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Therapy for Mrs. Alison (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

It was while I was leaving the general hospital for the day that I got the call from Caroline, one of my many private patients and my first ever, since I set up my private clinic; just a drive away from the general hospital where I worked. I was her family doctor, but my relationship with her family has soared way beyond just professional over the years. We were more like friends now and I have had to attend one or two family functions and events they had organized in the past.

She wasn’t calling for herself this time around though; she was calling for a friend, and after pulling up by the road, I picked up her call, and we began talking.

“How you doing Doc?” she asked after exchanging compliments in high spirits

“I’m good Mrs. Agabi”, my indelible British twang, strong in the pronunciation of her last name. I still called her by the surname – an enduring indication of my desire to always remain professional

“That’s nice to know…” she continued, in her ever glowing disposition. She went ahead to tell me she called on behalf of a friend of hers who needed urgent medical attention. She had this growth on her back and had been staying indoors since then. When I tried to enquire on what exactly the growth looked like, she said she couldn’t describe it and wanted me to go see her.

“You know it isn’t exactly ethical, Mrs. Agabi”, I interrupted her, in open rejection to her demands. “If she is sick, she should then come to the clinic. Or doesn’t she have her sons or daughters to bring her there?”

“No Daniel….not that!” she countered. She was earnestly seeking new grounds to gain control like always. “Alison is my friend and colleague and it’s been that way for years. She has been practically bedridden for a couple of days now and I told her about my family doctor who I explained was good in what he does….” she took a quick short break, observably waiting to gauge my reaction to the apparent praise.

I didn’t say a word despite being thoroughly pleased! When she couldn’t ascertain my position, she continued.

“…now she said she would like to meet you and I am calling you because of that. I would want you to visit her home please. She is a good friend of whom I have peculiar interests in. Assisting her, would help my several businesses, which she has considerable stakes in. I assume you understand.” There was another break, “Moreover, she will be willing to pay for whatever services this would likely lead to, Okay Doc?”

I remained silent for a while.

“Are you still there, doc?”

“Yea. It’s okay. But I will be requiring her to visit the clinic regularly if I find out she actually can. I’m only doing this because of you madam. Thank you, Mrs. Agabi. You may greet the family for me.”

She laughed loud into the receiver. “It’s okay Doctor Dan. I will. You will never change though! Always stubborn and hard to bend. I wonder if that’s what they teach you guys in the UK. All of you are just the same.”

I made a brief laugh of her joke and repeated my farewell. She hung up and I dropped my cell phone. I did a quick mental calculation of what next to do while partly considering what she said about my schooling in the UK.

I wasn’t going to deny that being firm was part of what I learnt from the University of Greater Manchester, despite my relative young age and practice, I have laboured a lot to maintain this standard. People have always told me how I acted a lot older than my real age and how I was difficult to be compromised but I always took them all as compliments.

For all the pressure from patients, even in the general hospital where I was a resident doctor, I was always willing to remain a strict professional. It has always been part of me and I wasn’t willing to compromise yet. I restarted the car, and began reversing out of the parking lot. My head still remained on Mrs. Alison, who I was already considering to meet the following Saturday if I was to stand a chance of attending an upcoming 3-day conference that would be kicking off the coming Monday.



Mrs. Alison Gbuje was entirely different from who I had imagined her to be. From the way Mrs. Caroline had described her, I had easily felt she was some spoilt powerful elderly woman whose arrogance would know no bounds, that was probably in her 60’s, that would make staying around her utterly frustrating. But that wasn’t the case when I eventually met her. She was wealthy alright and appeared powerful too, but she was far from elderly and arrogant. While I was certain she was about 15 years older than me, I was never going to bet she was anything older than 45 if at all she was up to that.

She was vibrantly young and unimaginably beautiful. It was immensely difficult to ever think she had kids, let alone kids who were as grown as I met them. In fact, it was one of them, Kenneth, who received me at the gate that Saturday morning. He was almost my mate as I could tell I was a year or two older. I was left to further wonder, how he wasn’t going to bring his mom to the clinic for treatment all the same.

“Wow…you are here already!” started a visibly elated Alison, as I stepped into their stylish living room. She was sitting on the ruged-floor and was on a nightdress. “I never expected you this early”

“I had to come as soon as I could ma’am” I was still standing and waiting for them to wave me to a seat.

“Please sit doctor”, she did as I expected.

“Thank you madam” My eyes quickly raced through the room. Making mental notes of how sophisticated the furnishing was. The spaces were equally elaborate and appealingly flamboyant. You could tell she was mighty rich and was indisputably classy.

“How did you locate our home?” she began again albeit abruptly. She had a rather foreign accent in her use of English and I began to suspect immediately that she did school overseas too. I equally loved the way she smiled. It appeared ever present and her finely cut white teeth made it a wonderful sight to behold

“I had to follow the description Mrs. Agabi sent me”, I replied, doing a lot to tear away from her endearing self. She was really very beautiful. And unbelievably flawless for her age.

“That’s great. Caro has told me a lot about you. About how you are a good doctor and how you studied in the UK, you know. I studied overseas too. Germany precisely. I am an Engineer.” she began smiling again, chuckling as soon as I raised my eyebrows by way of showing a tad of surprise.

“Really?”, I followed

“Yeah. But that was a long time ago.” She was still grinning emphatically. “By the way, what can I offer you please?”

“Water will be fine”

“Just water?” she asked, pretty surprised but went ahead “You heard him Kenny. Get him some water please.” Kenneth has been with us all the while but hasn’t really said much.

“You will want it cold right?” he asked as he stood to leave

“Make it a mix. Cold water is never good for the teeth”

Both of them giggled. “You forgot he is a doctor”, the mother later chipped in, to which I simply smiled.

While we waited for the water, we both began talking. She took the time to ask me about several other things like Private Practice in the country, career plans and eventually, plans for settling down. When I told her I wasn’t seeing anybody as it wasn’t part of my plans at the moment, she expressed shock and asked how that was possible for someone as handsome as myself. Kenneth’s return was what disrupted our conversation which wasn’t getting any professional at all.

“Thank you Ken.” I said, after gulping down the glass of water. I wasn’t going to wait any further to get into my reason for coming, so I proceeded to make the request.

“Can I see the swell now ma’am?” she was a bit uncertain about the timing of the question as I assume she wasn’t expecting us to get into that as yet. But I wasn’t really keen to get unduly intimate with a patient. Not one like Mrs. Alison. She was subtly intimidating.

“Of course Doc. It’s right on my back. Here Kenny…help me with the zipper”

I looked on as she struggled her way to her feet while offering her back to Kenneth to help her undo the zipper. Kenneth who had to drop the tumbler on the sides-stool beside me, walked over to her mum and began assisting her. For the first time, I got to have a clearer view of Mrs. Alison. She was on her feet for the first time since I walked in, and my…what set of legs she has got! They were so round and yet shapely! The brief length of the nightie meant I could now see her legs all the way to her mid thigh. I was unusually drawn to them and for quite some length of time, I kept my focus there.

“Let me join you on the sofa…”, interrupted Mrs. Alison as she began getting herself into the sofa where I was seated. I wasn’t sure if she had met me starring at her legs but at the same time, I could tell Kenneth had probably done so.

“It’s alright.” I affirmed, giving her room to join me. Kenneth was now standing over us, across his mother. I was sitting behind Mrs. Alison, if you consider that she had her back to me despite sitting on the same sofa. She was getting her gown to slide down her back since the zippers had given way, in an apparent bid to show me the affected areas. While she did so, the sides of her alluring naked boobs came into view. She was quick to place both hands over them through the cloth, while equally keeping the gown from sliding further down, but the areas of the boob bare to me from behind were still visible. My eyes remained there for quite some time as well. My dick which had twitched so many times already, was still doing so despite a die-hard-professional Daniel who was still pretending he was very much in full control.

“Have you seen them Doc?…” started an obviously worried Mrs. Alison. I was certainly taking longer time.

“Yea madam, I am inspecting them” I finally managed to tear my eyes away from her glowing skin and onto the many swells on her back. They looked like little hot-oil scars but with no skin coloration. When I touched them, they felt as though there were no fluids in them. “How long have you had them? Do you feel any pains?”

“No doc. They’ve been there for about three weeks now. Should I be feeling any pains?”

“Not exactly. What about other times? Have you ever felt any pains?” I was still feeling them up slightly, drawing conclusions of what they really were. Nonetheless, my eyes still sinfully traveled down her back and unto a deep dark patch which I was sure was the start of her ass. She ultimately had a slim waist but a really wide ass. I thought she had no panties on as I was yet to see any panty band. My dick twitched again!

“Not really doc. But I have always tried avoiding laying or resting on my back. I’m scared of getting them to break open”

“I see.” I ran a finger across them a few times and then dropped my eyes to her ass. “What other symptoms have you been feeling? Headache, fever, anything?”

“None I can remember. I have been very fine, other than these.”

“And have you been taking any drugs for them?”

“I tried anti-biotic during the earlier stages but stopped as soon as I felt I was getting no results”

I didn’t say a word again. I had moved my eyes back to the swellings, giving them one last look.

“Any idea what they are yet doc?”

“Yea. And they are still very small. You may zip up now ma’am”, I began to undo my suitcase. I was going to get out my notepad.

Mrs. Alison turned to face Kenneth again, who began to zip her up. This caused her gown to rise further up her thighs while still seated, giving me a view that was hard to ignore. So while still scrambling through my suitcase for a pen, I took the time to suck in the beauty of Mrs. Alison’s curvy thighs! She might have noticed I was looking, because she made a quick but weak effort to cover her luscious thighs, but with no results. The gown was sinfully short.

“Emmmmm…..so what’s next?” she began abruptly again. Breaking the silence. I felt a pinch of embarrassment as I was certain she was trying to play down the obvious awkwardness of the situation

“Emmmm….it is actually not something serious madam.” I was particularly avoiding her eyes now while doing my upmost best to regain control. “It’s only Lipoma. A type of medical condition that causes the swelling of the skin. It lies just between your muscles and the skin. Moreover, your strain of Liptoma is peculiarly rare and fortunately the easiest to treat. The swellings are very mild and three days of proper attention while get them off your skin”

“Wow…that’s really great news then! I have been excruciatingly worried all the while I’ve had this. Happy it isn’t something very serious…”

“Not at all. In as much as the cause of Lipoma isn’t known yet, there are lots of new studies going on the ailment. In fact, some Indian specialists began a study two years ago, and the first product of this study is already in pharmacies. Given that almost usually, the first remedy is outright surgery, it was astonishing to have them introduce this product which happened to be an ointment. You apply it over the area for 8 days, and the lump is gone….”

“That simple? Wow!”

“Yea. That simple. In fact, the lump itself disappears in three days while the rest of the therapy fights the root of the cause. I will be prescribing you the ointment and some other routine drugs. You will be fine in about a week”, I had my notebook in place, and was about to write

“Just before you go on doc…”, she cut in again, “please do you mind taking a look at the other one?”

“Which other one? Where is that?”

“Just at my lower back”, she was making to unzip her gown herself, which was of course impossible. I intervened; ignoring the fact that Kenneth was meant to do so like before.

“Thank you dear”, she said as I began running the zipper along the length of the gown. “Just look a bit lower. You will notice another little swell there. It looks like the rest but not in the same region”

I ran the zipper completely through and just as expected, got it just over the start of the crack of her ass! For what seemed like months, my eyes remained there! Mrs. Alison’s ass crack was right before my eyes and even a few inches from my hands. I was seeing where her hip flayed into her upper buttocks and there came the confirmation of my suspicion that she had no panty on. In spite of my prolonged suppression, my dick eventually sprang into life! Stretching itself into full erection and curling its way across the length of my trouser while doing so! It was difficult to conceal it this time!

“Have you seen it doc?” she was making to look back but wasn’t winning spectacularly

“Uhmmm…..ehh…yea. I have” I was fighting to hold onto myself! I couldn’t believe all the talk about my high levels of professionalism was already in tatters and just about littered all over the floor! I was getting emotional, if not intimate with my patient, and that was the worst level of ethical bankruptcy – so we were told in the college of medicine.

“And….what do…you think?” she was still trying to wrap her head around the sudden stutter on my part

“I think it’s well…I mean, it’s fine. You don’t have a problem, okay?”

“Okay” she said, turning to Kenneth to zip her up but with an obvious worry in her brows. I was certain she couldn’t understand how I wasn’t telling her anything meaningful anymore. As though I had seen something strange on her back.

As Kenneth began to redo the zipper, her eyes fell back towards me and in the most unfortunate of ways, fell onto my lap afterwards – where I had my stiff dick stretching the fabric of my trouser to a corner. I was suddenly unstuck!

She made a rather quick frown, raising her brow in the process then she kind of muttered a voiceless ‘wow’ before looking away.

“Ehmmm…..” she began to say unexpectedly, but soon had no words coming out after that.

We both knew what was happening and could tell how awkwardly boxed-in we both were. I had a hard-on terribly displayed in the open across my leg, while a mother of a dude as old as myself was standing right beside me, observing the erection! There was nothing more grotesque than that.

“You can hand us the prescription doc…” interrupted an unknowing Kenneth who certainly wasn’t aware that he had just only intervened in the bout

“Yea…of course” I placed my notepad over the dick and began making my notes. I scribbled down some drugs in haphazard strokes and in few seconds, handed it over to Mrs. Alison. Our fingers touched for what felt like eternity. Our eyes then met but we both quickly looked away.

She went ahead to stare into the note after that, and for quite a while before handing it over to the son. “Get me my cheque book.” she said after.

Kenneth answered and left. We both remained silent until he returned. and without making eye contacts. She was the first to begin talking though. Each time I mustered the courage to try looking at her, she always quick to look away. She nonetheless, asked me how much her bills were of which I told her.

I also wanted to tell her that I usually did not treat patients at their homes except for peculiar cases were the patient in question was bedridden and the family was keen to bear the cost of home rehabilitation. But I couldn’t, as I was I was certain I had lost all moral wars in those fronts. In fact, I was silently wishing within myself that I was going to be quickly done with them so that I could leave and never come back. When I told her what my charge was though, she smiled. That was the first time she was doing so since after seeing my boner.

“I will be paying you more than you have asked because of the extra advice you’ve given. I hope that’s fine?” she was getting her cheque book ready

“Of course” I smiled openly, to which she laughed back. Our eyes met again but this time, lingered a little bit more than they had ever done. She stood and returned to her former seat, where she had a sides-stool available for her to write on. I personally used the period to pack up my suitcase.

Kenneth on his own, had left to drop the prescription notes.

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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