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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E17] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E17] (18+)

“You get condom?” she finally asked him as she smiled at her like he was just told he won the lottery.

He dug into his back pocket and brought out an old wallet, he wasted no time fishing inside to bring out an old-looking condom.

He held it up like it was a diamond he found in the sand, Grace nodded and moved away from the door. His eyes followed her and soon he was looking around the room, his eyes widened when she turned on the air conditioning.

“You dey enjoy o,” he said with a little hint of jealousy

Grace ignored it and started to undress, the moment she took off her polo he was drawn back to the present. He threw the condom on the bed and also began to take off his clothes, like mirroring her movement they removed their trousers at the same time.

When he saw she wasn’t wearing any panties a smile that looked wicked and beastly spread on his face, his dick jumped in his worn-out boxers which made Grace’s pussy purr.

He quickly got out of his boxers like soldier ants were inside it, Grace climbed the bed and crawled from the end of the bed to come meet him.

He stroked his dick as he watched her ass moving side as she prowled to him, smiling up at him, Grace picked up the condom and tore it open with her mouth watching as his breathing got higher watching her.

As she rolled the condom down his long dick, she thought about how good his dick felt inside her when he fucked her brain out in the staff bathroom but Grace didn’t want his cum mixing up with Chief’s inside her.

As soon as she was done, he turned her around and grabbed her waist, she liked that he always goes straight to the fucking like she was his slut. He positioned himself and slid into her, hearing her sweet moan, he gripped her waist harder and pounded into her hard with her humping back against him both of them grunting and dripping with sweat.

The only sound in the room was the sloshing sounds her pussy made as he pounded her and the sound of their skin clapping as he slammed into her, Grace buried her face in the sheets trying to muffle her moans as he fucked her hard.

He pushed her into the bed making her almost lay flat on her chest with her ass lifted up, he made her stretch out one leg as he joined her on the bed. Pushing back inside her he started moving fast, groaning and grabbing her ass.

Grace loved feeling used, she enjoyed getting slammed into till she could feel the hard cock pushing close to her heart. She reached under her and slid her hand down till she was touching her pussy, grace rubbed it moaning a bit louder as he fucked her from behind.

Grace positioned her fingers on her clit so as he slammed into her she was grazing her clit, the feeling that spread throughout her body was intense and sweet and she was ready for it to end; she wanted more.

As she rubbed her clit she could feel herself climbing higher, suddenly he pulled out leaving her hole gaping trying to grab unto him.

He pushed her to lay on her back then pushed back one leg far back before he positioned himself and slid into her with one violent thrust

“Ahhhh” Grace moaned as he pushed himself fully into her.

Once he was completely inside her, he lifted her other leg and pushed it back till it was almost touching her shoulders. Grace was feeling a lot of different things, her waist hurt a little from how far he pushed them but she felt so full with how deep his dick was inside her.

He started to move slowly at first, making her want to whine and complain but he suddenly picked up the pace, first pulling out almost immediately and slamming down hard.

Grace bit down on her lips to keep from screaming out as he repeated it over and over till she felt she would explode, he then held her thighs firmly as he started to slam in and out of her hard. Even with the air conditioning, they were both sweating, her boobs were bouncing everywhere as he slammed in and out of her.

Gripping the sheets with one hand and covering her mouth with the other, Grace could feel her pussy gripping and tingling. She could tell what was coming next and she couldn’t wait, bumping with him her body felt like it was lit up with electricity.

Her toes curled as the feeling got more intense, screaming out grace felt her pussy explode with the pleasure spreading from inside her to everywhere.

She opened her eyes looking up at him as he fucked her faster with a look on his face, her knees felt weak and like he could tell he pulled her legs onto his shoulder. She could hear him breathing hard as he continued to slam into her faster, her body was shaking almost uncontrollably.

She cried out as her pussy exploded again, soaking her ass and the bedsheets beneath them.

Grace started to wonder when he would actually cum. As if he could read her mind, she could feel something happening to him. His whole body tensed and then relaxed before he let out a long, lingering moan that told her he was cumming.

When he was finished, he pulled out of her and fell next to her. Grace pussy continued to tingle and she smiled loving how weak and shaky she felt, all of a sudden, he resumed pummeling her like never before, it seemed his battery just got charged.

“My own don finish”

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