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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0404] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0404] (18+)

“Omalicha Nwa, see as your eyes have wake up my soldier,” the chief said, catching grace off guard.

She looked away begging her legs to move but they didn’t, her eyes were begging to turn and look at the tent in his boxers. Her curiosity was going wild, Grace wanted to see what chief dick looked like, what it felt like, what it tasted like.

The moment she realized her mouth was open she quickly covered it with her hands

“What are you thinking of there,” Chief said making her look in his direction but avoiding looking at him

He chuckled deeply making her now look at him but soon her gaze feel down

“You can meet my soldier,” he said then tap the seat beside him

She looked away biting her lips before slowly moving to sit beside chief on the edge of the chair

“Ah ah Omalicha you can relax eh,” he said then rubbed her back

Chief smiled at her then reached forward to grab one of the toast
“Is this the one with eggs?” he said holding up the toast
“Yes sir” grace mumbled nodding her head

He ate and took a bite, swinging his legs open and close.
His leg movement made his dick that wasn’t so hard flop around in his boxers

“You can touch him,” he said making grace smile and cover her face

Slowly Grace found her fingers tracing the edge of his boxers not looking at him, she edged higher and higher till she finally felt his dick in the boxer. She breathed in deeply as she felt how thick his cock was, gently she fondled it, impressed at how fast it hardened in her hands.

Chief breathing got labored filling her with confidence, she wanted to hear what his pleasure sounds were like. So Grace took a deep breath and pushed her hand into his boxers and wrapped her hands firmly around his thick shaft then looked up at the chief sensually.

The look on his face made her want to smirk, his dick was pulsating in her hands turning her on. She applied a little pressure then moved her hands up till it was around the head, using her thumb she swiped at the pee hole.

Precum slicked her fingers which she rubbed around his dick head, he groaned deeply making her want to cover his dick with her mouth.

Her fingers wrapped around him, she stroked his thick cock in long sure pulls. Once in a while, she would stop at the end and use her fingers to circle and squeeze the head because he seemed to enjoy it.

The precum coats her fingers each time she does this and she uses it to keep his cock slick and easier to jerk off.

Her movements got faster and his noises got louder, his hips started moving, pumping his cock between her fingers even as they worked up and down his shaft. She kept adding precum as the pace picked up.

Several times she’ll grip him tight and just jerk him without sliding her hand along the shaft but just using the excess skin to move up and down before allowing her hand to travel again the full length.
She thought about using saliva to slick up his dick but for some reason, she wanted to get him off with her hands. His movements were getting more frantic so she slides up and down his dick faster

“Babyy m” he purred out

She could tell he was closed and it filled her with excitement, he was gripping the sides of the couch as he moaned and breathed through his mouth. He made a loud incoherent sound as he came, she could feel his dick throbbing as he shot strings of cum into his boxers.

She kept stroking his dick till he got soft before she pulled her hands out.
“Ah omo” he said panting hard

“My girl, Omalicha wa you’re amazing” he breathed out making Grace smile shyly

He caught his breath then made to stand up
“Wait for me my girl,” he said then walked away
Grace couldn’t stop her smile, she couldn’t believe what just happened. Did she really just jerk off the chief in his sitting room, as she sat with her thoughts that ran wild in her head he came back

“My girl, you have started my morning well” he started
“You deserve to get spoilt, take this eh and go enjoy yourself,” he said handing her a bundle of cash

She could tell that if she counted the money it would be more than fifty thousand naira, she smiled and looked away mumbling that he didn’t have to give her money but he balled the cash into her palm.

She thanked him sliding off the chair to bend and thank him properly but he stopped her. When he sat to finally eat she thanked him and announced she was leaving.

“If you need anything eh come to me my girl,” he said and she nodded
As she turned to leave he spanked her making her giggle as she walked away. After leaving the room she separated the money and tucked it away safely in her pockets and did a small happy dance before ascending the stairs and heading into the kitchen. Madam Ayo was cooking and Ms. Janet was talking to one of the cleaners

“Ah grace I’ve been looking for you” she called out
“I carry food go for chief but he no dey for parlor so I wait” grace lied effortlessly

“Oh next time just drop it so you don’t disturb the chief,” Ms. Janet said
“Yes ma” grace replied trying not to smile

If only Miss Janet knew what she just finished doing it would scatter her brian grace thought to herself. She couldn’t wait for the next time she’ll get to disturb the chief.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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