June 10, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E15] (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E15] (18+)

At that moment, she wanted nothing more than to sit on his thick cock and watch him get engulfed in how good her tight wet pussy felt.

Turning her head to look at the chief from between her legs she put a finger into her mouth before shaking her ass from side to side. Grace felt so proud when the chief started to fan himself even though the AC was blasting cold air.

Standing up she moved slowly towards the centre table trying to be sexy wishing she had on long heels like the porn stars she was trying to channel. Placing one foot in front of the other, Grace bent over and caressed her leg slowly from her foot all the way up to her thighs, the Chief looked like he was going to explode with his hands around his bulge.

Bringing her leg down she decided to be bold so she took slow steps to the chief making sure to maintain eye contact, when she was in front of him she turned around and started to shake her ass hoping she looked as sexy as she felt. She heard him groan and mumble something before he lightly tapped her ass.

Grace wanted him to squeeze her ass so she pushed her ass back and bent over so her ass was on full display. Grace was feeling so horny her pussy was dripping down her thighs, she heard the chief take a deep breath in so she turned around to make sure he was ok. When she saw him stroking his bulge she turned around and smiled at him she was so excited like he just saw some candy.

She squatted down between his legs and placed her hands on his thighs. She gently pushed his legs apart before caressing his thighs, she could tell his eyes were fixed on her as she focused on his hard dick that was jumping in his boxers. Smiling shyly she dug into his boxers and wrapped her hands around him making him groan softly, her hands wrapped firmly around the base of his cock she admired the thick meaty cock which was making her mouth water

“You like what you see,” the chief asked her

She giggled and then nodded yes, he had no idea that she has had his cock on her mind since the day she jerked him off. She moved her hands up then down before moving her head down to lick the precum on the tip, the chief grip on the side of the chair tightened. Looking up at him grace opened her mouth and took his dick into her mouth, he looked breathless and she loved it.

Moving down she buried his dick in her throat, she held it a few seconds before she pulled up.

His dick glistened with her saliva and she stroked it up and down, she covered the tip with her mouth as she continued to stroke his dick. She found a rhythm and would occasionally deepthroat his whole cock loving how deeply he groans when she does.

It’s been a while since she deepthroats and it turned her on so much, she wanted to make chief cum with her mouth and watch him as she swallowed his load but she couldn’t wait.

Her pussy tingled loudly and she could feel her juices running down her thighs, her hands still wrapped around his dick she stood up. Grace straddled the Chief slowly her hands still around his dick, she didn’t look at him because she won’t be able to handle the rejection if he decided he didn’t want to fuck her but he didn’t stop her when she used her free hand to push him down into the sofa.

Lifting herself slightly she positioned herself to his hard slippery cock. Slowly she sat on him loving how his dick impaled and stretched her, she continued down till he was completely inside her.

Grace loved everything about riding, from the control of how deep she wants to how well she can move when she’s comfortable. She finally looked up at the chief to see he was biting his lips with his head thrown back, he looked like he was trying to control his breathing which made her smile.

She gripped his thighs to steady herself before lifting up barely an inch then slamming back down

“Ohhh baby” he moaned softly

She placed her hands lightly on his shoulder then started to move up and down, her pussy tingled sweetly as it clenched around the chief’s cock as she moved up and down his cock slowly.

She could tell the sensation of her tight clenching pussy sliding up and down his cock was driving him insane, picking up the pace grace started to move faster and occasionally grinding her pelvic into him loving how his dick grazed her g-spot.

Grace wanted to kiss him as she moved but that would spoil her rhythm so she threw her head and bounced on his dick faster. They both moaned as she moved up and down her tits bouncing and threatening spell out of the tiny dress, she ground moving back and forth.

It felt so good how his boxers caused friction on her clit while his dick grazed her G-spot, she continued moving back and forth feeling her orgasm building. She was so close when the chief wrapped his hands around her waist and started to pump into her from below, her eyes rolled back as he fucked her fast and hard panting hard.

She was so close, the dress she had on suddenly annoyed her. She wanted to smash his face in-between her huge tits, holding unto him for dare life as he fucked her harder grace moaned out loudly feeling her body tingle; she was so close

“So sweet” he mumbled as he pumped harder

Her pussy gripped his dick so hard as her orgasm hit her, she couldn’t believe how loudly she was moaning or how much her juices were gushing out of her.

Still holding her firmly in place on his cock he continued pumping in and out of her, It did’ t take long before the chief started shooting his load inside of her.

After he came he slowed down then finally stopped as they held onto each other panting and trying to catch their breath.

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