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Housegirl Grace: The Lesson Teacher (18+) [Legend Series]

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Housegirl Grace: The Lesson Teacher (18+) [Legend Series]

She wasn’t angry or jealous, Grace had to remind herself as she watched the corper guy go towards his room with a pretty looking girl that seemed to laugh at everything he said, they have not as much as utter a word to each other since they fucked at midnight.

He acted like he didn’t know her, she looked away and picked a bucket to go fetch water and hopefully stop being so angry, it was supposed to be a fun weekend for her since her madam had to follow her husband to visit his sick mother, but since everyone in the compound was still avoiding her and the new guy was practically ignoring her she can as well do chores.

She got to the tap, some girls were busy chatting away in Yoruba instead of carrying their water-filled buckets home.

She fetched her container full, ignoring the girls, she lifted the bucket to her head spilling water on herself which made her curse under her breathe, it was beginning to feel like bad luck filled day.

Getting home, she almost ran into the children lesson teacher waiting at the door, she forgot, he was coming to teach the kids, she poured the water into the drum and opened the door for him.

As she turned to face him so he could enter the room she caught him staring at her, he quickly looked away adjusting his glasses. She looked him over for the first time realizing how tall and big he looked, she went outside and called the children, dragging the youngest from the sand he was playing in.

When he began to teach them, she picked out some dried clothes and decided to change in her madam’s room since she was not around, she took off her clothes and pulled down her panties. 

She stood naked in the room and listened to the lesson teacher teach the kids with only a curtain separating them, she grabbed her boobs and played with her nipples, she closed her eyes and realized she liked his voice, she molded her boobs squeezing hard, she let one hand slide down her tummy to her bushy pussy.

She brought her hand to her mouth and sucked, she added another finger sucking and imagining sucking the lesson teacher’s dick, she shoved the fingers deeper into her mouth flicking with her tongue like she would a dick.

She felt her pussy drip juice and she reached down to touch it, she rubbed her clit faster and faster with her other fingers in her mouth muffling her moans, she shoved the fingers on her clit into her dripping hole and started to fuck herself, she needed a real dick.

She pulled her fingers out and tied a wrapper, she went and took the children from the teacher and took them outside before he could ask any question.

“Make una go their mama Chidera house go play,” she said to the children handing the oldest one a twenty naira note to hasten their movement, as soon as they left the compound she entered inside and closed the door behind her. 

She went over to where the lesson teacher was sitting and squatted beside him, she quickly reached for his crotch and he pushed her away

“What do you think you are doing? I have a girlfriend” He snapped

She moved closer to him but he shifted away, she stared at him and smiled, slowly she untied her wrapper and pulled it down to her waist, she saw his eyes fixed on them, she tied the wrapper on her waist and grabbed her boobs, she molded and squeezed them together watching his eyes follow her every movement.

She pinched her nipples letting out a low moan, she briefly looked down and saw his bulge, smiling to herself she let the wrapper fall to her feet, she watched him nervously adjust his glasses and she started walking towards him.

He shifted nervously on his seat as she walked towards him, she stopped in front of him and squatted, her eyes fixed on his she reached out and touch his bulge, this time he didn’t push her away, she stroked it and gently squeezed watching him close his eyes briefly when he opened his eyes she grabbed her boobs and squeezed.

She watched him adjust his glasses as she pulled on her nipples moaning softly, she sat on the floor and spread her legs watching his gaze shift to her pink goodies, she spread open her pussy lips with her fingers loving how his mouth was open slightly, she pushed a finger in throwing her head back in pleasure.

She pushed her finger in and out bucking her hips to form a rhythm, she heard him groaning and she opened her eyes to see him jerking off while watching her intently, that sent shivers through her, she added another finger and moved on it more vigorously, he beat his dick faster and she moved her fingers faster

“Oh I’m cumming” He announced and she could feel herself getting there too, she rubbed her clit in fast circles and soon she was crying out cumming hard on her fingers, he started to make a face and she quickly positioned her mouth over his dick, he came hard and she sucked him all up, she stood up and turned around. 

She bent down exposing her pussy to him, he stood up and came to stand behind her, he slowly pushed his whole length into her, his hand came around her waist and started to move faster.

He pushed in deeper and spanked her ass, the slap surprised and excite her, she started to push into him matching his movement with hers, he started to grunt slapping her ass as he did, he pulled out and sprayed her ass with warm cum, he sighed and sat back down panting heavily, he zipped his trouser picked his books and hurriedly left.

She picked her wrapper and went outside to fetch water, she took a quick shower and dressed, she decided to go get the children because on there own they won’t come back home, she closed the door and headed out, she walked past the shops and down the footpath to Mama Chidera’s house.

She stopped in her tracks her eyes fixed on Linus the mechanic as he lifted something that looked heavy, he was shirtless and sweaty, he usually worked wearing a tattered T-shirt but this time he was shirtless, she urged her legs to move and she walked towards him, he turned around and spotted her

“Ah Grace, how far you,” He said in his thick Igbo accent she used to find funny

“I dey o” she smiled at him

“You jus throway me nah” He said walking towards her

“No worry one of these days I go come see you,” She said smiling at him with a flirtatious look

“Har go dey expect you,” He said

She walked away thinking about what would be below his sexy upper body

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