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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XX (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XX (18+)

Grace felt light for days after Nina’s made her squirt hard. 

It was fascinating how she could cum like that; ejaculating like a man. She was so worried when she woke up minutes after thinking she might have peed when she saw how wet Nina’s bed was but she explained everything to her and it has baffled her since then, she went on with her day with a big smile on her face with every part of her body tingling in excitement. 

It surprised her that she still felt great after days even though her blackmailer still brings her mood down sometimes, Nina told her to worry about it after she took her phone and sent everything to herself. 

She also asked her a couple of questions like who she might have offended and the people she suspected. It was hard because she didn’t think she has done anything to anyone but she suspected that idiot that took every opportunity to berate her. 

As Grace helped madam Ayo wash the pot they used to prepare lunch outside, humming a song, she didn’t hear the door open till Ms. Janet chuckled which surprised her because she hardly saw her laugh.

“I see your mood has improved, that’s good,” she said

Grace looked up at her and smiled at her

“Yes ma” Grace replied

She was glad too that she longer walked around going through her day like a zombie and it was all thanks to Nina that she’s come to see as an angel sent to her. Nina was right being her friend was a really good thing

“Are you almost done with that” miss Janet asked her

“Yes ma” she replied

“Okay, when you’re done wash your hands very well and make a bowl of salad for Nina,” Ms. Janet said

Grace felt her stomach jump up in excitement at the mention of Nina

“Okay ma” Grace answered trying not to sound excited

“Ohh and don’t forget to add cucumbers, you dice them in, not round slices, alright?” She said

“Okay ma,” Grace said nodding her head

With that, Ms. Janet left and Grace couldn’t resist the urge to wiggle her ass in a smile happy dance. 

She quickly washed the pot, Grace didn’t waste any time to wash her hands in the big sink. She liked how empty the kitchen was, lunch had been served a while ago and all the cleanup is done. 

Opening the fridge she picked out the fruits in the fridge and placed them in a bowl. She took the bowl to the counter with the knives set and chopping board, the fruits were already washed and very cold so she started chopping. 

After she was done mixing the fruits a white ceramic plate, she placed it on a small tray with a fork on the side. Satisfied she carried it upstairs to Nina’s room, she took a deep breath knocked and opened the door smiling but not too much. 

She entered and was heading in when she noticed Nina wasn’t alone; there was a guy on his phone sitting on her bed. It surprised her she wasn’t expecting Nina to have a guest

“Was she even expecting?” she thought to herself

She greeted them both then walked over to where Nina was and handed her the tray.

“Thanks, Grace” Nina said sweetly

Grace smiled and nodded, she made to leave when the guy spoke drawing her attention to him. He was so fine she wondered how she didn’t notice it earlier

“You’re right, she does look good in person,” he said 

Grace loved the timbre in his voice that sounded  sexy in a way, he was a little darker than Nina but was also fair with his hair and beard looking like a picture from a barbershop

“Told you! A real diamond in the rough” Nina said

They talked about her like she wasn’t in the room which left her unsure whether to leave or stay

“Grace this is Raymond, my boyfriend, he helped crack your case,” Nina said surprising Grace

“My case?” Grace asked a little confused

“Yeah the video stuff” she replied

“Ohh” Grace murmured her mind clicking

She felt a wave of shame as the realization hit her that he must have seen the video too but what did Nina mean by crack

“Sit Grace, hmm your case was quite the adventure,” Nina said eating her fruit salad

“Yeah…” he added and laughed a little

“So I got that guy but it couldn’t be him because his phone is Torchlight” Nina started gesturing with the fork

“Anyways after adding the number I couldn’t figure it out because no profile picture or any user on the number” she continued

“So the other day I was frustrated and ended up telling Ray about it and he suggested we use an unknown number to call and listen to the person since to take the video the person has to be living in the house and since the number went through when you try it must be active” Nina continued gesturing to Grace

“So we tried it and it was a girl that picked but she didn’t sound familiar so it occurred to me and I later call again with Madam Ayo present and she recognizes the girl as Happy that works as a cleaner, crazy stuff,” Nina said 

“Exciting stuff, the discovery part,” he said

Grace was angry, she just wanted to go find the stupid girl and beat her till she can’t recognize herself, they didn’t even talk she always use an earpiece and they hardly ever cross paths, so what did she have against her that she will torture her like that.

“So we got her and checked her phone and found everything, it was crazy. She will apologize to you and the rest is taken care of so you don’t have to worry again” Nina said and smiled at her

Grace was still angry but she was relieved, she could sleep better and it was all thanks to Nina. Sliding down from the bed she knelt

“Thank you ma, God will bless you” Grace started

“Don’t worry about it, plus it wasn’t just me,” Nina said

She turned towards the boyfriend feeling shy that he saw her video

“Thank you, sir,” she said bowing her head

“Don’t worry he liked the video too,” Nina said then giggled

Grace looked away smiling shyly

“I really appreciate am, I don’t know how I got ever pay you back for everything you have done for me,” Grace said to Nina

“Don’t be silly, that’s what friends do although I do have some ideas?” Nina said smiling widely before she looked at her boyfriend before turning to look eyes with Grace

She didn’t know why but her pussy jumped and tingled.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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