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Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out

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Unspoken Desires: Peju’s Night Out

Dayo and Mide were going clubbing and asked me to come along. I told them that I would rather stay at home to read because our exams were just about a month away and I didn’t feel like I’d properly prepared for it.

“But Wale there are still five more weeks to the exams. Just one night of clubbing won’t make you fail everything. This guy, you need to loosen up.” Dayo said

“Even a great philosopher once said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” Mide said.

“Which useless philosopher?” I asked.

“It was Aristotle, I’m very sure. That guy been sabi better thing.” Dayo joked.

“Both of you are mad.” we all laughed “alright but after this night you guys shouldn’t bother me again.”

“It’s Friday, ogbeni. Everybody is having fun, it’s just because you’re the only one that have a car you’re now doing shakara.”

“Dayo go and buy your own car, at least Mide used to have a bicycle before he sold it to get his girlfriend an iPhone.”

“Wale you’re a big fool. I didn’t sell my bike”

“It’s alright. Let’s start going before I change my mind.”

Dayo and Mide were my coursemates and we also shared an apartment together. I paid 60percent of the rent while they joined their resources for the other 40. My father, a wealthy politician, didn’t flinch as he signed the check that got me the 2 bedroom apartment in a choice part off campus and a used Honda Accord.

I didn’t like staying alone so I allowed them become my flatmates but they seemed to enjoy the apartment more than I did as week after week they both came in with different kind of girls. The pretty, the fat, the skinny and the not so pretty. I wasn’t the type to commit to relationships so I didn’t have a steady girlfriend although a few girls had been throwing themselves a lot at me because I was one of a very few first year students who had a car and lived in an expensive apartment.

To them that meant I had the money to spend. I was more interested in spending time on my PS4 than bothering about or spending on any kind of girl. When I wasn’t on the PS4, I was reading and doing assignments.  In stark contrast to Mide and Dayo who were never always around, patrolling the whole school and looking for ‘fresh meat’ to bring back to the apartment.

So that night, even though I was reluctant at first, we finally went out. Dayo asked to drive and I told him to be careful. We went to three different clubs that night but Dayo wasn’t satisfied with any of them because they were scanty and had very few girls in them. He wanted to be in a place where the girls would be more than the guys.

I was just tired of moving aimlessly around while Mide kept suggesting other places, we finally got to a club called Ground Zero and went in. The noise from the speakers had already began to rattle my being before we stepped inside. The music was way too loud and the people were way too much. He later explained to me that the two reasons why this particular club had such a crowd was because of the DJ and the cheap drinks. Guys could buy many more drinks for the women they came with.

I hated myself already for making them convince me about coming and just decided to hang by the bar and sip a bottle of soda while I eyed the events around me. Dayo was already holding and dancing suggestively with some skinny girl who wore nothing but a bra and shorts. I wondered where her shirt was.

Mide was nowhere to be found but I suspected he’d be with his own ‘fresh meat’ somewhere else. I checked the time on my phone and it was just 12:53 am. Dayo expected us to be clubbing till 3:00 am. I had lost all interest already and wanted to go home.

Shooting heads off enemy operatives on Call of Duty would surely be better than this. I’d give them just about 30 minutes more before informing them of my departure.

“How do they even sell Soda at a bar like this?”I heard a female voice beside me say, loud enough for me to hear above the music.

I looked at her. I couldn’t tell much about her face because of the low light but she was dark-skinned, slim, a few inches below my height  and smelled nice too. She was dressed as appropriately as one should dress for clubbing. The black gown clung tightly to her body and stopped far above her knees. She was nursing a bottle of Smirnoff Ice.

“Not everybody likes the taste of alcohol. A good bar should know that.”

“But it’s a fun-killer, alcohol brings out your other side, makes you lose yourself. In a place like this, you can’t be who you really are. If you want to drink soda you should go somewhere there isn’t this much noise and dancing sweaty people.”

“What if I don’t need alcohol to loosen up and show my other side? We’re not all the same.”

She smiled. I offered my hand. “I’m Wale.”

“Hey, Wale. I’m Peju”

“So, what’s Peju doing in a place like this and trying to loosen up strangers?”

“I actually know you. I saw you here and I was surprised because you never seemed like the type of person, then I saw your friends and knew you got dragged down here.”

“Wow” I said. “Have you been stalking me?”

She laughed. “You’re not that important. I just wanted to have a conversation.” and we had a conversation. She was a student in the same faculty and had bumped into me more than once at the faculty building. I apologized for not recognizing her face but she told me she didn’t mind.

She could tell I wasn’t the social type, I smiled. I asked her if we could go somewhere less noisy and she agreed. I saw her face properly under the security light beaming from the rooftop. She was really pretty. We walked up to my car and continued our conversation. The 30minutes I planned to stay before leaving became an hour, but I was enjoying Peju’s company and didn’t seem to mind that the time was flying.

I asked her what she was doing at the club and she smiled before telling me that she accompanied a friend. Her words had begun to slur from the alcohol and she giggled even more at my jokes and sly remarks.

Once she even fell on my body and I held her in my arms. I liked her fragrance. It wasn’t too girlish and wasn’t too strong. We had gotten so comfortable with each other that I had a feeling the night was going to end well.

“Okay, you’re obviously way too tipsy. Can I take you home?”

“I’m not that tipsy jorrrr, besides, we can’t leave without Bidemi, my friend. She’ll be very angry. Let me call her.”

After she’d made the call, sometimes shouting just because of the loud music in the club, she turned to me and said

“She says she’s not ready to leave, I can’t go back alone.”

“It’s okay. We can go back inside.”

“I don’t want to go back inside. Let’s go to your place. Is it far?”

“Yeah, I mean. No. It’s not that far. But, are you sure about that?”

“This one you’re asking? Are you a serial killer or a sexual molester.”

I laughed, she laughed with me. I didn’t answer that.

She didn’t know what she was getting herself into that night.

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