June 10, 2023

LipGlossMaffia: The Birthday Girl [Part 4] (18+)
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LipGlossMaffia: The Birthday Girl [Part 4] (18+)

Written By LipGlossMaffia

Oh … Deji! This feels so … good ..!

When he started with the other breast, Samira went weak and her head sagged on his shoulder. She let out a small squeal of delight, unconsciously thrusting out her chest. She could not recall ever being so thankful for having two boobs in her life.

He took his time like with the other breast, rubbing at her nipple with the sponge and squeezing the soft flesh of her tit. He made her giggle when he playfully bounced it in his hand and she squirmed against him as he licked her neck. By the time he was done ‘washing’ her boob, Samira was panting, the heat between her legs an inferno of need. She spread her legs and grabbed a hold of his wrist with one hand, trying to pull it beneath the water to where she needed it.

Deji … please …” she gasped when he resisted, chuckling softly in her ear.

Alright,” he said with a theatric sigh. “It is your birthday, after all.

Abruptly his hand entered the water between her spread thighs. Samira jerked when the sponge touched her inner thighs and began to stroke up, scrubbing them clean of cum and closing in on her pussy. His other hand went down too, and Samira let out a shriek when it spread her open for the sponge bearing on the other hand to ‘clean’ her. She spasmed as the sponge went over her labia and touched her sensitive inner flesh through the lips of her slit.

She lost all train of thought at the intensity, writhing and thrashing in the water. Deji continued determinedly, holding her open and ‘cleaning’ her as she gasped, squirmed and whimpered in his arms. When he finally stopped, Samira was given no time to regain her senses as he took an earlobe into his mouth and started stroking her clit with the fingers of his spongeless hand. She came with a loud cry and collapsed weakly against him, thoroughly overcome as she shuddered in ecstatic release.

When she opened her eyes, at last, she realized that Deji had abandoned the sponge and was busy caressing her with his bare hands, fondling her heaving breasts and belly with one hand and two fingers from the other hand inside her pussy.

She twisted and turned her head so she could kiss him again, holding his cheek. When the kiss broke, she licked at his lips and kissed him again, moaning at his hands’ activities under the water, the pressure of his dick hard against her rear. She lay back against his chest when the kiss ended, a smile on her face, completely giving herself up to enjoying what he was doing to her. Deji played with her breasts and pussy like a favorite musical instrument, eliciting little purring noises and sharp whimpers and moans from her parted lips as she lay indulgently against him.

She giggled as he bounced her titties around and stroked her bush before he mimed walking with his fingers down her mound in the water. When he inserted the two fingers into her she felt her pussy tighten around them and she bucked in the water, still smiling widely at his silliness.

Naughty boy.” she grunted as he stroked her clitoris and cupped her breasts yet again. She wanted him inside her and at the rate, he was going she was going to climb on top of him any moment from now, whether he liked it or not.

Enjoying yourself?

She gasped as he pinched her nipple “What do you think?”

That’s not an answer, Miss Bello.” He licked at her earlobe and she sighed. Both his hands went up to cup her breasts and she put her hands on top of them. They were beginning to get pruny, she noticed.

“Yes, Mr. Adeosun.” Jasmin said, breathily. “I’m enjoying myself.

Think it’s time for bed?” he pumped against her ass, making her vividly feel his rock hard erection.

Yes, Mr. Adeosun. I think it’s very definitely time for bed.” Samira felt her pussy begin its familiar contraction in anticipation of him finally entering her. His cock pushing its way into her sheath was a sensation she found herself looking forward to with an avidity that surprised her at first but now she simply took it in stride. He could make her cum in any way he wished but her orgasms simply felt fuller and more complete when she came with his dick in her pussy.

Okay. Wait here.” He licked her ear and then levered himself up out of the water and stepped out of the tub, walking over to the towel rack. As she watched him, he rubbed himself dry with a towel, looking at her with a small predatory smile. Then, he replaced the towel and picked up and unfolded a huge bath sheet from the rack before he walked back to the tub.

Come here.”

Samira stood up out of the sudsy water and stepped out of the bathtub to stand in front of him. She stood silently as he toweled her dry, stroking the remarkably soft sheet across her back, her arms, and her shoulders, picking off the rose petals that clung to her skin. He knelt and ran the large towel over her belly, up and down her thighs and legs, making her shudder as he rubbed the moist spot between them. He dried her pubic hair and then went to his feet, taking his time to dry each breast and the valley between them up to her upper chest.

By the time he was done, Samira was quivering, thoroughly aroused, the hairs at the back of her neck standing straight up. But she obediently lifted her arms as he tied the sheet around her, knotting it over her heaving breasts.

Then he gathered her up in his arms and kissed her, a long and hungry kiss that left her gasping and breathless, one leg lifted and wrapped around him, towel undone and hanging off one tit when it ended. She had not caught her breath yet when he told her to turn around and close her eyes. Confused, but hearing the command in his voice, Samira turned around and closed her eyes, holding up the bath sheet around her.

She felt him raise the back of the towel over her ass and begin to caress her. And as she bit her lip, his finger reached under her to feel her wetness. She gasped and spread her legs apart, eyes kept resolutely closed as he added another finger and explored her for a full minute.

When his fingers left her, she realized that she was not the only one breathing hard. She was tempted to bend over and demand he start to fuck her but something told her to wait silently, eyes closed as he had asked. That was when she felt him move and touch her hair, still up in a bun and she felt him work the knot and twist and a moment later, her hair fell loose down her back. He had always preferred her hair worn down, she had an Ethiopian mother to thank for her long and luscious black hair.

Keep your eyes closed.” He said one more time. And once again, she felt her feet leave the ground as he picked her up and began to carry her out of the bathroom.

She felt him turn and a moment later he was gently putting her back on her feet on the familiar carpeting of his bedroom. As she stood there, eyes still obediently closed, he unknotted the towel and removed it from around her, leaving her standing naked in front of his bed. Samira instinctively made to cover herself but a moment later she felt him grab her hands and pull her to him.

She realized then that he was sitting on the bed as he pulled her unto his lap and began to nuzzle her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth and making her moan low in her throat in delight. Samira’s lips curled in a smile as she let him pleasure her, all thoughts of modesty gone. His mouth left her breasts, giving each one a tiny nip of the teeth as he caressed her belly, and brought her head down so he could kiss her. She obediently kept her eyes closed all through.

Open your eyes.” he said when his lips left hers.

The first thing Samira saw when she opened her eyes was a large and flat jewelry box with a navy blue rose ribbon stuck on top of it.

Does our … ”arrangement” preclude birthday presents?” He asked, amused, as he saw the apprehension enter her eyes.

Samira knew from experience that expensive gifts led to expectations, and expectations beyond sex – and lots of it – and a little companionship were more than she wanted to get entangled with at the moment.

Absurdly she felt suddenly shy, when she was completely naked and sitting on his lap, her nipples still wet from being in his mouth less than twenty seconds earlier.

Certain types of birthday presents.” she answered quietly. She looked at him, refusing to take the box from his hand. “Deji … I told you I don’t want any …

Neither do I if you don’t. And it’s obviously not a ring.” Deji quipped, highlighting the fact that it was the size of a pizza slice box. But his eyes became more serious in the next moment. “No expectations. Okay? I promise

Samira stared into his eyes, considering. Then she nodded and finally took the box from him. Weirdly, she trusted him, but she was still apprehensive as she opened the box.

Oh Deji!” she exclaimed when she saw what was inside. It was a belly chain, one of the most beautiful she had ever seen. It was no more than three thin silver chains held together by small golden amber droplets with a silver clasp but it was exquisitely done. And it was certainly a far less expectation bearing present than a necklace … or the fates forfend a ring.

It’s beautiful!” But her smile faltered as she thought of what it must have cost. “How much was it?

Deji frowned. “No expectations.

The way he spoke made it clear that he was not answering any more questions in that vein and Samira had to make a decision. And she decided to trust him. So she smiled and simply said, “Thank you.” And glad to see him smile back and all trace of shyness gone she bent her head down to kiss him again. As they kissed he stroked up her hip and side and went up to cup her breast in a patented arousing way of his that had her squirming in delight. She moaned a little against his mouth as she felt her pussy stirring even more to life.

Try it on,” Deji said when the kiss broke.

Samira took a deep breath to calm herself and kissed him one more time before she took the chain out of the box, got up and stood in front of him. She put the chain around her waist and clasped it on. She smiled and struck a pose with her hands on her hips. “What do you think?”

The predatory gleam was bright in his eyes as he stared at her. “Nice.

Her smile grew wider and naughtier as she turned around and wiggled her hips, making the soft flesh of her ass jiggle. She turned her head over her shoulder to see his reaction and she slowly kissed at him before she cat-walked forward a few steps and then turned around and came back towards him, putting a sway in her hips that emphasized exactly why women in many cultures around the world considered belly chains an essential femininity enhancing accessory. She came to a halt in front of him, enjoying the mesmerized glaze of his eyes as he stared at her body.

Turn around and close your eyes.” he said suddenly, getting up to his feet and stepping towards her.

It was a mix of anticipation and the command in his voice that made her obey without a second thought, turning away from him and closing her eyes. She felt him come up close behind her and she felt her breath catch as he began to stroke her body from behind, stroking her belly and cupping her breasts gently in his hands as he nuzzled the back of her neck.

Samira kept her eyes closed as she sighed in pleasure and then, in the next moment, something soft like satin fell across her eyes. She started, surprised, and recognized it for a blindfold as he tied it behind her head.

Trust me?” he asked.

It had been a surprise. But she did. It may only be an ‘arrangement’, or maybe it was because it was only an ‘arrangement’, but she again decided to trust him. “Yes.”

He began playing with her new belly chain with one hand as he cupped her breast with the other, teasing her nipples to turgidity with his fingers. Samira began to grind herself against him as he held her tighter, feeling his dick press against her ass and lower back. He started to caress and touch her body with his exploring hand, going all the way up to stroke her hair and all the way down to cup her bottom and hip.

The blindfold heightened every sensation and Samira began to moan, a continuous purr of delight, as his hand traveled all over her body, her breasts, her belly, her thighs as he held her hard against him from behind and lavished kisses and licks on her arched neck. It felt incredibly intimate and possessive, and thoroughly erotic as they stood there in the middle of the room and he just touched and fondled her and Samira began to shake as the heat within her rose to a fever pitch.

Still, Samira.” He commanded as his hand left her breast and went down past her belly till it got to the hot and moist center between her soft thighs. Samira obediently spread her legs wider and his fingers smoothly went to trail lightly over the wet folds of her slit. He stopped to kiss her neck and she let out a tiny gasp as a finger dipped into her.

His finger went in deeper and Samira shuddered as her pussy clenched around it and he stroked in and out of her pussy, her upper lip curling as she gritted her teeth and stiffened against him. Her knees felt weak, the only reason she was able to keep standing was the fact that he was holding her up as he played with her pussy.

He continued to fingerfuck her, twisting his fingers and pressing against her g-spot as he licked and kissed her neck down the arch of her throat. He held her breast gently in his other hand, bracing her up against him

Do you know just how beautiful and perfect you are, Samira Bello …?” He squeezed her breast, making her draw a sharp involuntary intake of breath as he stroked into her pussy. She writhed against him as he continued to masturbate her, harder and faster, plunging his fingers in and out of her and stroking her clit as she began to gasp and moan.

Her knees buckled but he held her up by the waist and as she began to keen and shake he added a third finger into her pussy. “You’re like some perfect fucking fantasy.” He felt her go stiff and then she started to sob, gasping outcries of helpless delight as his fingers repeatedly plundered her depths. His hand was wet with her cum and she felt rivulets of it trailing down her thighs as she arched her back and opened her mouth in a silent scream.

That was when his fingers suddenly left her and he abruptly began to caress the nub of her clitoris with his wet lubricated fingers. “Cum for me Samira.”

And she did, letting out a scream, her entire body going weak with her orgasm. Deji continued to hold her up and stroke her clit as she rode it through, squeals of ecstasy issuing forth from her mouth as he wrung every last surge of pleasure out of her. “… yes! … yes! …ooh yess! …”

Finally, it was over, and Samira sagged against him, one hand going up to hold her head, the other on the arm holding her up. “You’re going to kill me ...” she gasped, breasts heaving and shaking. But the thoroughly erect and swollen cock pressed against her backside told her that the night was still young.

He confirmed it, making a thrill course through her body. “We haven’t even started yet.”

And once more, she felt her feet leave the ground and a moment later he was gently laying her down on the bed. She felt his weight on the bed and heart pounding in anticipation, she widened her legs as far as they could go, knees bent and heels resting on the satin-sheeted mattress. She felt him move again and a moment later she felt the weight of him settle on the mattress between her legs. She smiled invitingly and brought her hand down between her legs to stroke at her pussy – she was ready.

Come here, Mr. Adeosun.”

No, Miss Bello.” He firmly moved her hand away, making her whimper in protest. “Patience.” His tone was at its most commanding and Samira counseled herself to relax and wait, clutching his bed sheets. She felt Deji move again and suddenly he was lying on top of her, his thick and hard dick pressed lengthwise on her bush, her breasts with her almost painfully hard nipples crushed against his chest. He kissed her for a while, licking at her lips and sucking them in repeatedly, his hands on either side of her on the bed, not touching her.

She kissed him back, enjoying the kiss, wondering why his penis on her bush, over her entrance and not inside her? So she pumped her pelvis up, giving him the hint to re-align himself.

He broke the kiss to whisper forcefully “I said patience, Samira.” before he continued to kiss her. Samira nodded and opened her mouth for his tongue. It was heightening her anticipation beyond imagining to have him so close to sliding his way into her thoroughly empty feeling pussy, yet so far. She moaned and whimpered against his mouth, an iron will preventing her from pumping her hips again, telling him his ploy to have her going mad with need was working and that he should hurry up and get inside her.

He abruptly broke the kiss and raised himself off her and she heard him move around for a moment. He lifted one of her legs up until her foot was at the level of his mouth. Then she started as something pleasantly hot, almost like candlewax, but oily landed on her foot. The oil rapidly cooled and Deji’s hand kneaded it into the skin of her foot. He dripped another few drops of the hot and instantly cooling liquid unto her calf and worked it into her flesh.

The oil smelled like a mix of lime, strawberry, and jasmine and was obviously edible as he kissed her calf muscle and carefully licked where his hands had just been. He started with her other leg, letting the one he had just attended to fall back on the bed and worked her foot and calf the same way. Then he poured the oil on each of her spread apart thighs and massaged the oil in, over and under, kissing and licking his way up.

Samira’s breath caught when he dripped some on her inner thighs and he massaged and licked and kissed around her cunt, stroking up to her abdomen and the flesh under her bush, following his stroking fingers with his lips and tongue. He did not touch her moist center and Samira bit her lip to keep from crying out in frustration.

He next went to her arms, her shoulders and chest. Samira was letting out soft squeals and writhing under him, turned on beyond thought. He was carefully taking her to new heights, making her moan by just the feeling of his hands on her body. He lay on top of her again and kissed her for a while when he was done with her neck. Samira noted in her mind that he had avoided her belly and breasts as she kissed him back, her arms around his neck.

He broke the kiss, leaving her moaning in complaint and licking her lips as if she could still taste him, but her arms fell compliantly back to her sides as he lifted himself off her. Samira knew what to expect but she still jerked when he squirted the oil on her belly. The heat and the swift cooling was an extremely pleasant shock. He began to stroke the oil into her skin and bent over her to blaze a trail of licks and kisses on her flesh, his mouth following the path laid by his hands.

He licked her belly button and abdomen, having her moan as he kissed the flesh above her bush.

He sat up once again and this time he dripped great dollops of oil on her breasts. Samira cried out at the heat and sighed as the oil cooled against her. Deji took his time to knead and work each tit, administering to one then the other with his hands and mouth. Deji allowed a small drop of the oil to land on each nipple and Samira moaned with delight as he massaged the oil into the hard nubs of flesh on her breasts.

She was already shaking before he took each of her nipples into his mouth and twirled his tongue around her areolae as he nibbled each of them, lavishing attention on them that had her crying out and holding his head in place.

Oh … oooh … Deji …!” Samira cried out, pumping his hips up, her hands falling away from his head. “That feels so good!

But Deji had other ideas as he left her breasts and kissed down her body, down to her wet core, and Samira shrieked when he spread her open with his fingers and his tongue speared into her cunt. He sucked at her cunt lips and rasped his tongue against her clit, trailing circles around it before he covered it with his mouth.

She writhed and shook, legs spread wide and holding his head as it bobbed and moved between her thighs, gasping and sobbing as he ate her pussy with a primal hunger that only matched her need for him.

He lifted one of her legs straight up into the air and buried his nose in her wet folds, plunging his tongue deep into her vagina and sucking at her cum as it gushed out of her.

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