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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E14] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E14] (18+)

Grace was filled with excitement as she carried the tray up the stairs, if she wasn’t carrying Chief’s food she would be skipping up the stairs.

She couldn’t believe just how much she missed him, since she saw his cock, it’s all that floods her mind and panties whenever she thinks of him. He was finally back and she could go up to see him, Grace wished she was wearing a more sexy outfit or even had time to shower.

Her pussy was still wet with her juices and thinking about Chief’s cock had her leaking and tingling as she climbed up the stairs. Finally getting on Chief’s floor, she took a deep breath and tried to gather herself, there was only one man guarding the door and he was her favourite.

He always returns her smile and cheerfully returns her greeting. She beamed and greeted him and he smiled back at her

“Grace!! Grace!!, I’m sure the chief missed you and your cooking,” he said before taking a deep breath.

Grace smiled taken aback by how nice and soothing he sounded like all those sexy male radio presenters that come up at night, she made a mental note to pack some food for him. He opened the door and she nodded and smiled at him as she walked through the door.

As usual, the chief was seated behind an open newspaper that he dropped the moment he heard her walk in.

“Ahh my baby… umm good food I can finally enjoy,” he said making Grace’s smile grow wider
She carefully set the tray on the table in front of Chief as he stared like he was going to start salivating.

If only he would look at her like that she thought to herself, after opening the food and setting everything she opened her mouth to ask if he needed anything but he started to say something

“Ehen, that reminds me” he started
“I got you something sweet and special,” he said with a big grin
“It’s in the room on the bed, you can change there” he added

Grace wanted to jump for joy, she couldn’t believe what she just had. Chief bought her something from his trip and he wanted her to change into it

“Okay sir,” she said, sounding excited.

He started to eat and she headed over to the room, she realized she had never gone past the bar as she walked past it to the door that led to the bedroom.

Trying to control her breathing she entered the room, she took a deep breath as cold crisp air blasted her face.

The room was huge and nicely arranged with nice big paintings hanging on the wall, after Grace was done looking around in awe, her eyes finally fell on the outfit on the bed.

Grace couldn’t believe what she was looking at, it was a maid outfit that she’s only seen once in one of the porn videos she sometimes watches.

She could already tell how short it would look on her and she didn’t know what it really meant; was this really happening she thought.

Was this Chief’s way of showing her he wanted to fuck her as much as she wanted him, she put the outfit on, intrigued and fascinated by its intricate design; on the bed under the outfit was what looked like long white socks.

Grace quickly took off her polo and trouser, her heart beating fast at the thought that she was naked in his room, gently and delicately she put on the outfit.

It was mostly a black small gown with puffy short sleeves and a white apron lined with ruffles and tied at the back with a big white bow. The gown was so short it barely covered her naked ass, she sat on the bed and quickly pulled up the socks that stopped on her thighs making her legs look longer and sexier.

She walked into the bathroom and gasped at her reflection, she looked and felt sexy in the little maid outfit like all those sexy pornstars she likes to watch. Turning around she bent over and watched her wet pussy peeking out of the gown.

Not wanting to keep him waiting she quickly stepped out of the bathroom and headed out to the living room.

She walked around and went to stand in front of the Chief who looked like he just finished eating, he gasped when he saw her and quickly took a large swing of water to stop him from choking.

Pride swelled in her chest as she watched his reaction

“Omalicha Nwa… see how your beauty almost choke me,” he said making her smile
She could already see the tent forming in his boxers and it turned her on so much

“Walk around for me baby mo,” he said and she smiled
She walked around towards the TV feeling his eyes all over her body, she pretended to dust off the TV making Chief chuckle and groan.

She turned her head to look at him then smiled and surprised him by bending over to pretend to dust the decoder.

Grace knew her sopping pussy was on full display for chief and seeing how high the tent in his boxer had gotten made her pussy tingle.

At that moment she wanted nothing more than to sit on his thick cock and watch him get engulfed in how good her tight wet pussy felt.

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