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Housegirl Grace: Oga James, Madam Trouble & Lucky Sunday(18+) [Legend Series]

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Housegirl Grace: Oga James, Madam Trouble & Lucky Sunday(18+) [Legend Series]

“You this stupid girl, you want to finish me abi,” Grace’s madam yelled at the top of her voice throwing her hand on her head.

The other woman with her wrapper tied around her waist launched at Grace hitting her before she was dragged away from Grace.

“Make una leave me, I must kill her today ” She yelled.
“She wan use the yeye thing between her legs destroy my family, I must kill her o” She shouted stamping her feet hard on the ground.

She made another dive at Grace who covered her face, the woman had already pounced on her earlier, tore her clothes, and gave her a good beating.

The day had begun normally like any other day with Grace waking up early to do her chores, she had waited till everyone was out of the house before she went about her other new routine, she started fucking Oga James after they ran into each other at night, he was zipping his trouser after taking a piss while she was out in her wrapper to also take a piss.

They greeted each other while she went inside the bathroom to ease herself, he was still standing outside when she came out, she made her way back to the room as she passed him.

He pulled the end of her wrapper, she held unto it before it unravels completely but not before her boobs were exposed, she started to say something but realized how loud her voice sounded in the middle of the night

“Wetin be that” She whispered
He didn’t say anything but smiled at her, she hissed and made to leave

“Wait,” he said stopping her in her tracks

He was behind her in one swift move, he hugged her from behind, tightening his embrace a little when she tried to wiggle out, he stroked her waist up till his hands were under her breast

“You no like me?” he whispered into her ears
She started to breath faster, her pussy tingling, he moved his hand and molded her breast, she parted her lips and breath out slowly from her mouth, he squeezed her breasts pressing into her gently, he rubbed at her nipples and he squeezed them

“You no like am?” He whispered

He opened her wrapper and stroked her waist and her tummy before he dipped his hand into her panties feeling how wet she was, he pushed a finger in and she moaned, he added another finger and started to move it, she clamped her legs together and he moved faster her juices coating his fingers.

She was dripping, when she started to moan louder, he shushed her and took out his fingers

“Bend down” he whispered

She quickly went down, her ass in the air to him, she heard him unzip his trousers, he stood behind her spat on his dick and guided it to her waiting pussy, his dick fitted her pussy, it filled her, he held her waist and started to move, she moaned as he slid in and out of her dripping pussy.

She wiggled her ass as he moved and he slammed in deeper his laps making loud slapping sounds against her skin, he started to move faster and she moved against his rhythm.

She could feel herself build-up, he fucked her faster and deeper, she started to rub her clit as she edged closer to exploding, he immediately pulled out and rubbed faster cumming all over her hand, she pulled up her pant and tied her wrapper, she walked back inside without saying anything to him or even looking back.

They didn’t talk for a while before they fucked again when he came home very early from work, and again when they both stayed sick on Sunday.

She waited for him to show up for their new routine where he comes back early and fucks her brain out, but he didn’t show up.

She went about her day, she was about to start cooking when Oga James wife pounced on her like an angry lion, tearing her clothes and landing blow upon blow while screaming “husband snatcher” and other insults, grace wondered how she found out as the other neighbors held Oga James wife at bay

“Ashawo! E no better for you” Oga James wife cursed
Grace madam joined in begging Oga James’ wife as Grace stood with her clothes tattered and her head down. She thought about what her madam would do to her and also thought about how she just lost Oga James’ good dick.

“Grace! Grace!! Grracce!!! How many times I call you?” Grace’s madam yelled at Grace who knelt before her.

“Three, three times ma,” Grace said between sobs.

Her madam has been beating and questioning her since her escapade with their neighbor got her a beating from his wife, now her madam wants to know if there are other escapades which makes her Oga nervous.

He had earlier given her three thousand Naira to keep her mouth shut, she kept telling her madam it was just this one-time swearing to all the gods in her village when she is threatened to be sent back home.

She kept sobbing while her madam threw insults at her, after about an hour and half, she was done yelling and punished Grace with plenty of clothes to wash.

Grace went about washing quietly, she took buckets to fetch water but the tap was not running, she decided to go to another house to fetch water from their well, she was friends with the eldest son so they let her fetch water sometimes, she got to the house and knocked the gate to the compound, after a while it was opened by her friend

“How far Grace” He started
“I dey Sunday, Abeg I wan fetch water,” She said
He smiled and let her in, she grabbed the fetcher headed to the well, she looked around and it seemed he’s the only one at home, she continued to fetch her water until he came out, as she was heading out of the compound with the water on her head, he walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, he leaned in to touch his lips to hers and she shook her head away

“Abeg I no fit, but I go come back again,” She said breaking away.

She went home, the thought of fucking him crossed her mind, she fetched two more buckets and started washing. By the time she was done, she was tired, she thought about going to fuck Sunday, that could help with some stress.

She went inside to the entrance to her madam room.

“Ma, I wan go fetch water from well put for drum,” She said

Her madam said okay dismissively, she took her buckets and headed to the well, she fetched her water excited that he was still home alone, she filled up both buckets before heading to his room, it was opened except for the curtain, she entered inside and closed the door behind her. He smiled as he saw her enter, she quickly took off her clothes and turned to him looking at her

“Hurry up I no get time,” she said to him

He smiled and started taking off his trouser, he joined her on the bed and they started kissing, his hands running through her body making her flinch where it hurts from the beatings, she told him and directed his hands to where it doesn’t hurt, he squeezed her breasts and pulled her nipples till there was rock hard.

He covered her nipples with his mouth and sucked, he flickered his tongue around her nipples making her push her chest into him, he straddled her and continued sucking on her breasts, he slowly ground his hard dick on her pussy, she parted her legs giving him full access to her dripping wet pussy.

He stroked his dick and guided it into her pussy, he pushed in inch by inch till he was completely buried inside,she pulled him deeper into her and snaked her legs around his waist, he rested his weight on his elbow and started to move, he started out slowly, pushing in and out of pussy slowly enjoying the feel of her pussy sliding around his dick

“Sunny harder!! ”

She moaned urging him to move faster with her thighs against his waist, he slammed into her gradually picking up pace, he slammed in and out harder, their sweaty bodies rubbed against each other as he moved faster and harder, he lifted one of her legs and fucked her faster grunting harder as he did, he lifted the other leg and slammed deeper getting her to moan louder.

She grabbed the bedsheets as he slammed into her his balls slapping against her ass, her pussy clenched his dick hard as she exploded around him coating his dick with warm juices, he started to slide in faster pushing deeper into her, he pulled out making a face and came on the bed, he crashed beside her breathing heavily, they laid there trying to catch their breath before Grace quickly wore her clothes and scrambled out.

On her way out with the water she intentionally spilled water on herself and told him she would be back for more water smiling at him.

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