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Christmas Distraction III (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

But I didn’t care anymore now! As I thought nothing else but how to drive that dick into her wet cunt! She was still trying to say more, when I brought my lips on her mouth, getting her to shut up in the course! She responded and we began to kiss.

I wasn’t even sure how good I was myself, but she did seem to be loving everything I was doing, and she confirmed this, when she grabbed my dick with her right hand, and began to stroke it! Moreover, I was now sipping pre-cum badly, and was struggling to hold out a gripping climax. My own hand was between her thighs, where I could now feel her wetness, sipping out onto her legs! She was just crazily horny, and that only made my case multiply in folds.

As soon as we disengaged from our kiss in order to catch our breaths, I switched my focus to her boobs, which I picked up with my mouth! They were so tender, and her nipples were dead-taut! She moaned lightly as I suckled on them, and I soon got hold of the other of the pair, to squeeze and kneed with my hand.

Everything I did turned out perfect, and it wasn’t long before Chidinma began lifting her legs onto my waist, she wanted me to penetrate her already. Of course, I wished that too, and my dick was already sipping more pre-cum than it had released in the entire year.

After practically tearing away my clothes, I sat on the couch behind us, and brought saliva to the tip of cock! Then she quickly straddled me, while also facing me! So without, any further ado, Chidinma raised her pussy high enough to allow my dick align on, and as she dropped herself back down, my burning rod magnificently glided into her mercilessly soaked cunt. We heard the pussy pop.


That was an indication of how wet she really was! And the pussy continued to pop and bubble with each movement. I grabbed her by the hip, while she rode me with her bum! she went back and forth repeatedly, throwing her head back as the undeniable sugariness of the moment, caught up with her. As her tempo gradually increased, I was instantly attracted to her boobs, which repeatedly bounced heavily on her chest.

So in a moment, I picked up one with my mouth, and began to suck on it! She wailed! Forcing me to lift a hand to her mouth to cut off her voice! At that rate, neighbours were definitely going to hear us, and that would only spell disaster. So my hand will only drop from her mouth, when her yowling subsequently dropped. Moreover, she crossed both her hand around my neck, and was now furiously grinding herself so vigourously on my dick.

She was equally pouring her fluids in unquantifiable loads! And my dick practically swam within a very full, yet pleasantly warm pussy! When I returned my mouth to her lips, she quickly grabbed it with hers, and passionately kissed and sucked on it. Her tongued got through my lips, and swirled within my mouth! Causing the already wild fire, to further double in the course. He was riding me while also giving me the kiss of my life.

I was on her boobs with my hand, and I kept on squeezing and kneading them! However, as though something different was instantly toggled on, she suddenly pulled away from my lips, and after pressing both her hands into my chest by way of leverage, she began lifting up her butt and slamming it back into my cock, in baffling speed.

“BAAAM!! BAAAAAM!!…” followed the sound, as her thick ass cheeks swirled and rolled as they jumped up and down on me. Predictably, it wasn’t long before her orgasm began creeping up on her, and it started gradually, causing her to give off a long shrill of moaning, as she went even faster with her ride. Then suddenly, her tiny moan will subsequently graduate into a howl and within seconds, her orgasm hit her very hard, causing her to repeatedly convulse from head to toe.

When I intentionally picked up one of her nipples with my mouth, she groaned louder and fell into my body, leaving just her ass cheeks to quiver right on their own.


Well, that wasn’t going to be all, because I soon got her to rise from my body. I was going to be returning my dick into that pussy and would fuck it until I came. So I got her to lie on the center table – belly up, and after giving some attention to her pussy by eating it out again, a little bit more, I returned my dick back into the soaked hole.

She groaned, curling her legs, to place them behind my buttocks! that was going to serve as some sort of encouragement, so I took off from there. I began going in and out of her in furious speed! She was very free, and awfully wet! And it meant I could drive my entire tool in, on every stroke, down to the balls.

The dick was also inevitably coated in her fluid, and remnants from her earlier orgasm, still stuck to the strands of my pubic hair. As I grew in tempo, Chidinma began to talk real dirty! Asking me to fuck her harder! She even grabbed my hip with both hands and began nudging me more into her as I plundered away! She screamed, wailed and dirty-talked and her voice was only occasionally interrupted by the loud sound of my pelvis slamming into her plump fleshy ass.

Moreover, my sweat was all over the said ass just as her own body was covered by hers! When she began to periodically lift herself off the hard table to receive my dick as it arrived in full speed, the sensation tripled. And as I watched her boobs swirl about as a result of her movement, I couldn’t help but feel the irrepressible urge to burst my nut already, and I think she felt it too, because she began to vocally encourage me to pour that cum into her. It sounded hot the way she said it, and it only took just the sight of her biting down her lips, for my climax to hit me.

And I too, jerked and trembled at the volcanic size of it, my dick spurted shot after shot of warm sticky goo into her and even after she pulled out the stiff member herself, I still had enough to spray up her face and body! She was all smiles, as she got some hitting her lips and nose and while maintaining eye contact, she scooped up the one on her nose with a finger, and brought it to her mouth. It felt really hot but then, we were still smiling away like two love birds, when we heard the gate get unlocked. When I checked from the window, guess who? Denis!



Anyways, nothing bad eventually happened and Chidinma managed to smuggle me out from the kitchen verandah, Denis didn’t know about it, and myself and his wife had a couple more couplings before National Youth Service would take me out of town but then, it wasn’t long before I heard news that Chidinma had put to bed a baby boy and while that was wonderful news for everybody, it brought me specific concerns.

Not because I was unfortunate to have been away during that period, but because of a private text message Chidinma had sent me.

“Denis’ first son, looks exactly like you!”, she had said! “Holly Molly!” was my reply!

Danny blogs at quite-lewd.blogspot.com where he writes very erotic stories

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