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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E19] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E19] (18+)

Grace woke up smiling, she felt great but her body didn’t.

She felt sore and her body hurt, after checking the time, she forced herself out of bed and into the bathroom.

After a quick cold shower, she felt a little better and ready to go make breakfast for the Chief, it was already bright out as she walked to the kitchen

“Look who’s finally up, was about to send someone for you” Ms Janet said
“Sorry ma,” Grace said

She wanted to explain that her body was sore but didn’t think telling Ms Janet her body was tired from all the fucking she received from Chief and a staff

“Are you okay?” Ms Janet asked when she noticed how sluggish she was being

“Yes ma, na body dey pain me and I get small headache” she complained as she cut the crusts off the bread to make a simple sandwich like Chef Gabe taught her

Ms Janet came around and place her palm on her forehead as she asked her a couple of questions about how she was feeling, since they fucked Ms Janet has been a lot nicer to her and always excusing her from major chores that she usually would include her in

“Don’t worry just make the breakfast and go rest” Ms Janet said

Grace didn’t know how to feel about it because she wanted to see chief but she also liked that she gets to relax after making breakfast for Chief

After she was done, Ms. Janet took the tray to deliver to Chief, Grace decided to go chill in her room since everyone would be busy with their work and her body still hurt.

It didn’t take long for her to get bored especially since she didn’t have data on her phone, she tried to sleep but couldn’t. As she was deciding what to do there was a knock on her door, she went to check and saw it was one of the bodyguards that stands watch at the chief’s door.

“Chief say make you take the medicine inside,” he said

He handed her a shopping bag and left, Grace went back to her bed suddenly feeling better and really excited that the chief sent her something even if it was medicine.

Sitting down she opened the shopping bag and there was a small pharmacy nylon bag inside, an envelope, Lucozade boost and some chocolates.
She checked the nylon bag and brought out a postinor pill, a can of glucose and vitamin c.

She quickly grabbed the envelope and opened it, Grace screamed with joy when she saw a bunch of hundred dollars notes inside.

Grace thought about all the ways she could thank the Chief when she finally got to see him, taking the pill to the bathroom she used water from the sink to swallow it.

After eating some chocolates she felt strong enough to go outside, on her way to go see Agnes, she saw the gate open.

She slowed down to see who it was and the moment the car drove in Grace recognised it immediately. The moment the car parked Grace went over immediately with other staff joining her

“Welcome aunty Nina” they greeted as she stepped out of the car

Grace couldn’t believe Nina was finally back from school, she had missed her so much. Her day just keeps getting better

“Welcome home,” Grace said smiling from ear to ear
“Thanks my dear, did you miss me?” she said handing her handbag to Grace

Grace nodded while smiling, they walked into the house while the other staff gather and carry the luggage from the car boot

“I miss you o,” Nina said pinching Grace cheeks as they went up the stairs to her room
“So glad to be home but I’m wiped,” Nina said as she fell unto the bed
“Is daddy around?” she asked Grace who nodded her head yes

“Ummm nice I need to ask permission for a small party,” she said with an evil smirk
Grace missed everything about Nina, from her charisma to how polished and bright she always is, to her banging body and crazy spirit.

While she was away they would occasionally chat and she would sometimes ask Grace for naughty pictures and thanks to the nice camera on the phone Nina gifted her, she always had nice pictures to send her.

“This party would be a banger, shey you’ll help me with it” she asked Grace
“Yes ma,” grace said smiling shyly

Nina sat up and moved closer to Grace and place her hand on her face
“I made some new friends that would be coming for the party” Nina started, her hands moving down to her neck

“And they would loveeee to meet you” she added her hands sliding down to her breast

Grace felt her pussy jump as Nina started to gently squeeze her boobs, there was a knock on the door and they jumped away from each other.

“Come in” Nina called out and the staff with their luggage came in

Grace’s pussy continued to tingle as she reminisced on all the good times she had with Nina and the good times she knew Nina had in store for her.

She couldn’t wait for all the fucking they’ll definitely do.

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