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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XXI (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XXI (18+)

“Are you for real?” Nina’s boyfriend asked his eyes fixed on her

“Yeah why not, I’m not saying she has to do it but look at her she looks like she’s thinking about it,” Nina said

They talked about the idea of her sucking him off like that’s what normal people do in their relationship, she watched as they talked about it and her like she wasn’t even there. 

They both turned to look at her after Nina spoke making her feel suddenly nervous

“So” Nina start

“What do you think Grace, would you like to suck his dick?” Nina asked then placed her delicate hands on his crotch

Grace felt nervous, it was crazy how excited and nervous she was at the same time. 

Since the video got sent to her she hasn’t been herself, she avoided everyone including the boys till Nina made her cum and it felt good. Now she didn’t have to worry about the scandal, the offer of a  very fine boy who would probably never look at her twice if they met outside, on a silver platter is exciting.

She looked from him to Nina, searching her face for any hint that she might be joking

“Don’t worry, I think it’ll be fun to watch” Nina said a smirk on her face

Grace smiled back at her a little, then turn to look at him and he flashed her a smile. 

Grace marveled at how nice his teeth were, it made sense to her that they were together because people as beautiful as them only end up with each other. Not wanting to waste any more time and miss her opportunity, she looked back at Nina and nodded her head smiling shyly.

“Nice, let’s see what you got,” Nina said excitedly as she unbuckled his trouser

She unzipped him then dipped her hand into his trouser

“Oh! I see someone’s excited” she said throwing him a mischievous look which he returned with a cheeky smile.

“Ready to meet your new friend,” Nina said then giggled

Grace swallowed the anticipation, making her salivate

“Yes” she breathed out as she moved to squat in-between his legs

She didn’t realize how much she’s missed having a hard throbbing dick in her mouth and in her. Nina pulled out his dick and Grace fought the urge to moan, just like his face his dick was beautiful. 

It wasn’t too big but it was bigger than most dicks she’s seen and it hard some girth. Nina stroked his dick expertly making the head ooze precum, she moved closer and stuck out her tongue. 

She licked up his precum then swirled her tongue around the head making him groan softly

“Mmm looks like you’ve got some skills you’ve been holding back from me,” Nina said

Grace wanted to scoff, she hasn’t seen anything yet she thought. To prove it she sucked in the head of his dick then opened her mouth and bopped her head down till she had almost all of his dick in her mouth. 

She pulled up completely leaving a string of saliva on his glistening dick. 

Nina looked impressed which made her happy, she waited for Nina to stroke his slippery dick up and down before she covered it with her warm mouth. Grace started to move and they immediately formed a rhythm with Nina stroking as she bobbed up and down. 

His moans and Nina’s occasional praise and small encouragement got her sucking on his dick faster, out of the corner of her eyes she saw Nina adjust and realize she was trying to pull his trousers down more which he wasted no time doing. 

They moved nicely with her bopping and slurping on his dick while Nina worked the base, her eyes followed Nina’s hands as they slipped down to cup his balls. 

He made a sound in his throat as he pushed upwards deeper into Grace’s throat. Moaning louder he shot warm cum down Grace’s throat, she tried to swallow it all but some slipped out the side of her mouth. 

“Madd o” they all heard Buchi say

They all snapped to see him standing with his head peeping through the door

“What the fuck” Nina barked out

“Wetin! Is my fault you don’t know how to close your door” Buchi said nonchalantly

“What do you want” Nina yelled at him

“We were looking for Grace but I guess now we know why she just went missing,” he said then laughed loudly

“We?” Nina asked just as confused as Grace

Just then Buchi opened the door and he and Vincent tumbled in

“Are you kidding me, do you animals have no respect for boundaries” Nina spat angrily

“Relax jo, Chief approved our party tonight and we were looking for Grace to tell her what chops to make,” Buchi said

“No offense to chef Gab but his samosa and spring rolls ain’t shit and oh nice dick man” Vincent added

Nina’s boyfriend realizing he was still hanging out tried to cover up as Nina threw Vincent an angry look

“Back off,” Nina said glaring at Vincent who only chuckled

“Ah your blood too dey hot, well now that  we’ve found Grace and the reason she’s been missing in action just know you don’t have a monopoly over her sha” Buchi said making Vincent elbow him playfully

“I’m serious o, you know what I think” he started

“Let’s make tonight into a family and friends event na, so you and your guy can attend” Buchi added

“I’m not attending your orgy, don’t be gross,” Nina said

“Who said anything about an orgy, it’s just a few of our friends and maybe some of yours but we’ll need Grace now sha to start on the chops,” Vincent said

“Whatever just leave and close the door, she’ll be down in a minute,” Nina said

“Okay o but I didn’t think you were a one minute man” Buchi replied as they left

“Fuck off” Nina yelled after them

Grace didn’t know she could shout like that but well Buchi could annoy anyone

“So” Nina started after they left

“All this time I thought you were a good shy girl” she continued

“I didn’t know you were the household slut” 

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