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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0401] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S0401] (18+)


Guess who is back, and moving upper in life? Grace! But there is a problem. Senator needs to sack his kitchen staff for food poisoning issues

“Grace! Grace” Ms. Janet called
“Yes ma” Grace answered turning around
“Have you cleaned the”
“Yes, ma” answered the question she knew Ms. Janet was going to ask.

The entire kitchen has been swarming with activities since 5 am, Ms. Janet gathered all the kitchen staff and told them they would be cleaning every inch of the kitchen because the chief would be addressing the kitchen staff.

The counters sparkled but she still requested for it to be wiped down, there were rumors that the chief would be sacking some staff because he was sick from food poison.

Grace has been trying not to be anxious since she first heard the rumors but she couldn’t stop thinking about what she would do if the chief sacked her, after all, he eats a lot of her food for a while now. She had even got more popular than her first year in the house, things were looking up for her until this unfortunate food poisoning debacle. The nonsense is threatening her new lease of life

The thought of getting kicked out had been making her stomach churn since she woke up, Grace looked over to one of the cleaning staff Ms. Janet was told to mop the floors, he has mopped like ten times already

“I want to be able to eat off this floor” she heard her say

After a while, Ms. Janet dismissed most of them telling them to go bath and change into their nicest and cleanest uniforms.

Grace was relieved she didn’t have to clean the cooker top she could already see her reflection in, but her heart was still thumping hard. It continued to race even after she had her bath, Grace struggled to get into her favorite jeans. The fact that she’s gained weight and her hips got even bigger brought a smile to her face.

Working in Chief’s house has been such a dream for her, a dream she wasn’t ready to give up on yet. Grace combed outta hair, happy that she can finally be packing it into a small bun.

When she was finally done dressing she applied a little powder and lip gloss and headed out, some of the stuff already there unlined up so she joined them trying to ignore the rumors and gossip.

After everyone was accounted for, Ms. Janet left to call on Chief, leaving everyone nervous and anxious especially Grace who could hear her heartbeat in her ears.

After what felt like forever they finally came back down and everybody stood at attention. Chief greeted them and cracked a couple of jokes getting everyone relaxed

“My chef chef” he started at Chef Gabriel who came in his full chef attire started to smile

“You know I like your food ehn, yes your continental dish” chief said and chuckled

“Yes sir, only the best” Chef Gabe replied.
“Ehn yes yes, but unfortunately it’s that type of food that put me in danger” chief said

“You won’t believe I got hospitalized even if it was a day” he added to everyone saying sorry muttering prayers of him living long

“Yes thank you thank you, so I have decided,” he said
The air got tense and grace felt her heart drop

“That no more continental dish for me, from now on is my father’s land food I will eat eh” Chief said.

Chef Gabriel looked like he had just received the worst news of his life but he nodded and kept saying yes sir.

“Em yes grace my dear” he started
“Y-yes sir” she answered her voice

“Do you know your food reminds me of my childhood house?” he asked

Grace released the breath she didn’t know she was holding and smiled saying thank you, sir.

“Yes Ms. J please note, only my wives and Grace can cook for me,” he said in a commanding voice
“Yes sir” Ms. Janet replied

Grace didn’t know what to think or how to feel but she struggled not to let the smile break out on her face. She wanted to jump and dance in excitement, the day started with her thinking she’ll be sleeping in her village but something great happened instead.

She could feel the eyes of the other staff especially those that like to call her names and spread gossip about her but she didn’t care. It felt like the best day of her life and nothing can bring her down

“Ms. Janet will brief you on the new kitchen hygiene practices. Work well and good day” he said before heading back upstairs with his bodyguards in tow

Grace focused on the group forcing her face to stay neutral as Ms. Janet started to address them, she told them about the extra cleaning before and after cooking. They would also not only be wearing hairnets but also wear gloves when in the kitchen, immediately they got dismissed Grace rushed to her room and closed the door.

She jumped and screamed excitedly, she thought about what it meant that she’ll be the only one cooking for chief. They must mean her status is as high as chef Gabriel, she started dancing. She immediately brought out her phone and messaged her friends telling them the good news.

She was typing and smiling when someone knocked on her door, she tried not to smile so much as she opened the door. Ms. Janet was standing there with a neutral look on her face

“Chief wants Abacha, he wants to see you for more details,” she said

Grace nodded and not sure what to say, the only time she’s gone to see the Chief was to deliver food.
She stepped out of the room and closed the door, she walked to the stairs feeling awkward. Grace climbed up the stairs trying not to think about going to see the Chief, thinking about the process and things she needs to put in the Abacha.

Soon, she was on the third floor and walking towards the bodyguards outside the chief’s room, she took a deep breath. As she opened her mouth to tell them Ms. Janet sent her they opened the door.

She smiled at them awkwardly and walked in, she walked towards the sofas and center table where she usually drops off food but the chief was not there. She didn’t know whether to call out and announce her presence or not, she went over to the bar and look over but he wasn’t there either so she returned to the sofa and decided to wait.

Grace stood there looking around, she didn’t hear the chief walk up till he spanked her ass lightly. She moved away smiling shyly before greeting him, he smiled widely at her before going to sit on the long sofa

“Grace Grace come and sit,” he said patting the space beside him
Grace smiled and sat beside him stiffly, he put his hand around her and squeezed her shoulders

“Relax ehn you’re my baby,” he said and leaned back
“So ehn, what and what do you put inside Abacha,” he asked

“Um eh fish mackerel, stockfish, Pomo, prawn and eh I’ll use” grace started
“Hmm okay,” Chief said

He pulled his hand around her and dug into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash, Grace looked away but could still see him counting.

“Here take and go an buy everything you need,” he said handing her the cash

She collected it sliding off the chair and saying thank you, she didn’t have to count to know the money she was holding was more than she needed to buy the stuff to cook with. As she made to leave chief reached out and grabbed her ass lightly

“Eh chai God dey create o,” said and chuckled

Grace smiled as she walked away shaking her ass more than usual knowing the chief was staring, the cash wad was N1,000 bundles of 3 packs. The most money she has ever seen in her life.

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