growing crazy!


Moments that followed were simply priceless! She had pulled one of my fingers and forced it into her asshole. In other words, I was finger fucking both burning wet holes while equally kneading her left breast! I was yet to spell Robinson though, when I then felt her hand on my burning dick! I was already sipping precum and as she unzipped my trouser with a hand, my stiff boner sprayed tiny ropes of the clear fluid across her small hand as it slapped against it while freeing itself from the confines of the trouser in a pop! She brought that hand to her mouth and lapped up the pre-cum. Then she sighed slightly, making a face as to how big my dick was before she began jerking the hot steel.

I on my part intensified how I was pleasing her soaking cunt and asshole! I began rubbing and finger-fucking them with increased furry. Her hip was so raised now that you would think her ass was going to touch my face anytime soon. Her thighs were so tightly clamped into my arm that it was already starting to hurt! We were lost in a world of canal pleasures as we both serviced each other’s sinful lusts! She however surprised me further, when she suddenly adjusted her head and got it closer to where my dick was hanging out and discharging pre-cum in a most pulsating of manners.

I didn’t get what she was about to do at first, until she suddenly took my engorged turgid cock into her yearning mouth! I melted! I couldn’t believe Mrs. Alison was going to give me a blow job! However, we were barely into this very phase of sheer eroticism, when we both heard a car drive into the compound in a shriek! Someone had just come home and it was definitely Kenneth.

He was back from work and a quick glance at my watch told me we were almost approaching 8:00pm! We didn’t even notice the gate open! We were fortunate to have noticed the car anyways. In an inexpressible frenzy, I quickly stuffed my still raging but soaked dick into my trousers while Mrs. Alison re-adjusted herself on the bed while returning the duvet which had been on the floor, over her body.

That was the exact moment Kenneth walked into the bedroom. We were a whisker away from being caught!

“Please get me a towel to clean my hands Kenneth…” I intelligently began telling Kenneth even without saying a word of welcome to him as he steeped in. It seemed to have an instant impact, because despite how soaked and sweaty we both looked, he didn’t seem to have any initial suspicions

“Okay…Didn’t know you’d still be around Doc.” he said, greeting his mom as he left. I could still feel he was somewhat trapped between surprise, confusion and an awkward glee.

“Get me some water too to wash my hands please.” I added to his hearing. I was doing my best to hide the obvious. Mrs. Alison was yet to say a word even after the son had greeted her. In fact she had her eyes shut and visibly terrified by what would have been if we were caught.

“It’s okay doc.” He was now screaming to be heard as he had gone out of sight.

I didn’t know what to do or say next as all I could get through was cleaning my sweaty face and arms with my handkerchief. Mrs. Alison had opened her eyes, but she was blankly staring into nowhere. We both remained in this seemingly loud silence until Kenneth returned! I picked up the bowl and soap and washed my hands off the oil. Kenneth was unusually silent too, looking a lot different from the guy I had just sent on an errand. He just stood at a corner starring at the two of us, as though he was trying hard to make up his mind about something.

When I was done washing, I handed the bowl back and went for my suitcase. Kenneth had begun leaving with the wash-water when I asked him to come help me with the gate to which he said he was coming to do as soon as he dropped the water. When he left, I turned to gaze at Mrs. Alison. She was still staring blankly into nothing and at that point, I began to feel a little bit of shame. Maybe I had allowed ourselves to cross the line. I was suddenly remorseful.

I couldn’t just believe how relieved I was that this had finally gotten to an end. I was going to do any more Lipoma therapies. At least not on Alison.


I had already picked up my case without hoping for a cheque, and was heading to join Kenneth (who I was sure had gone for the gate now), and still without saying or getting a word from Mrs. Alison, when she suddenly called me by my name. I then turned to look at her.

“Can you extend this therapy by one more day please? Just to make sure we have done the best we can to stop the Lipoma from coming back” she was still blankly starring into nowhere

I didn’t know what answer to give her or even what to say to her. The 3-day therapy visits weren’t even necessary in the first place and had only ended up leading to things I must find regrettable henceforth. At least because of how she was behaving at that moment. So asking me to come back again for an additional day of therapy was akin to telling me to witness the same run of events afresh. I didn’t think that this was what I wanted and I knew I wasn’t meant to say yes to her question.

A doctor wasn’t meant to be dictated to by his patient. A professional was meant to remain in control always even if he had failed to remain a professional at some ‘trying’ times. I was going to say no. So then, I gave her an answer….

“Yes I can ma’am. I will be here tomorrow so that we can round up the therapy better” how I said yes, was what I couldn’t explain. Moreover, we both were avoiding each other’s eyes quite remarkably as we spoke

“The gate is open now doc”, interrupted a reappearing Kenneth. I took notice and began leaving with him

“Make it 2!”, Mrs. Alison finally called out, as I walked away with Kenneth. “The cheque is on the dining table. Kenny will show you were. Thank you Doc!”

I didn’t reply her but instead followed Kenneth straight to the dinning, where he handed me a cheque which was for double the amount, of what she was meant to pay for that final day of the therapy. I had a stronger case now to argue that she likely did plan that Wednesday after all!


As I got into my car, I had a little talk with Kenneth and he thanked me for how I accepted to come treat his mom at home despite hearing that I didn’t usually do it for patients. He emphasized how he was happy my visits had finally come to an end and how he was looking forward to her mum’s return to work. I chuckled within myself to his obvious misinformation and sheer oblivion of the real situation. Of course, he was yet to know I was going to be back in their house the following day. However, he did show me how clever he can be when he asked me rather surprisingly what her mum meant when she asked me to make it 2! To this, I chuckled again.

“She was referring to some capsules she wanted me to help her get from our pharmacy at the hospital.” I lied. ” I will send a staff to get it to you guys before the weekend”

“Okay” was his reply, even though he visibly looked unconvinced by the explanation.

I ultimately did drive out into the darkness after we said goodbyes, heading home and thinking about the coming day. Only Kenneth was expecting 2 cards of capsule from a pharmacy. For myself and his mother, we were expecting another raunchy meeting by 2pm, the following day!

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