December 6, 2023
Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E12] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E12] (18+)

“Are you just going to stand there, come make yourself comfortable,” she said to Grace as Buchi kissed down her neck.

Grace moved closer and sat on the bed, her eyes never leaving them as Buchi kissed lower, Ms Janet threw her head back as he kissed the swell of her breast as he squeezed them under her bra.

The breathless look she had on her face as he popped out her nipples and covered it with his mouth had Grace squeezing her thighs together, Grace has always seen Ms Janet as uptight and a little prudish, so seeing her bite her lip as Buchi sucked on her nipples made her feel like she’ll melt into a hot mess of horniness.

Her eyes catching every little movement, Grace saw as Buchi slipped one hand down into Ms Janet’s panties. Grace loved the look on her face as she moaned when he started to play around in her panties, the soft moaning sounds she made was nothing like she’s ever heard come out from her mouth.

Her pussy tingled as she watched Ms Janet wiggle and moan as Buchi fingered her while kissing around her breast, moving and squeezing her thighs together was no longer doing it for Grace; she needed to feel more.

So she ran her hands up and down her shirt till her nipples hardened and poked through her shirt, she pinched her nipple loving how it sent a shot of pleasure to her clit. As she watched Ms Janet squirm with pleasure, she slipped one hand under her shirt to play with her boobs, she watched intently as Ms Janet got more and more vocal.

Grace was lifting her shirt a little when Ms Janet opened her eyes, making Grace suddenly freeze, not sure what to do next like someone who got caught stealing meat from the pot. When she didn’t move Ms Janet nodded a little making Grace relax a little, she was moving more now.

She moved to meet Buchi’s fingers as they fucked her pussy faster, Grace started to feel at home as she decided to take off her shirt so she could play with her breasts better, as she dragged the polo up and over her head it made her breast bounce.

The look on Ms Janet’s face when her breast dropped made her feel hot and shy, she always loves the surprised look people get whenever they see her big naked breasts. Feeling more confident Grace removed her trouser and sat in the middle of the bed facing Ms Janet, she grabbed around her nipples and used her thumb to rub her nipples in circles.

Ms Janet was staring at her intently and for whatever reason it made her feel nervous so she closed her eyes and squeezed her nipples, she was slowly grinding her pussy on the bed but it wasn’t enough. She stuck one finger into her mouth and sucked on it before bringing it to her throbbing pussy, Grace played with her clit a little before slipping her middle finger into her dripping pussy.

Moaning sweetly Grace started to move her finger in and out, the familiar heat started to build and spread through her body but She wanted more. Slipping in another finger Grace lost herself to the pleasure that was building as she fingered her pussy and pinched her nipples.

Grace was getting carried away when she heard Buchi chuckle loudly which made her open her eyes.
“Ohh now I see why you were so distracted,” he said to Ms Janet
Ms Janet looked at him them grace before looking back at him

“If you’re that hungry you should just go and eat” he added

She should go and eat? Grace wondered to herself, was Ms Janet hungry and he wanted her to go get her something to eat she wondered maybe that was why he was looking at her.

She was about to stand up to dress up and go get some food when Ms Janet started crawling towards her with her eyes filled with lust Grace knew so we’ll. Was that what Buchi meant when he said eat she wondered, was Ms Janet about to eat her work she wondered.

Grace didn’t know how to feel about the new turn of events she never imagined Ms Janet would be staring at her like she was a delicious meal waiting to be devoured. Grace found herself parting her legs as Ms Janet got closer, her heart was beating so fast she could hear it in her ears, her pussy quivered as Ms Janet placed her hands on her thighs.

Ms Janet kissed one inner thigh then the other before lowering down, Grace could feel her hot breath on her clit and it made her feel like she could explode. In a split second her hot breath got replaced by her warm, wet tongue.

Her tongue was surprisingly long and she swirled it in little circles down one side of her pussy and then up the other, never quite dipping it inside her but hard enough that the pressure of every swirl made its way to her clit.

She continued like that, licking around her folds but not dipping in, Grace felt like pushing her head into her desperate pussy, she looked down just as Ms Janet looked up at her with a smirk.

Ms Janet swirled her tongue around again and just when Grace felt like she couldn’t take it anymore she plunged her tongue inside her and lapped up her juices, Grace threw her head back as she moaned louder, loving how Ms Janet was pushing her tongue in and out of her so fast.

Grace was squirming and moaning as Ms Janet tongued her hard, out of the corner of her eyes she could see Buchi stroking his hard cock that was oozing precum with a smile on his face. Ms Janet pulled away, making a whine escape Grace’s mouth.

She smiled and immediately replaced her mouth with a long slender finger, she slid it inside Grace and her pussy immediately clamped down around it.

Ms Janet curled the finger inside her and moved it around till grace gasped, she smiled before bringing her mouth down to cover her clit at the same time she coaxed her G-spot making Grace lose control as she felt wave after wave of pure bliss pulse up through her legs and through her body.

She was screaming as Ms Janet added another finger and continued to massage her g spot while sucking on her clit. Her toes curled into the sheets and her back arched as she cried out loudly, the orgasm that raked through her had her scratching Ms Janet’s back as her body quivered with the waves of pleasure that was racking through her.

Grace fell back into the bed trying to catch her breathe, it felt like she was floating.

“Don’t faint yet o, we’re just getting started” she heard Buchi say.

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