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Housegirl Grace: Papa Doris (18+) [Legend Series]

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Housegirl Grace: Papa Doris (18+) [Legend Series]

Earlier in the day, Grace heard a loud noise that sounds like a woman in pleasure from Papa & Mama Doris’ room, a near-perfect plot to blackmail him for things she wants.

Grace waited for about 30 minutes before the light-skinned lady came out of Papa Doris’ house and left, Grace went to sit out and waited for Papa Doris to come out, she didn’t have to wait long because he came out about 5 minutes later.

“I no dey hear Mama Doris dey shout scatter like dat o” She said smiling.

He stopped and stared at her.

“Wetin u wan do, u go tell her” He asked

“Make I tell her?” She asked still smiling.

“You no dey serious,” He said hissing as he left

She was frowning, he does not know what he is playing with, she will show him pepper, the kids came back and she fed them and got them to change while scheming in her head, she was angry because he didn’t take her threat seriously and that put a dent on her plans to get him to f*ck her silly, she went about her chores.

She made sure to prepare dinner a little early so she has some free time, she sat outside their door when she was done and soon as Mama Doris came in with her load from the market, Doris strapped on her back she stood up and went to help her with her things, she helped her carry it into their room and asked about her day in the market.

Soon they were in a full-blown conversation, she kept looking at the door for when Papa Doris would come back, she listened to his wife go on and on about the drama from the market, soon enough he entered.

“How market today” he started before freezing when he noticed Grace sitting down, she smiled at him.

“Welcome o” she said

“Na so o” she said turning to Mama Doris

“Some people sabi do shakara especially yellow people,” she said looking straight at him.

He coughed and went inside their room making her smile.

She said her bye and left feeling pleased with herself, she went back home and went through the rest of the day anticipating.

She’s been waiting all day but he didn’t not show up, she went back inside feeling sad, she lay down and soon was dozing off. A series of knocks on the door woke her up, she went to see a frowning Papa Doris at the door.

“Wetin you want?” He asked frowning

“Wetin you give that woman,” She said smiling

He walked away towards his room, opened the door and looked back at

“Ehen come na” He said

She almost jumped in excitement as she closed the door and followed him to corper’s room.

Apparently, Papa Doris collected a spare key to corper’s bedroom, she started taking off her clothes as soon as the door closed, he watched her intently, and when she was done.

He walked towards her and took her boob in his hands, he looked impressed, he squeezed and flicked the nipples with his thumb till they were hard, he brought his mouth to her boob and sucked, and he took away his mouth leaving her disappointed.

He held her hand and led her to the room, he pulled her into him and he kissed her pushing his tongue in her mouth, she loved the feeling, he reached down and squeezed her boobs.

He made her lie down and took his clothes off; Grace could see why the light skin was screaming, he spat and rubbed his big dick with it and pushed into her slowly then fast.

She gasped as he was fully inside of her stretching her wider than she has been, he started to move, sending her to all kind of heavens, he soon picked up the pace and she could not recognize her voice

‘Ewooo Ewoo’ she screamed

It was like her screaming were fuelling his pounding as he increased his pace, she could feel herself build up and let go trashing under him, he lifted one of her legs and kept pounding mercilessly.

She kept screaming loudly begging him, calling him all sorts of names as she came hard again, he kept going in and out fast and just when she thought she couldn’t take any more he lifted her other leg and pushed in deeper.

She felt tears rolled down as he pounded even deeper and faster, he pushed in deep and quickly pulled out of her spilling cum all over her stomach, her pussy was throbbing and her whole body throbbing.

He got dressed and she gathered all the little energy she had and got dressed

“You no go tell her abi” He finally said when they were fully dressed

She couldn’t muster the strength to say anything, she just walked past him went home and laid on the floor, she closed her eyes and napped. She woke up with her whole body hurting and her p*ssy sore.

She stood up and got water went to take her bath, her mind drifted to his last question, whether she would tell his wife, looks like he would have to keep her mouth shut the way he knows how to.

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