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June 4, 2020
Theraphy For Mrs. Alison III (18+)

Theraphy For Mrs. Alison III (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

Both my Saturday night and the following Sunday were not days of respite for me at all. For all my effort, I spent them mostly thinking about Mrs. Alison’s therapy. I had regained my ‘senses’ after getting home that very night, reflecting through the happenings at her place I admittedly told myself how much of a pathetic dick I had been, accepting that I was simply stupid at the very least. In all the years of my relative young practice, I had never at any point in time, gotten emotional with a patient/client let alone intimate.

Mrs. Caroline had always been the only exception and we have only just remained good friends. It was a very wrong thing to do (getting intimate with a client), and we were not thought that at UGM in the UK. I felt really bad about how I had easily allowed my emotions to overtake me and I was already looking forward to amending the notion the next time I met Mrs. Alison. I wasn’t sure how things were going to pan out though, but I was confident I could still reframe her mind into accepting that the previous Saturday was only just a one-off and it was never going to happen again.

The chance that I was likely going to find her home alone on those days in question was never something I was keen to fancy.



I was at Mrs. Alison’s house by exactly 6:30pm the following Monday. I had left the General Hospital by 4:15pm and then drove down to my own private clinic to attend to a few patients I had given appointments. I began heading for her house as soon as I was done. When I got there, I met Kenneth just returning from work. It was really interesting because it meant that if I had come as early as 4pm or so, I was going to spend over 2 hours of the time alone with his mom. When I walked in, she was sitting on the floor like last time but was wearing a different thing this time – a short, which was really tight, and small and then a camisole top with tiny hands. She smiled as she welcomed me in. She explained that she had been expecting me since 3pm and had to bath for a second time as early as that, on the assumption that the ointment would be applied any moment from then.

“Well, I cannot get out of work earlier than I have done today except for days the CMD isn’t in office” I replied her as I drank the water they served me

“I see.” she was getting up to sit on the sofa behind her. She didn’t say anything else immediately. She only just nodded her head a few times as if to say she was thinking about what I had just told her. As I didn’t want to spend a lot of time in their house, I quickly brought their attention to the therapy.

“Kenny you may go get the ointment.” She said in response to my request. “I ordered for it this morning. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a small tube considering how much I paid for it”

“How much did you pay for it?”

“On the whole, 12,000naira” she was waving her head as she said so

I began telling her it was only just because the product was new, as with time, more laboratories will figure out the formulae and then reduce the monopoly the original Indian parent company has on it. She bought into the point and soon, we were set to apply the cream on her back. She got on the floor, right in front of me and Kenneth helped raise the camisole out of the way. While her position meant I could now see her body and shape a lot more elaborately, I was able to contain my evident lusting for her flesh. I rarely stared at her boobs or hip as I directed Kenneth on how to go about the procedure. And in few calculated minutes, we were through.

“It’s surprising how this oil thing is going to remove these swellings” she began, pulling her camisole down her back as she adjusted herself into a sitting position.

“Yea. But I am confident you will begin seeing results by Wednesday at most”, I was washing my hands as I had touched a place or two on her back during the procedure.

She smiled and thanked me. Then it was time for my pay and just like last time, she wrote me a cheque and Kenneth walked me off to my car. I was frankly gleaming in the delight of taking the first step to convincing her mum, that the previous Saturday evening was only just a one-off.


Tuesday was generally the same too and even as I made it to their house that very day, I could remember feeling a lot more confident and in control. I was happy I had fought the worrying lack of professionalism from my first visit and I had gained the dominance I had lost. Moreover, my concern about getting to be home alone with Mrs. Alison seemed to have suddenly solved itself, as my standard time of arriving there was always going to coincide with Kenneth’s return from work, that was equally so that Tuesday as he was home already when I got there some minutes after 6:00pm. His mum wore a very revealing blue top all through my stay, but surprising, I hardly paid any attention to her surging melons. She too didn’t seem to have any wrong intentions, and one could easily see that she was probably only trying to be free as someone within her own house.

The subsequent procedure went on very smoothly and we were all pleased at the instant impact the oil was making already. The swellings were a lot smaller now and we all accepted that they could likely disappear by Wednesday morning. She further attested to that belief while writing me a cheque. Kenneth had gone in to return the tube.

“It is really a miracle” she said, while still writing. “We were all projecting towards Thursday but here we are! It’s only Tuesday and I am almost off this”

“Well…you have a peculiar manner of recovery. I don’t know how you will understand this, but I can see that your white blood cells are incredibly active and only just needed to be spurred into coordinated action. I am impressed by the rate of your recovery. Your blood pressure appears intact too. So we are not seeing an enforced crisis recovery whatsoever”

She smiled and then returned to writing the cheque. I wasn’t sure if she understood a thing from all I said but I wasn’t really after her understanding it. I was a lot more impressed at my success in convincing her that I had made a mistake the first ever time I was there. She wasn’t looking like the woman who had seen my concealed dick. She must have noticed how professional I had been in the current two visits. I had given no room for frivolities and pleasure. I was seeing a man who was naturally attracted to the beautiful beings called women, but was a profound professional deep inside of him. He was keen to remain a professional on his job and he was spectacularly succeeding with Mrs. Alison.

Kenneth was back in seconds and before long, he was seeing me off to my car. Tuesday was gone!



Wednesday was a lot faster than every other day I had known and I was soon driving to the Gbujes. I was indeed a happy man and smiled all my way to the place! I was feeling like a warrior who was a conqueror of many wars. I was immensely delighted at how I had overcome my earlier failures and had returned myself to the line of professionalism! Barely two days ago, I was struggling with the dread of getting emotionally attached to a female patient and I was already worrying about how a consecutive three-day consultancy at her house was going to turn out. But here I was, totally above all that and delightfully heading to her house for what was surely going to be a final visit. As there was always going to be Kenneth, I wasn’t worried about any ‘silly thing’ anymore. Not like the ‘silly thing’ was going to come from Mrs. Alison herself though, as she was yet to do anything that would make anyone think she was any least interested in fucking me. I was in fact the likely person who would do anything ‘silly’.

Apart from those quick giggles on the first day of my visit after she had seen my erection, she hadn’t failed to equally churn out loads of professionalism as well. Since I had finally managed to contain myself, I was rightly not expecting anything ‘immoral’ from both of us anymore.


However, it’s safe to say that the entire bubble got busted when I finally got to her house! The gate and the main door were open and I found nobody in the elegantly furnished living room when I stepped in. The Tv was on too and was considerably loud.

“Hello!!” I began calling on top of my voice. “Is anyone home?”

I got no response. I walked to a couch and sat down, keeping my suitcase beside me. I looked at my watch and it said 6:42 but then I realized that I hadn’t noticed Kenneth’s car in the compound. “Wasn’t he in yet?” I asked myself. After waiting for about a minute, I called out again. I wasn’t going to think no one would be home while the main gate and door were unlocked.

“I’m here doc! Please do come here!” That was Mrs. Alison’s voice. She was calling from within the inner rooms

“Where are you madam? I am here at the living room”

“Just get through the door and take your right.” She seemed not to be interested in joining me at the living room so I got off my seat, picked my case and began heading into the inner rooms. When I took right as she said, I found myself walking into a large room which happened to be the Master bedroom.

“Hi Doctor! So good you are here” she was lying on her bed and had the thick duvet covering her up to her breasts. Everything appeared normal and basically modest.

“Hello Mrs. Gbuje. How are you?” I observed the tube sitting on the credenza beside her bed

“I’m good. Sorry I had to bring you in here. I’ve been lazy this evening and have rarely left the bed” she was making a smile out of the bizarre explanation

“I understand Ma’am. I am a medical doctor and I have seen more secrets than this place” I was managing to smile back

“I bet you have” she smiled again and then pointed towards the tube. “That’s the ointment. You may begin right away so that I don’t keep you for long!”

“What…wha…wah…what about Kenneth?” I quickly queried rather frantically and in a stammer, while still standing where I had been since I walked in

“Kenny is still at work.” she replied, candidly ignoring my open discomfort. “He called in earlier to tell me he might be staying late into the night as some new digits came in this evening from the head office. Anytime that happens, he usually stayed extra hours at work.”

“Wow..” was all that managed to get out of my mouth while I still remained there gazing blankly into her face. I couldn’t believe what was playing out

“So doc, let’s get this going. It’s getting late.” She began turning onto her belly but right inside the duvet. She had been lying on her left side all along.

I collected the tube from the credenza and then sluggishly walked up to her bed.

“You will be pleased to know that the swells have disappeared!” I heard her say amid a smile, even though I wasn’t seeing her face as I was right behind her bed now

“Really? That’s great” I wiped off beads of perspiration from my forehead, as I had suddenly began sweating!


She didn’t immediately say anything else after that, but only just stretched her right hand behind her and in one single sweep, yanked the thick duvet off her body! Then before my eyes lay a Mrs. Alison who was now only in bra and panties! Her wide ass awkwardly sticking out in the air, as though they were calling on someone to grab them! My dick gained so much rapidity in reaching a hard-on that I had to step away from the bed a little, to give it room to stretch its way across my thigh! My entire resolve was weakened in a single moment of absurdity.

“You can begin from my upper back doc. That’s how Kenneth does it” she gently adjusted on the bed, leading her succulent ass cheeks to slightly bounce around as she did. I wasn’t even sure she understood what she was doing was awkward as there was not even the slightest jot of shame or bashfulness in her.

“Uhmmmm..ehhh…” I had become a moron in an instant. I nonetheless undid the tube cover and began squeezing the contents onto my open palm. My eyes just remained on her tempting body. Running all the way from her pretty dazzling hair straight to her plump ass cheeks! They seemed to ever gyrate while inside her lacey panty. My eyes traveled further down to her legs which were seductively crossed and laid to a corner. She was mesmerizing me. I wasn’t sure were the thoughts of being a professional had suddenly gone to.

“Doc?” she suddenly called out again! Raising herself up a little to turn and look my way albeit a strain

“Yes…I’m about applying it” I smeared the oil I had in my hands across her upper back and then began to rub it into her skin. There was no Lipoma in sight, as they had all gone in as she said but we had to complete the therapy even if it meant being part of an awkward moment like this one.

“Come a little low now” she called out, adjusting herself better so that her middle back could get within touching distance. Her ass jiggled as she did.

I took little more swipes of the oil and began rubbing it at the stated place. I made quick imaginary circles on her back as I made sure the oil touched every part of her back. Her covered ass was now a few inches from my face. I wasn’t sure, but I felt I could perceive a whiff of pussy scent! A probable indication that she was being aroused by the procedure.

My dick was still standing! And I was finding containing it within my trousers increasingly troubling! Here and again, I managed to drop a hand and give it a thug once or twice, to reduce the burning urge to break it free!

“Get further down please. Applying the oil everywhere possible might be a good way of preventing the ailment from reappearing and spreading.” She had turned in an arm to pull her panty a bit lower and of course into her juicy ass cheeks! The tight panty was now cutting her ass cheeks into two halves on each! It was an extremely erotic thing to behold!

I nevertheless brought the oil to her lower back and began applying it there. With little control, I began descending further down too. I soon was at the start of the swell of her ass and just then, she gently lifted her ass much higher! Causing it to stick out further into the air. I could even see her panty-covered crotch now, and oh dear…how damp it looked.

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