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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E08] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E08] (18+)

After the third ring, Chief answered
“Omalicha Nwa, l will call you back. I’m in a meeting” he started
“Chief” she cried out her voice cracking

Grace couldn’t hold herself back as she talked into her phone, it surprised her that instead of Chief hanging up, he tried to calm her down enough for her to babble the situation through to him.

“So, you mean David’s wife is trying to take you away?” He asked the irritation evident in his voice
Grace nodded her head to the question before she remembered that the chief couldn’t see her

“Yes! She say make I pack my bag” Grace managed to say before wailing again
“It’s okay” the chief scolded

“Oya stop crying eh, I will take care of it” chief said before hanging up

Grace held the phone to her ear before pulling it away, the last thing the chief said rang in her ear.

The way he said he would take care of it calmed her down, she wiped at her face before deciding to go splash some water on her face. She entered the bathroom and cringed at her reflection, turning on the tap and scooping up some water.

She splashed the cold water on her face hoping it will reduce the puffiness around her eyes. After staring at her reflection for what seemed like a long time she decided to go join her former madam in the living, she decided not to pack her bags and, if they asked she’ll simply say she needed an extra bag for all her new clothes.

Walking into the living room she saw her madam looking down as she spoke into the phone that looked like Ms. Janet phone, Grace got closer hoping to catch what her madam was saying but she’ll have to get really close to her and she didn’t feel like sitting beside her so she went over to Ms. Janet to try and explain her need for extra bags but she held up her hand.

She decided to focus on her Madam’s phone call.

“Yes I understand, no it’s no problem, yes. I’ll send your regards to the boys, whenever you’re ready we’ll be happy to see you” Her madam said before hanging up and handing the phone back to Ms. Janet.

“Grace my dear” her madam started

“You’ve grown so much o, I see you’re moving up in the world” she added with a look on her face
Grace didn’t know what to say or what was happening but if she had to she intended to stall till the chief got back

“The boys have missed you especially Charles, he’s now so grumpy around the house, we even got a new help but it didn’t work out” Her madam went on

Grace felt bad but she didn’t want to go back, since she’s been here she has more freedom and have been able to have all kinds of sexy adventures and not to mention all the money she’s been able to save and the nice things she now had

“You know you’re like family” she added

Grace didn’t know how to reply to that, she had also missed the boys and the house. Most especially her Oga, she missed how he’ll fuck her so hard at his workplace.

“I.. I miss them, Charles, hope Cee is eating well” she asked

“You know that one if only food comes out of his iPad,” her madam said smiling

“Anyway I will be on my way, try to visit eh,” she said as she stood up

Grace hugged her and collected her handbag as she walked out with her, she could barely contain how relieved and happy she was that she wasn’t going with her madam.

Grace couldn’t wait for the Chief to come back, so she could cook him the most delicious meal to show her appreciation. If he’ll let her, she’ll like to suck the soul out of him so he’ll see how happy she was staying back, she walked her madam outside to where her car was parked.

They exchanged a brief hug and goodbyes with her madam reminding her to visit. When her madam drove away it felt like a heavyweight had been lifted off from her chest, it felt like she could finally breathe again.

Grace practically skipped away as she headed back, she noticed the girl that was sent to call her staring at her with a weird look. She stood there with another male staff as they followed Grace with an intense gaze.

Entering the house she headed to her room

“I don’t know how you do it and frankly I don’t care” Ms. Janet voice stopped her in her tracks

“But nothing lasts forever,” she added before walking away.

Grace didn’t know how to feel about what Ms. Janet said but she knew she was very happy she didn’t have to leave and she won’t let anything bring her down.

As soon as she was in her room, she jumped on her bed sighing heavily, she felt light and happy.

Grace couldn’t believe how close her nightmare of leaving the mansion was, as she thought about the events that had just occurred there was a knock on her door.

Before she could answer the door was open and the girl that was sent to call her earlier strutted in, she looked around Grace’s room with a sneer on her face.

Grace was about to ask her why she was in her room when she spoke up
“Ms. Janet dey find you for staff quarters”

Grace wondered what Ms. Janet needed her for after all she just saw her, the girl continued to look around
“Let’s go,” grace said standing up

If she had known what laid in store for her, Grace wouldn’t have followed her out of the mansion.

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