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Housegirl Grace: Night Bus (18+) [Legend Series]

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Housegirl Grace: Night Bus (18+) [Legend Series]

“Abeg na wetin be time” Grace asked another passenger

She told her the time and Grace sighed, it felt like forever since she started her journey and she couldn’t wait to get to her village, her grandmother died which meant her madam allowed her to attend the burial, it’s been so long since she last visited home and even though she was sad she couldn’t wait to see everyone.

She liked traveling by night bus but this one seemed to be moving at snail speed. She leaned back into the chair wondering what she could do to pass time seeing how she was tired of trying to sleep.

It was a 24 seater bus so she had enough space to be comfortable, maybe she should have convinced Aisha her new friend to give lend her her knitting set by now she probably would have almost finished knitting a cardigan with all the spare time on her hands.

She looked around the bus, sitting right beside her was an old man who keeps snoring and on the other side was a lady who had her face buried in a book since the journey started and besides the lady was a much older woman who either is sleeping or chewing what Grace suspected was tobacco leaves, some women at the back have been gisting in what Grace thought sounded like Idoma since they started moving.

Sometimes the bus is fun like when the radio came on one time and they were discussing corruption, everyone seemed to have something to say about corruption, but now everything seemed to have quiet down except for the lady who is always on her phone who only looks away when there is no service reception on her device.

The car soon stopped and the man beside Grace alighted, she was so happy she got two seats for herself but her happiness was short-lived because soon the bus stopped and picked another passenger.

He came to sit beside Grace, he said hi before plugging in his earpiece, he smelled nice with a whiff of cigarettes like he smoked a little before getting on the bus.

She decided to sleep but was woken when the bus entered a pothole, it was annoying for her because she was having a sex dream and right before she got rammed she got jerked from her sleep, she rubbed her thighs together still feeling horny from her dream.

She looked around and almost everyone was asleep even the gisting women. So she decided to rub one out since no one could see her in the dark and almost everyone was asleep, she lifted herself up a bit and pulled her gown to her waist then leaned back and spread her legs, the thought that someone might see her just made her even hornier.

She leaned back and pictured her dream and this time she was getting rammed with her on all fours, she shifted her pant aside and started to push her finger in and out of her wet pussy trying hard not to make a sound, she rubbed her clit with her thumb moaning a little.

She added another finger and shoved it as deep as she could, added a third finger loving how full it felt she could feel herself building so she started to move against her finger, the movement of her waist and the little bouncing of the bus felt too good she had to cover her mouth with her free hand to stifle her moans.
She was almost there and she pushed in faster the bus entered a pothole and that pushed her fingers deeper, she came hard trying not to scream out loud, she sighed out loudly and relaxed her body

“Need any help? ” The guy beside her asked almost making her jump
She didn’t need help but she needed something else
“You get condom?” She asked

He nodded his head like a kid that had been asked if he wanted sweet; it made her smile, he quickly fished out a condom from his wallet, he unzipped his trouser slowly and pulled out his dick, it wasn’t that big but it would do, he stroked his dick before he covered it with the rubber.

She stood up a bit and he slid to her seat, she sat back down sinking into him, she took all of him and she heard him grunt a bit, she started to push herself up and down as silently as she could.

She tugged and twisted her nipples through her top as she bounced up and down his shaft, whenever they entered a pothole it feels really good inside of her, she looked to her side and saw the lady wasn’t reading her book anymore but was watching them intently; looks like she found something more entertaining than her book, grace bounced up and down his dick feeling another orgasm building.

She ground and bounced even faster, he held her waist and pushed in deeper making some muffled noises and she knew he came but she kept grinding him, she kept at it till her second orgasm hit, when her body was relaxed she lifted herself up and his dick slid out, he moved back to his seat and she pulled down her gown.

She turned to the other side and closed her eyes, now she can enjoy her sleep.

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