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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0403] (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0403] (18+)

She was so horny, she didn’t even care if the door was unlocked as she reached and pulled her pants down her legs.

Her panties were soaked with her juices, she squeezed it, loving the wetness before she squeezed it into a ball and threw further into the bed.

Grace ran her fingers from her legs up to her thighs, she rubbed around her thigh enjoying the feel of the silky material against her skin as she moved.

Reaching and grabbing her boobs she moaned as she squeezed them together, her other hand slid in-between her legs to land on her sopping pussy. It’s been such a long time since she had a hard dick inside her and normally she would find someone to pound hard into her but there was something about her being so horny and her hands on her body that was making her head spin.

She slipped one finger into her slit easily then added another finger, grabbing her nipple through the lace she rolled it between her fingers and thumb. The soft rough fabric added to the sensations, she needed to feel more.

So she rolled over to the edge of the bed where the nightstand drawer was and reached into the second drawer. Rummaging through she found the gift Nina gave her before she traveled out, it was a small purple bullet vibrator. She rummaged through again and found the batteries that she quickly put inside the vibrator, splaying her legs apart.

She pressed the button and the vibrator buzzed to life. Biting her lips and closing her eyes she brought the vibrator down to her pussy, she moaned as the toy sent vibrations through her. Grace started to move it up and down her clit while squeezing her boobs, the vibrator was coated in her juices making it easy to glide between her folds.

With her back arched she ground against the vibrator, every part of her body felt charged up with pleasure. Moving the hood of her clit back she brought the vibrator and placed it on the sensitive exposed knob.

The pleasure that shot through her made her scream and clamp her legs with the vibrator between her folds, she cried out as her orgasm hit making her legs vibrate on their own. She felt light and her skin felt sensitive, laying down smiling she enjoyed the high of her orgasm.

Grace reached for her phone smiling mischievously as she opened her chat app and scrolled down to Buchi, she sent him one of the pictures she took before going offline. She threw her phone to the side pleased with herself before she drifted off to sleep.

The morning started nicely with Grace waking up before her alarm, she sat up on the bed and stretched. The lingerie clinging unto her body put a smile on her face, she got up and went to take her bath.

When she was done dressing up it wasn’t bright out yet, so she went online and launched her chat app to kill time.

The messages popping in especially those from Buchi made her smile grow wider, he can be so vulgar with his compliments but she loved it.

She started to reply to her messages with a smile on her face, she was so engrossed in her messages she didn’t realize it was bright out, this Ms. Janet knocked on her door

“Grace! Why are you still in your room by this time, have you forgotten you’re in charge of Chief’s food” she started as Grace opened the door.

“Sorry ma I oversleep” grace lied

She has come to understand that waking up late is more forgivable than pressing her phone
“Hmm okay, usually today he gets served custard, Bread and Akara” she started

“But time has passed so go and boil water for tea and get chef Gabe to teach you how to toast the bread” she added before walking away

Grace went to the kitchen and luckily Chef Gabe was in the kitchen frying carrots with green beans, she greeted him and he barely answered. After putting a kettle of water on fire she went close to him.

“Sir, Please Ms. Janet say you should teach me toast bread,” Grace said
He grumbled something not looking at her

“When I finish,” he said

Knowing him, he won’t be done anytime soon. He used to be so eager to teach her new things but it seems he has joined the people who can’t stand her presence.

“Ermm, sir, it’s for Chief’s breakfast,” grace said making sure to stress the “Chief”

He grumbled some more before gesturing to one of the cupboards

“Bring out the toaster,” he said

After listening to him grudgingly teach her she was ready to make some toasted bread. An idea hit her so she quickly fried some eggs and toast some bread with it to Chef Gabe’s disapproval.

When she was done, she arranged it nicely in a bowl with a cover, she poured the hot water in a flask and arranged the tea ingredients in the small glass cups like she’s seen them done before. When everything was ready she carried the tray gently and headed upstairs, she greeted the bodyguard on duty who smiled at her and held the door open.

She heard the TV on as she got closer, the chief was sorted reading a newspaper

“Good morning sir” she greeted as she dropped the tray

“Ahh omalicha nwa morning my dear” he responded making her smile

“What do we have here,” he asked

“Erm tea and toasted bread, I don’t know if you will like it but I do some with eggs,” she said
“Ahh interesting, I can’t wait to try it,” he replied, making her smile more sheepishly.

He closed and dropped his newspaper, that’s when Grace noticed he was only wearing a vest with boxers.

As she stared it seemed like it was growing, she knew she should look away and take her leave but she felt glued in place as she watched his boxer tent up gradually.

“Omalicha Nwa, see as your eyes have wake up my soldier,” Chief said catching grace off guard.

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