March 21, 2023

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E05] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E05] (18+)

“Oh uh my baby ahh”
“Eh chief eh yes ah yes” they both moaned loudly as the chief slammed hard into her from behind, stretching her pussy with his thick cock.

The bed made a “kpa kpa” sound as he slammed hard into her, he grabbed her hair making her back arch as he drove deeper into her. She could feel the build as he slammed harder into her, she was going to cum and she couldn’t wait.

As he pulled out almost completely to slam back inside they both heard an annoying beeping sound that got louder.
Grace’s eyes flew open as her alarm beeped loudly, she reached and swiped her phone angry. She was sweaty and panting, her dream left her horny which annoyed her. Grace couldn’t believe she just had a sex dream about the chief, since she jerked him off she couldn’t stop thinking about his dick.

She thought about getting herself off but when her eyes settled on the wall clock she realized she had missed her first alarms and it was already quite late. The thought of Ms. Janet coming to knock on her door got her standing up and heading to her bathroom, she took a quick shower and dressed up just as quickly.

Grace headed straight to the kitchen to go start preparing Chief’s breakfast. The kitchen was practically empty except for one of the cleaners that was just about to finish cleaning, they exchanged small greetings as Grace set out to start cooking.

She put a kettle of water on fire before pulling out the small bucket of custard and a bowl. She made a small paste in the bowl loving how the raw custard paste scented, it was a nice and expensive custard that came mixed with milk and sugar.

When the water was hot, she poured it gently into the paste while stirring the mixture.

Making lump-free custards always filled her with pride, as she covered the custard bowl the door opened and Ms. Janet walked. Grace greeted her as she walked towards

“That looks nice,” Ms. Janet said as she raised the custard bowl cover
“Too bad chief went out early” she added leaving grace confused and disappointed
“You take the custard, pour some for me too,” she said to Grace

“Okay ma” Grace replied trying hard to mask her disappointment
She got cups and dished custard for her and Ms. Janet. After pouring milk in both cups she decided to have hers in her room.

As she ate, Grace went through her chatting app that had messages from both Buchi and Steven but for some reason, she wasn’t interested in replying to either of them. Grace wanted to spend time with the chief but she’ll have to wait for when he’s back and hungry.

As she thought of the food she’ll cook for him a light bulb went off in her head, quickly finishing up her breakfast she washed her cup enthusiastically.

After she was done she went out to find Ms. Janet and told her she wanted to go to the market to buy ingredients for Afang soup for Chief.

The excitement she felt as she got driven to the market made her forget about her earlier disappointment, she was more excited about the other things she intended to buy since she had more than enough cash on her from the time the chief gave her money.

When they got to the market she set out to buy all the ingredients she needs to make a super delicious Afang soup before heading to her favorite clothing shop, even though her outfits were uniforms grace wanted to look extra sexy for chief so she bought a super tight light Jean and got another polo shirt a size too small.

As she left the shop she sighted another shop that sold underwear, beaming she entered the shop and bought a pair of lacy bra and G-string which she could now easily afford.

With what was left of her pocket money she decided to get some makeup so she could practice the makeup tutorials she likes to watch. The day might have started in a disappointing manner but it took a different direction than she liked.

They drove back with her going through her new stuff at the backseat, the fact that she was now allowed to sit only at the backseat made her feel like royalty. She couldn’t wait to cook and go serve chief in her new sexy outfit, they got to the house and she wasted no time jumping out of the car. She dropped off her clothes in her room then headed straight to the kitchen to start cooking, the kitchen was a bit more full but she didn’t mind.

Setting out everything she bought she made to wash some ingredients when Ms. Janet walked in

“You want to start preparing lunch for chief?” Ms. Janet asked
Grace wanted to answer sarcastically but nodded her head yes instead

“Oh I don’t know if Chief is coming back soon or even today,” Ms. Janet said
It felt like a bucket of iced water was poured on grace, she suddenly wanted to pour and throw a tantrum but she said
“Oh! Okay ma”

After putting everything away, grace went to her room to sulk. All her excitement got drained by the news of Chief not coming home, why won’t he come home to eat proper food she thought. Maybe he didn’t want to see her as much as she wanted to see him. She thought it was silly but she couldn’t stop sulking.

She wondered when she started looking forward to seeing the chief so much as she swiped idly at her phone.

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