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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04 Finale] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04 Finale] (18+)

Since the chief announced his intentions of running for governor of his state, the house has been swarming with activities, everyone worked twice as hard and twice as much especially since the mansion was now full of new interesting people.

The kitchen is now constantly busy with making food for the entire house, Grace and Madam Ayo now work together to make swallow and soups for the chief and his wives while chef Gabe makes his continental dishes as usual.

Grace has been feeling a bit sick and tired but it hasn’t gotten bad enough to take malaria drugs, she concluded it was fatigue so she’ll feel like herself again when she gets enough rest. Grace was focused on dishing Semo into small nylons and putting them in a fancy food warmer when the kitchen door open and Chief’s first wife walked in holding a small ceramic bowl

“Una Weldon o” she called out and everyone responded with thank you ma.
Grace found the first wife fascinating, she wasn’t like the rest of Chief’s wives who you hardly see around the house talk less of the kitchen.

She always looked laid back and simple in jeans and plain t-shirts with no makeup on.

Chief’s wife looked around making small talk and eating from her small bowl with her fingers, Grace started to feel nervous when she got closer to her.

“The Semo tastes nice,” she said and Grace bent down to say thank you

“So you’re Grace eh, the girl that has been feeding my husband,” she said with a raised eyebrow

Her heart began beating fast, Grace was struck by how tall and intimidating the woman is.

“Y…yes ma since oyibo food dey run him belle, na him he say he want dey eat local food,” Grace said facing down.

She stared at grace then smiled

“Keep up the good work, your soup was really nice the other day” she finally said making grace smile from ear to ear

She picked a piece of what she had been eating and threw it in her mouth, she opened her mouth to say something when the smell hit Grace. Grace’s stomach immediately churned and she retched.

“Are you okay?” She asked
“Yes ma” Grace answered immediately
“Hmm okay,” she said before walking away

Grace immediately put her palm on her forehead to feel her temperature, she made up her mind to complain to Ms Janet if she felt worse.

She tried to shake off the embarrassment she felt as she finished up her cooking.
After she was finally done cooking, Grace decided to go lay down in her room, not only has she been feeling weird but she’s been feeling very tired these days.

She dragged herself out of her sweaty clothes and took a quick shower before laying down to take a quick nap.

It felt like she had just closed her eyes when there was a knock on her door

“Ohhhh l” she whined
Covering up with her towel she went over and opened the door slightly, a small female staff stood there looking up at her
“Mama T, say make I call you,” she said
“Mama T? ” Grace asked feeling confused
“Chief first wife na” the girl replied

“Wait, make I wear cloth,” grace said hurriedly
She quickly threw on a clean pair of polo and jeans and followed the girl up the stairs to Chief’s floor, they walked in the opposite direction of Chief’s door.

Grace didn’t know there was another wing on the floor, so the girl led her to the door and knocked gently before opening the door.

It looked like the chief wing but smaller and more decorated, there was a tv playing and the chief’s wife was seated comfortably on the long sofa.

“Thank you my darling you can go,” she said gesturing to the girl
After the girl left grace stood in the middle of the living room wondering what the chiefs first wife wanted with her, did she want to send her away because she was the only one cooking for chief she wondered

“The infamous Grace” the Chief wife finally said

“I’ve been getting filled up on what’s been happening in my house and I must say you have become the most interesting addition to the household” She added making Grace feel uneasy, what have they been telling this woman about her and how does she start defending herself.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush, I brought you here to confirm something,” she said

She reached beside her and handed grace a small nylons bag

“Open it” she ordered
Grace opened it and pulled out a small carton, Mama T gestured she opened it too. Grace opened the box and pulled out a small white plastic stick, it looked like what nurses use to take the temperature in the hospital.

“Go and pee on that shiny part, the bathroom is that way,” she said to grace
Grace didn’t know what to do or say so she walked to the bathroom her hands shaking, she didn’t need to know what the device was to know what it was for. She opened the door to the guest bathroom close to the main door thinking maybe she should make a run for it.

She sat on the toilet for a long time too scared to confirm what she had stopped her brain from even considering

“I don’t have all day” chiefs wife called out

Grace took a deep breath and told herself to relax, she told herself it was just like the last time she was in this position when her first madam took her to get tested and it ended up being malaria so she had nothing to be scared about.

Grace peed on the shiny part and waited for something to happen, when nothing did she went out and gave Chief’s wife the stick.

“Now we wait,” she said
It felt like the longest wait of her entire life, Grace didn’t want to even think about what would happen to her if it came out positive. The madam’s phone rang out loudly scaring her, she stopped the ringing and looked at the stick.

“Hmm you’re pregnant my dear,” she said to grace

Grace felt like she had just been dropped from a story building, this can’t be real she thought to herself maybe she was still sleeping and this was a bad dream.

“Now I guess the important question is whose bastard you’re carrying,” Mama T said

“From that confused look, I can guess you don’t know who the father is, huh” she added

Grace couldn’t believe this was happening to her, just when her future was getting brighter it crashed just like that. Hot tears rolled down her eyes as all the worse scenarios played in her head.

“What do you think the chief would do when he finds out his star cook is pregnant under his roof when he is about to run for office” she added

He would definitely kick her out and send her to the village, Grace didn’t know how this could have happened. She thought about how she’s been careful but the times she had been careless also flashed through her head. Falling to the floor grace didn’t know what else to do but cry

“Please ma don’t send me to the village” she cried out
“Please don’t tell chief” she added crying louder

“Hmm” The wife hummed then lifted Grace face up

“You’re so beautiful and talented but also very foolish,” she said
“You’ve been blessed with all these assets,” she said running her hands over her boobs

“And a big man’s house to build a future for yourself” she continued while fondling Grace’s breast
“But your foolishness will lay it all to waste,” she said

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