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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E21] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E21] (18+)

“Wow! She looks even better in real life,” one of the twins said in one of the sexiest baritone voice grace has ever heard.

“I told you,” Nina said beaming proudly

“Now Grace dear, I leave you in good hands, take good care of her boys,” she said before leaving
She pushed Grace gently towards the boys and disappeared

Grace felt awkward not knowing where to go sit and being left by herself she started feeling self-conscious. The boys sat up and one pointed at the space on his chair, she walked consciously towards them feeling like if she breathed the wrong way it would unravel her tiny bikini.

“Don’t worry Grace we’ll do our best, I’m Christian and my brother is Tristan” He said after she sat down

“Yeah, you can relax Nina tasked us with making sure you have fun, would you like a drink?” Tristan asked

Grace nodded her head and said
“Great! Sweet or strong” he asked

“Ermm anyone” grace replied

“Nice! I’ll be right back” Tristan said before leaving
Grace noticed Tristan had more energy than Christian, even the sound of his voice was different to Christian’s calm voice.

All around them, people were having fun, some were sitting and talking like she was while others danced on each other. In the pool people laughed and played, shooting water guns in the dark at each other

“I want to ask you to tell me about yourself but I don’t want to bore you plus Nina mentioned you’re kinda shy and don’t talk much,” Christian said and she smiled

He was about to say something else when Tristan came back followed by someone carrying a tray of drinks. It was bright enough for Grace to recognize the person but she could tell it was one of the staff.

After the person left, Tristan sat opposite her on his chair and pointed at the tray
Grace looked at the tray that has a big bottle of clear liquid, some bottles of beer, ice and other drinks

“Na beer be that” Grace suddenly asked before she quickly covered her mouth
She has been working hard to improve her English and now that she was in the midst of Nina’s posh friends, her mouth want to disgrace her

“You like beer? Na my person you be that” Tristan said smoothly looking at her with a smirk making grace smile

“But I was thinking we could kick off with shots” he added then proceeded to pour the clear drink into three bottles
“Just shot am once,” Christian said rubbing her hand gently

Grace wanted to laugh because his pidgin wasn’t as smooth as Tristan and Grace found it cute, she was happy that they were trying to make her feel comfortable. She took her glass after they took theirs and they all took a shot at once, grace made a sound and a face and they all laughed.

After a bottle of beer, Grace was freer, she hosted and laughed with the boys and got more comfortable touching them. They were both so fit with smooth skin that tempted grace to keep running her hand over.

It was apparent that the boys were interested and she definitely wouldn’t mind getting some cock. They would comment on how nice they thought her body and ass was and that she should show it off.

Grace was getting boozed and she loved talking about silly things with the boys. Suddenly the DJ played Olamide’s Pawon and Grace couldn’t help herself and she jumped up, she moved a little so she was in front of both the boys and started twerking to the song.

The boys cheered and soon a bunch of other people were hyping her too, when she looked back she saw the boys’ eyes glued to her ass and it shone bright with lust.

Grace bent at the waist and shook her fat ass from side to side watching how the boys struggled to swallow their saliva.

When the music ended a lot of people were hollering and hailing her, some guys walked towards her but before they got close enough Tristan and Christian were on each side of her.

“Can we dance with you?” Christian asked with his calm sexy voice

Grace nodded her head and they both took their position in front and behind her, Grace danced between them. She would whine and move her waist to the music and sometimes tease the boys by rocking them. Tristan was the better dancer and would keep up with her when she started rocking low.

As they danced she would turn to face each of them occasionally pushing her ass into their crotch enjoying how hard she made them. After they were done dancing the boys went to grab drinks from their tray when someone grabbed grace from behind

“Sneak attack,” The person said before dragging her and then jumping with her into the water while everyone in the pool cheered

Grace laughed when she came up in the water, she couldn’t believe they would push her into the water like that. A group surrounded her and soon she was answering questions from guys and girls she didn’t know, as they chatted she yelped when she felt someone squeeze her ass.

It was dark so she couldn’t tell who it was, they did it again and she turned in that direction to face two guys that had straight faces.

Someone shot one of the guys with a water gun and made her laugh, soon everyone around her was shooting water at each other leaving her in the line of fire, she ducked under the water and swam to the edge of the pool.

Grace looked around and everyone seemed to be having fun, that’s when she noticed some people were already kissing and rubbing on each other.

“There you are, we were just coming to rescue you,” Tristan said
He sat on the edge of the pool with his legs in the water while Christian sat beside him with Grace in the middle. Christian handed her a bottle of beer as she floated in the water between them.

She was enjoying the party, and couldn’t believe her luck, the daughter of a nobody without a degree, hobnobbing with rich kids, who it seems genuinely like her even if it’s because of her pussy or fucking skills.

They talked and laughed about how Grace got kidnapped and she made jokes about the ass grabbers. They all gossiped about the people already getting handsy with each other, as they talked their conversation got more and more sexual in nature. Tristan asked her what she liked and with a smile, Grace said

“I like fuck and person wey sabi fuck well”

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