June 27, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E18] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E18] (18+)

The day was a bit bright when Grace opened her eyes, she felt light and free.

Grace sat up stretching as she placed her feet on the floor but her legs didn’t meet cold tiles like they usually do and that’s when she realized she wasn’t sitting on her nice soft big bed either.

Grace couldn’t understand why she wasn’t in her usual bed or how she got here where the bed was barely there and the floor was mud instead of the glistering marble floor at Senator’s house.

That is when it hit her, she was in her house in the village. But how did get there she wondered, she stood up hoping to go find her mother to explain to her how she got back home. As she stepped out she noticed that there were a lot of people moving around, women moved in and out of the kitchen carrying food.

Grace recognised most of the women as the women in her village, all around her women and ladies seemed so busy. Grace wanted to ask one of them what was happening when she heard loud wailing coming from outside, quickly she walked to the obi that was filled with women wailing and crying.

She recognised some of the women and that made her heart start racing, she wondered why there were so many people at her house and why they were crying. She really needs to find her mother she thought as worry started creeping on her, heading outside she saw more people outside.

Some were sitting under an old looking canopy while others stood talking to each other, looking around Grace still couldn’t find her mother which was making her more worried and scared. Walking towards the canopy she noticed she could recognise some of the people sitting there as well, with her mouth open she watched her first Madam’s Oga talking with Papa Kolade.

Grace suddenly realized that it’s been so long since she saw either of them. She remembered how big Papa Kolade’s cassava was and how good he was at using it, beside him was Oga Danny.

She smiled as the moments they spent together fucking flashed before her eyes, Grace couldn’t believe her eyes when they landed on Oga Corper. She definitely missed their early morning romp in the bathroom in her former Madam’s house, but why were they all there in her village she thought to herself.

The need to find her mother increased leaving her very worried and very scared, as she was about to head back inside she saw her friends gathered at one corner. She moved close to them to hear what they’re saying but could barely make out what they were saying.

Grace was about to open her mouth to call out to them when she saw her aunty walk past with a tray of food. She was so happy to see her aunt, she might nag a lot but she has helped Grace a lot in finding good houses that didn’t have too much wahala for her to work in.

She knew how lucky she’s been especially knowing that not all girls that leave the village or even other house girls were as lucky as her, some ended up in houses where they won’t feed them and would almost finish them with housework while some end up with Madam’s that would beat them and all sort of horrible things.

Grace shook her head like shaking away the cases and stories she’s heard, she followed her aunt from a distance till she stopped at another side of the canopy.

Grace couldn’t believe it was her second madam with her two sons, Dennis looked distracted with his iPad as usual but David looked down and sad; why was everyone looking sad or crying she wondered. Grace’s heart started beating even faster and louder, she could hear it in her ears.

The need to find her mother felt more intense, the feeling forming a big knot in her throat. Just as she meant to start running inside she sights her mother all covered in white crying and wailing in Igbo while some of her uncles’ wives try to comfort her, Grace wanted to cry and scream.

She needed answers and no one was acknowledging her, as she looked around gasping for breath her eyes landed on a big frame leaned on the wall. It was a big framed picture of her smiling shyly with the words call to glory, that’s when it hit.

They were all here because it was her funeral but does that mean she died? Is she a ghost? Is that why no one could see her despite walking around them? She thought to herself feeling the knot in her throat grow, her body suddenly felt cold making her want to scream.

Holding her neck with both hands, Grace screamed a loud piercing sound.

Suddenly her eyes flew open and the room came to focus, a familiar room with a nice bed and a man fucking her from behind. That’s when it all started coming back to her, he had suddenly lifted her leg and slid into her after he came and crashed on the bed beside her. During one of the hard thrusts, she hit her head against the wall, and that was when she passed out.

Breathing a sigh of relief that she got fucked so good that she passed out and had a crazy dream. The position was perfect for her tired body and she could feel his dick slides in and out of her raw; he must have taken off the condom after cumming the first time.

She liked how he felt slamming into her wet sopping pussy, as she felt the sensations of an orgasm building she felt herself slipping into the darkness again.

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