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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E10] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E10] (18+)

Grace laughed with the rest of the group at something Agnes said, they’ve been gisting, laughing, and drinking.

The group was now a bit bigger with more girls and guys, they had contributed money and gotten more alcohol and suya that they finished almost immediately it was opened.

Grace felt so light and excited as they gisted and made jokes about random things, Agnes had gotten closer to the skinny guy, she made fun of earlier in the day.

They talked about their fun sexual escapades amidst jokes which Grace found both interesting and arousing, they would occasionally ask her some sexual questions that she answered cleverly making them hail her making her smile from ear to ear.

The more she drank, the more excited and light, she felt but she also got more pressed, finally she decided to go ease herself but when she looked around to ask Agnes to escort her she couldn’t find her in the group.

She wondered how she didn’t notice when Agnes left and why she left without saying goodbye. So, she stood up steadied herself then dragged herself towards the bathroom, she felt so good she wanted to hum a song but couldn’t remember which song she wanted to sing so she just laughed at herself.

As she got to the bathroom area, she decided to head into the bathroom but heard sounds coming from inside, steadying herself she listened and it seemed they were people fucking really hard inside the bathroom.

The loud moans accompanied by louder sounds of skin slapping against skin excited her body as her nipples hardened and her pussy jumped in pants, her body moved on its own dragging her closer to the bathroom.

As she moved towards them her leg hit a bucket she didn’t see that made a loud sound as it rolled away making them stop fucking

“Wait person dey inside here” she heard Agnes say sounding frantic

Grace immediately went inside the toilet that was beside the bathroom, the guy tried to convince her that the person left but Agnes was too paranoid and decided to leave. Grace heard the guy curse and grumble which made her feel bad, she was about to step out and go apologize when she had him moaning.

It seemed like the guy decided to finish himself off since Agnes ran off, the sounds he was making as he stroked himself was turning her on even more.

It had been a while since Grace got fucked good which made her pussy throb even harder, her legs acting on their own pulled her out of the toilet. She was going to get closer and listen in on him but as she walked towards the bathroom; the door was wide open.

Grace and the guy in the bathroom made eye contact and it was the skinny guy they were drinking with, instinctively her eyes fell to his dick in his hand, and damn he really had a big dick.

His dick glistened with Agnes juices that still coated his big meat which made her mouth water and her pussy tingle, the guy wasn’t sure what to say or do as they stood there staring at each other with Grace staring at his dick.

He started to stroke his dick slowly as Grace followed his movements with her eyes, she could feel her pussy flooding her pant as it tingled sweetly.

More than anything she wanted to feel his meat parting her warm wet folds, as he stroked faster she slowly walked towards him.

As she entered the bathroom he closed the door, his eyes not leaving her, she reached and wrapped her fingers around his hard throbbing cock. She watched as his nose flared up as she gently stroked him, he reached around and grabbed her ass squeezing hard through her jeans.

Like something snapping inside him, he immediately flipped her around before reaching to fumble with the button of her jeans, she immediately helped him out and unbuttoned her trousers. He pulled it down to her feet before reaching out to play with her sopping wet pussy, he rubbed his dick between her ass cheeks as he played with her clit making her moan and move her ass against his dick.

He spread her legs and she leaned against the wall, holding her waist he started to push his dick between her slippery folds moaning as she swallowed him inch by inch. Grace moaned sweetly as he pushed into her, it’s been a while since she had such a meaty and long dick stretching her out

“Ahh so sweet” he moaned as he lodged fully inside her

Holding her tight he started to move, slamming in and out of her fast and hard making grace moan as she moved with him.

The slow thrusting became more vigorous, she could feel every motion as her pussy felt so full and stretched.

For a skinny guy he was quite strong as he held her down and fucked her tight sopping pussy hard, grace knew she was moaning loudly but she couldn’t help herself. He felt too good inside her as he thrust faster and harder, holding onto her waist he bent down a little and continued to pump into her grazing her g spot as he moved.

Grace grabbed and squeezed her breast as he fucked her like a maniac making her pussy and body tingle with pleasure, he moaned incoherent words as he slammed into her.

Grace wanted it to last forever but she knew she was close as her pussy gripped unto him, screaming out she came hard her pussy quivering against him. He made a sound before quickly pulling out of her and groaning as he came on the floor.

Grace’s knees felt weak and she felt light and sleepy as she was about to crash onto the floor, he held her up.
He helped her pull up and trousers and told her to go sleep because her eyes were already threatening to close.

She felt like she was walking on clouds as she made her way to the room a huge smile plastered on her face.

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