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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XXII [Season Finale] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XXII [Season Finale] (18+)

The party was more fun than she imagined. 

It was in full swing with more people than she was expecting, as she looked around the pool house that looked so different from its usual arrangement with all the gym types of equipment. 

They had cleaned up the gym and put away the pieces of equipment, they even added some cushions and love seats, there were even center rug and center table with all kinds of chops and chips. 

Music blasted in the dimly lit pool house

“Are you having fun?” she heard Buchi asked

She looked up to see him smiling down at her holding a jug that contained a sweet drink, he had told her, they was alcohol in it when he filled her plastic cup earlier. Grace was having more fun than she expected, she enjoyed watching as everyone talked and laugh about things she couldn’t hear.

She watched those that decided to dance wishing she could stop dancing in her head; maybe she’ll have more fun if people she knew like her crazy friends were there with her.

“Yes” she answered Buchi smiling sheepishly

“Nice one but this party rules says no empty cups,” he said and they both laughed. She didn’t know why what he said was funny but she extended her cup as he beamed and started to pour in more drink. 

“Here let me show you around,” He said stretching his hand

Must be the alcohol because she smiled and took his hand

“Okay,” she said in a pitch surprising herself which made Buchi chuckle

He leads her around the room topping up people’s drink and introducing her to people

“She’s my favorite person aswear” he bragged to two guys

“Wanna dance?” one of the guys said to her

“Yes,” she said

Buchi nodded his approval and the guy lead her a little away from them, closer to the dance floor, she looked around to the dancers that jiggled and rub their selves against each other. 

She still felt a bit shy but her body really wanted to start moving so she gulped down the drink in her cup before moving to drop it on the center table before returning to her partner. 

He stretched out his hand as she approached him and they started to move before long her shyness was forgotten as she turned around and started to move her fat ass against him soon another guy joined in as she danced turning to twerk against each of them. 

Grace didn’t know how long she danced but she was having a great time singing and dancing along with different people she didn’t know, looking up she saw Nina and her boyfriend holding tight to each other as they danced a little away from the floor filled with dancers. 

Nina didn’t mention whether she would show up when she gave her the top she was wearing and put some makeup on her when she was done making the chips for the party. 

Not too far from them was Ifeoma with a girl that looked like a boy with her short hair and boyish clothes. Grace doesn’t know for how long she danced and sang along on the top of her voice when they were done dancing they stumbled to a chair and sat breathing heavily

“Wow, I didn’t think you could dance that well” the guy said putting his hand around her shoulder

She wanted to giggle and tell him there’s so much he doesn’t know about her, they talked and laughed as the party went on. Grace didn’t realize when people started to trickle out as she laughed and gisted with the guy. 

The music reduced making her look up to realize they were fewer people around

“Let’s play never have I ever” she had a girl say loudly to various yeses especially from Buchi that jumped to filling up cups, he filled up a cup for her and one for her partner

“Do you know how to play?” the guy asked and she nodded no

He quickly explained the game to her as everyone got a cup fill and started to sit

“Are you all ready?” Buchi asked

“Yess” everyone chorused

“I’ll go first” he added

“Never have I ever had a girlfriend,” he said loudly

Most guys shook their heads and drank

Vincent stood up and declared he’ll be next

“Never have I been in a threesome with one girl and two boys,” he said and laughed

Almost everyone took a gulp of their drink except for Nina, Ifeoma, the boyish girl and Nina’s boyfriend. When it was her turn everyone watched her, Grace smirked and took a gulp of her drink making the boys cheer. 

They continued playing till everyone was out of drinks as Buchi looked at his almost empty jug Nina’s boyfriend spoke out for the first time

“We should probably play spin the bottle,” he said

Soon, they were all seated in a circle with an empty bottle in the middle, the game started as the bottle spun and whoever it stopped on must answer a truth or a date. People got asked personal sex-related questions and got dated, at some point, she got dared to kiss Ifeouma. 

She was worried but when Ifeoma didn’t stare daggers at her she went for it, it was fun and they both laughed after. The game continued and everyone seemed to be having fun till someone dared Nina’s boyfriend to have a threesome with her and Vincent to which Nina glared to

“What?! They’re the only ones who haven’t done it and she looks like she’s had some experience,” the girl said

“Plus she’s sexy as fuck I don’t mind watching her get fucked” she added

It was the boyish girl that said it, with a smirk on her face and a hand around Ifeoma

“Me too, I won’t mind watching,” Ifeouma said and smirked wickedly

Soon everyone was agreeing and eventually, Nina agreed, Grace couldn’t believe this was going to happen but it looked like it was they were just waiting for her to respond, she looked at the guy beside her, then everyone else with those eager faces

“Okay, I wee do it” she. Finally said and they all cheered

The music went up a little as the circle they were all sitting in expanded into a semi-circle, Grace sat in the middle of the semi-circle as she waited for the boys. Nina had a tongue down her boyfriend’s mouth,they kissed and she rubbed his crotch that was growing into a bulge. 

When she was satisfied with his straining bulge, she pulled away and pushed him towards Grace

“Take off your shirt” someone called out

Grace smiled and held the hem of the top Nina gave her, she pulled it over her head and they shouted their approval. 

She crawled over to Vincent that was standing not far from her. Grace knelt and rubbed his thigh up stopping at his waist, she unbuckled his trouser and unzipped it before pulling it down. His dick almost got her face which made her giggle, she stroked his dick a couple of times before covering it with her mouth. 

Grace heard him and others moan as she slowly sucked him off

“I want to help” she had the boyish girl say beside her ear before she clamps her lips on her neck

The girl didn’t waste any time unhooking her bra, she expertly pulled it off and cupped her boobs making her want to moan. 

Nina’s boyfriend joined and reached for her trouser, Grace pulled away from Vincent’s dick and stepped out of her trouser. 

Vincent made her get on all fours and before she could adjust covered her ass with his mouth, she wanted to shout and pull away but he held her and pushed his tongue past her clenched hole. It felt weirdly good and soon she was relaxing, he swirled his tongue expertly before pulling away. 

Vincent sat on the rug then quickly spat on his dick before stroking it, he pulled Grace into him before positioning his dick to her hole. Grace knew what was about to go down so she braced herself and relax as she sat down slowly to meet his dick. 

He pressed the head in and slowly pushed in, the pain made her want to clench up but she was so turned on. 

She closed her eyes and bite her lip as he pushed the head in. It popped in and he stopped letting her adjust to him before he pushed the rest in. Her eyes still closed she relished in how full she felt. She opened her eyes in time to see Nina’s boyfriend positioning his dick between her legs. 

He held her thighs as he pushed into her wet pussy, Grace moaned loudly as he slid in stretching her nicely, she could hear Vincent moan too as he moved. It felt unbelievably great as they moved inside of her both moaning and grunting. 

Grace held unto the soft rug as they moved slowly inside of her, she closed her eyes enjoying the sweet pain of her holes getting filled. 

She felt small hands on her and opened her eyes to see Ifeoma and the boyish girl on each side of her they both fondled her boobs before taking each nipple into their mouth, it felt like every part of her body was tingling. 

Grace felt raw sensations running through her body and she screamed out the pleasure taking over her, it all felt so good and unreal as the boys moved inside her while the girls sucked and played with her. 

Grace looked round to see almost everyone either intently watching and touching themselves or tongue buried in someone. It made her hot to know she was getting her brains fucked out while people watch, Ifeouma and the girl made out as they played with her.

“Fuckkk I’m close” Nina’s boyfriend cried

His fingers dug into her thighs as he cried out before shooting shots after shot of warm cum deep inside her, she heard Vincent moan and move faster inside her. 

He pulled her hair as he slammed inside her making her scream and moan loudly, she felt him throb inside her before he grunted and came inside her; it felt weirdly good. 

Her body tingled as it begged for release. The guys took turns pulling out of her, looking around the room she felt so used but it felt too good; she really was the household slut. it was disappointing that it was already over. 

“Pfft” she heard someone scoff

“Two guys and you couldn’t make her cum” she heard the guy she danced with say

“Abi o, should we show them how it’s done” she heard Buchi say

“Yes please,” the guy said then pulled out his dick

She had an idea he was packing when she ground against his bulge on the dancefloor but seeing it out of it confines as in all it’s veined glory, it was making her mouth water, she couldn’t wait to have him inside of her. 

It could as well be her birthday because it felt like the best day of her life yet.

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