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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E22] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E22] (18+)

Tristan asked her what she liked, and with a smile Grace said
“I like fuck and person wey sabi fuck well”
The surprised look on Christian and the smile on Tristan’s face made Grace smile
“Is that so?” Tristan asked
“Yes, you sabi?” Grace asked while she traced a finger up his thigh
“I’ll rather show you” he replied

The surprised look on Christian face was turning her on even more
“Oya na” grace said

Immediately Tristan jumped into the water making Grace giggle, she was standing but the water was above her waist; almost at her chest. Grace moved to stand in between Christian and Tristan’s leg, Tristan moved to stand behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist, he moved his hands slowly till he was cupping her big breast.

She moaned deeply as he squeezed her breast making her moan softly, she put her hands in and squeezed his thighs.

Christan expertly found her nipples and squeezed them using his thumbs and forefinger over the thin fabric, maybe because it was darker or because she had already seen some people getting their freaks on out in the open poolside.

Grace didn’t care if someone saw her getting her boobs squeezed, a shiver ran through her when he placed his wet lips on her neck. Grace has moved up to cover Christan bulge, she was impressed by the length and girth of his tool. She gave it a soft squeeze and looked up to watch his reaction, he gasped when she squeezed it again.

Her body felt tingling as Tristan kissed her neck deeply, his hands found their way under her bikini top making her pussy purr and tingle. Grace looked up at Christian then pulled his hand, he got the message and joined them in the water standing in front of her.

She wasted no time as she took his hand and lead it to her pussy then reached into his short and pulled his dick out, she moaned as Tristan continued to massage her boobs and roll her nipples between his fingers.

He started to push his bulge against her big ass while Christian massaged her pussy lips, he placed his hand on her clit and moved it in circles making her moan out softly. Grace was so turned on but she wanted to feel more, like reading her mind Tristan left one boob and with his free hand he dug into her panty, he squeezed her ass before placing his hand over her ass crack.

His middle finger delve into her crack till he was touching her asshole, grace clenched her asshole by reflex
“Relax” he whispered into her ears.
It’s been so long since anyone placed anything in the backyard that she forgot how weird it could feel, taking a deep breath she allowed herself to relax. Tristan played around her hole while squeezing her nipples, she spread her legs wider allowing Christian’s finger to slide into her better.

He pushed two of his middle fingers into her hungry pussy while his other fingers rested on her pussy lips, he started to move making her moan louder.

She felt him rotate the fingers inside her and immediately he found the soft, spongy spot deep inside her pussy, she jerked in pleasure when he rubbed it.

Grace was so distracted by how good he was fingering her G-spot that she didn’t notice Tristan pushing a finger into her asshole, her hole clenched around him and he reminded her to relax before he started moving his fingers in and out.

The sensations the two men were making her feel was driving her crazy, she couldn’t focus on anything and she loved it. Tristan added another finger making her gasp with her mouth wide open, she had forgotten how good ass play felt.

“oh my God fuckkk!” She cried out.

She couldn’t control the noises she was making when Christian moved his fingers in and out, repeatedly brushing her g-spot, while Tristan’s fingers embedded deep in her moved in and out faster.

She was moaning louder and louder and stopped when Tristan removed his fingers, she was about to tell him to put them back when she felt the head of his dick on her ass. He parted her cheeks and pushed his dick on her hole, he reminded her to relax before he pushed the head in.

Grace felt the pain and was about to clench up when Christian rubbed her G-spot, she moaned out and Tristan pushed his dick in. She felt so full and she loved it, he kept moving till he was fully lodged inside her backyard.

“Damnn so fucking tight, I haven’t moved yet and I feel like I’m gonna burst” Tristan said
Grace was getting impatient
“Move” she commanded
“Not yet,” Christian said

He lifted one of her legs then pulled out his fingers. Immediately he replaced them with his dick, pushing till he was fully lodged inside her pussy that gripped him like a vice.
“Ahh yes move now” she whined

Christan moved first before Tristan moved, she felt like she was going to rip into two but she didn’t want it to stop. Tristan bit her shoulder gently as he started to thrust in inside her making her scream, Christan joined too holding her leg tight as he pounded her pussy.

His strong arms held her up like she weighed nothing, while they fucked her simultaneously. Christan gritted his teeth and pounded her pussy while Tristan was grunting as slammed into her ass. Grace was glad they were for because fucking while standing up is not an easy task.

She felt sweat drip down from her forehead, as her breathing grew laboured. But it was all worth it. The sensations grew and it felt like she would explode any moment, she had completely forgotten they were outside with a lot of people.
Suddenly their movements both synched making her see stars as they pounded into her at the same time

“OH MY GODD AHH FUCKKK AHH GOD AAAHHH!” With a shout, she came hard, her limbs suddenly useless.

Christian pulled her second leg up holding her up underwater.
Her pussy clenched over and over again as her orgasm spread through her body

“Fuck!! you’re gonna make me cum too baby”

At his words, she clenched her walls around him.

“Cum inside me” she whispered
Christan grunted as he pounded into her furiously.

“Fuckk I’m about to cum… Are you close guy?” He asked Tristan
“I’m so close… Fuck.” He cried out

Christian came first, filling her up with so much warm cum. She could feel his dick pulsate inside her as he gave her everything he had.

Tristan followed him close, shooting his load inside her with a groan.
“Goddamn!” He grunted as she milked them both.

She felt so full and warm and cold at the same time, she leaned into Christian and was about to close her eyes when she heard someone shout


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