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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E13] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E13] (18+)

“Don’t faint yet o, we’re just getting started” she heard Buchi say.

Grace was panting hard, trying to catch her breath. Every part felt like it was vibrating softly, she looked down and Ms Janet was smiling at her. Buchi was parting her butt cheeks as he positioned his hard dick to her opening, Grace watched as he slid inch by inch till their skin was touching.

Ms Janet had a look of pure Bliss as Buchi buried himself inside her, she smiled at Grace before lowering her head to lick her juices. Holding unto her waist he started to move, Ms Janet held unto grace thighs and buried her face in her pussy.

Grace could still feel the high of her orgasm that was now mixed with new pleasure, the picture before her was so sexy; Buchi’s muscles flexing with every move as he slammed into Ms Janet, her body arched beautifully with her ass in the air.

When Ms Janet stops lapping at her juices to moan or breath, Grace would push her head back down. Soon she was moving to meet Ms Janet’s mouth who was getting fucked hard from behind, they all moved in such beautiful sync and it drove Grace crazy. She couldn’t wait for her turn to get drilled, her pussy quivered at the thought of getting slammed into.

Buchi squeezed Ms Janet’s ass so hard as he slowed down only to slam hard into her, he repeated the move making Ms Janet’s mouth hang loose like a puppy. With one hand he reached around and started rubbing her clit fast making her moan loudly, she was no longer able to concentrate fully on eating out Grace as her clit got stimulated.

“Are you close” Buchi whispered into Ms Janet’s ear before sucking the lobe into his mouth
Ms Janet mumbled something as she nodded her head, her eyes looked like they would roll into the back of her eyes as he started to slam in and out faster.

Grace didn’t mind that her pussy wasn’t getting much attention, just watching them both was turning her on so much. He pulled her hair and fucked her faster making her scream out. Letting go of Grace’s thighs she grabbed unto the sheets

“Fuck fuck fuckkk I’m gonna uhh I’m gonna fuckkk” she cried out pulling at the sheets

Buchi squeezed his face as Ms Janet came, grace could tell she was gripping hard into his dick. He started to move faster and more erratic his nails digging into Ms Janet’s soft flesh

“Fuck, I’m gonna bust” he groaned
“Cum inside me” Ms Janet said with a slur, closing his eyes he slammed hard into Ms Janet before making some glottal sounds.

After a while he pulled out of her with strings of cum following his dick, he crashed on the bed breathing hard.

Grace stared at his soft wet dick wishing it would spring back to life so she could ride it

“Give me a minute and I’ll be ready to go,” Buchi said smirking at her
Ms Janet smiled at her before pulling herself up to kiss her on the lips surprising her
“Do you know how good you taste?” she asked smiling
Grace looked away not sure how to answer
“I never pegged her to be so shy,” Ms Janet said to Buchi who just smiled back

Ms Janet crawled back to the head of the bed and laid down, she patted the space between her and Buchi, her eyes moving up and down her body.

“I’ll be ready in a minute,” Buchi said as Grace crawled in between them
“Didn’t you say that a minute ago, what’s the time sef” Ms Janet said as she reached for her phone on the nightstand

“Oh fuck” she suddenly exclaimed sitting up
“What’s wrong,” Buchi asked with raised eyebrows
“Senator, he was to return tomorrow or next but he suddenly decided to return today,” she said standing up

She started frantically looking for her panties and clothes as she mumbled to herself.

“I need to get everything ready,” she said as she pulled on her trouser

“You too, Grace, you need to cook him something nice to welcome him home” she added

Grace was feeling so many mixed feelings as she dragged herself up, she wanted to ride Buchi but she was also excited that the chief was finally back. She grabbed her clothes and started to put them on

“I’ll go out first then you can come next and join me in the kitchen” Ms Janet said as she grabbed her phone and dashed out.

Grace quickly wore her clothes making sure to tuck in nicely, as soon as she was done she headed to the door

“Ah ah I don’t even get a goodbye kiss,” he said fake frowning

Grace giggled then blew him a kiss feeling silly, she headed straight to the kitchen feeling excited that the chief would be home any moment and she’ll be serving him food. She wondered if he got her anything from his journey or if he missed her as she missed him.

“What can you make sharp sharp that he likes,” Ms Janet asked immediately she walked into the kitchen

“Errm… Abacha” she answered
“Okay get on it,” Ms Janet said before leaving the kitchen

Grace felt so good and happy and soon, she was sashaying around the kitchen as she put together the Abacha. Everything was coming together and almost ready when Ms Janet came into the kitchen
“He’s back” she announced making grace want to shout in excitement
“He wants food and he says he doesn’t want to be disturbed, so serve the food and leave. I’ll be in my room in the staff area” she said before leaving

Grace wanted to do her happy dance as she garnished and set up the tray of Abacha, she hoped the chief won’t be too tired to give her some attention.

Now that she knew he was back she craved him even more. Washing her face at the sink grace wished she could go take a bath and change but she didn’t want to keep the chief waiting so she carried the tray of delicious-looking Abacha with plenty fish, stockfish and Pomo fit for a chief out the kitchen.

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